Top 10 Weird Laws Around World

Ok who really wants to know the strangest laws? Well even though they are weird and sound like they are not true you will need to know them in these places so you do not get in trouble with the law. Some people hate the laws and move because of them. We have to follow them and make sure to remember them. No warnings straight ticket or straight to jail. No driving for women? Come on we have rights to. Nope not everywhere. A man can not kiss his wife in public? Not if he has a moustache. All of these things sound crazy but they are true and will get you in a lot of trouble if you are not careful.

List of Top 10 Weird Laws Around world in 2017

10. Don’t Feed Pigeons

Don’t Feed Pigeons Top Most Weird Laws Around Planet 2017

In San Francisco you are not allowed to feed the pigeons. How weird is that. If you are caught doing this legal action will be taken. If you have never heard this law maybe you should keep it in mind if you plan to visit this place. Just the pigeons so if you want to feed the other birds i think it will be fine but maybe you should ask a police officer before doing so. Doing this could hurt you and have you in trouble faster than walking out your front door. Do not even try it they are always watching.

9. Leave Your Bible

Leave Your Bible Top Famous Weird Laws Around Planet 2019

In Maldives you are not allowed to take you bible with you to the parks or the beach. You can not even bring it out of your house without breaking the law. Yes it is something that should not be judged but here it is a crime. If you want to read it then you should read it in a chair at home or while you are lying in bed. No need to get in trouble because you want to read just keep it in mind while you are living in this place.

8. No Atheists In Public Office

No Atheists In Public Office Top Popular Weird Laws Around Planet 2019

In seven of the U.S. state atheist can not hold public office. So if you are open about how you feel then get ready to get turned away from, that job you really want and most jobs that deal with public office. Seems weird but it is a law and if they say you can not do it then they mean it. If you are caught you can do time and never have another job again. Be really careful what you say in public or to someone who can turn you in because people do it all the time.

7. No Driving For Women


In Saudi Arabia no female is allowed to drive a car. In nineteen ninety women drove their cars as a protest and spent one day in jail, had their passports taken and some of them even lost their jobs. It is said that it causes pregnancy problems for the women. The law was passed in nineteen fifty seven and trust me the women really do hate the fact that they can not drive where they need to go without a man or taking over means of transport.

6. No Moustache Kiss


If you live in Iowa then you should know you are not allowed to kiss a women in public if you have a moustache. If you break this law you will be fined and become a criminal felon. Just kiss your wife in your home so you do not get in trouble and have to deal with the law it is so much easier that way. Or get rid of it and keep it gone if you have a problem keeping your hands off of her.

5. No Dirt Talk


In Oregon, talking dirty while having intercourse is illegal. There is no specific information given on what they consider to be dirty talk but apparently it means something. The part that has some people the most curious is how the state will know if this is happening in the couples bedroom or not unless they have some kind of spy equipment hidden in the homes that no one can see because unless that happens, it is totally useless to have this law since they will not be able to catch anyone in the act of speaking like this.

4. No Farting On Thursday


Florida has came up with a law that bans anyone from from passing gas in public after six o’clock in the evening on Thursdays. What some people can not decide on is whether the stupidest part is that people are not allowed to pass gas on a Thursday or that they can not do this after a certain time in the evening. Like someone can control when their body needs to release air. I guess if you do not was a ticket or appearing in court then you better be able to control your body or at least have a incredibly strong digestive system.

3. Don’t Sing While The Sun Is Down


Honolulu, Hawaii has a law stating that it is illegal to practice singing after the sun goes down so to any of you out there that want to practice your music while visiting in this beautiful place, be sure you keep a watch out around you if you are out in public while doing it because if you get caught that is going to be a ticket for breaking the law. It is not going to matter if you are one of the best singers in this world, the law states you can not do it in the evening so be careful.

2. Don’t Forget Your Wife’s Birthday


In Samoa they have this law that say you are not allowed to forget your wife’s birthday. In other words, if you are a man that never remembers then you better start writing yourself a note somewhere or adding it to the calendar in your phone because you are not going to like having broken the law and be dealing with all that at the same time your wife is extremely upset that you could not remember a little thing such as her own birthday.

1. Don’t Change The Bulb


In a city in Australia called Victoria, unless you are an electrician that is licensed to do it, you are not allowed to change a lightbulb yourself. This law is suppose to be for keeping the citizens safe but all the people really see it as is ridiculous. Most people are perfectly capable of changing one on their own without the help of an electrician but if you do not want a fine then your best option is to call a professional or just go get certified to do it on your own.

These above are the Top 10 Weird Laws Around World 2017. These laws listed above are completely weird but apparently they are real. I am sure most people never follow them though so let us hope they never get caught red handed doing any of it in order to keep them from getting in trouble with the court system.

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