Top 10 Weirdest Awards in The World

These are just a few of the weirdest awards that people can win in the world. Some have certain rules but no matter what the rules are it is not to hard to win some of the awards. If you get one you will need to place it on a shelf or somewhere that is very safe because people will want this so they can say they have won it to. A president won one of the awards one year just because of a comment that he made. Some others won some of the others or sometimes one it twice but they tried their hardest to do so.

List of Top 10 Weirdest Awards in The World in 2017

10. Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards Top Most Popular Weirdest Awards 2018

This award is handed out for the people who protect their gene pool, in order to do this they must sacrifice their life or their sterilization. It is given to anyone who dies in a idiotic way. It was named after Charles Darwin. It started in nineteen ninety three. Winning an award for dieing in the most bizarre way is something that is weird and why would you want an award if you are dead.

9. Ig Nobel Prize


This award is given to people who can make someone laugh and then make them think of why they was laughing. It was found in nineteen ninety one. It is given in ten different categories and is given at the Sanders Theater. Harvard University is where it is given at. The only person to have won this award was Sir Andre Geim. he won this award in two thousand and then turned around and won a Nobel Prize in two thousand and ten.

8. Foot in the Mouth Award


This all started in nineteen ninety three. The Plain English Campaign is the one who will hand out the award. The first person to get the award was Ted Dexter. The other people who won this award are Alicia, Gordon, and Silvio. The only person who won this award twice was Rhodri Morgan. George W Bush won one award in two thousand and eight for continuous baffling remarks through the years.

7. Ernie Awards


This is an award that is handed out in Australia and it all started in nineteen ninety three. It was named after the secretary Ernie Ecob. It is for the sexiest behavior. It has been given each year to people who make misogynist comments. Tony Abbott won the award several times and John Howard has to. John Howard was an Australian Prime Minister. This award is weird in general so if you win it be happy.

6. Bent Spoon Award


You will only get this award if you are an Australian citizen or if you carry your activities in Australia. Tom Wards was a winner. The award has never been seen and is said to have been made of a piece from Noah’s Ark and have a bent spoon on it but no one knows because it has never been seen. People must acquire it by paranormal means and that is a task that is not yet to be accomplished.

5. Golden Collar Award


This award is given to dogs. It all started in two thousand and twelve. Five categories happen each year to get an award. The trophy is designed by Simon Tavassoli. It is an Italian Leather Collar that has Swarovski crystals embedded in it. This task is done right after the Oscars happen. The dogs love being in the competition and they love wearing the collar after winning it.

4. Bad Sex in Fiction Award


It is given to the authors that write a sex scene in a horrible way in their books. It was made up in 1993 by a critic of literary and the memento that is given out has a woman that is naked and she is laying over top of a book. The main focus of this award being given out is to stop the awful descriptions of sex in today’s modern literature novels. Many authors have received this award such as Ben Okri, Tom Wolfe, and Philip Kerr.

3. Diagram Prize


This is given out to books with the strangest titles and was founded in the year of nineteen seventy eight. It is handed out by The Bookseller which is a British magazine that is about publishing. Some of the winning titles that has received this award are Oral Sadism, Cooking With Poo, The Joy of Chickens, and many others. The way a winner is selected is by voting that is done through the Bookseller’s website.

2. Pigasus Award

Pigasus Award Top Most Famous Weirdest Awards 2019

It was formed in 1982 and gave to people that make crazy claims of seeing paranormal activity or psychic activities too. April fools day is when the awards is announced and given out. The award used to be known as Uri Trophy but in 1997 the name got changed to Pigasus award. The winners get informed telepathically and they are able to guess if they won in advance.

1. Big Brother Awards


Its name comes from the big brother character in the novel Nineteen Eighty Four. These are handed out to the people that do things to endanger the privacy of another individual. In different countries like the United States, Japan, France, and many others they all have their own awards version of this. It is usually given from different groups of human rights people. People do this to bring attention to the increase of violations of privacy against others.

These above are the Top 10 Weirdest Awards in The World 2017. These are not the only awards given out in the world but these are the weirdest. Some to humans some to dogs but if you can win one you should cherish it as much as you can because some are very hard to get. Some have never even been seen so if you see one maybe you can tell us all about it and maybe we will know if it is real or not. Some are given for comments some for authors who write about horrible sex scenes in a book they have written. No matter what they are for they are some of the weirdest awards ever given.

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