Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of The World

Every wonder about a story that has no really place to put the items. Ever heard the history of Alexander, or the story of King Author? Well then maybe you should really pay attention in class, these people and places have been talked about but never found or seen. They know the people but do not know where their grave has been placed. Things have just disappeared and never thought of again. Hearing the life of others and then knowing nothing is so confusing. If two thousand years pass and we still do not know the truth then I am pretty sure we will never know what is really going on.

List of Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of The World

10. The Lost City Of Atlantis


When this place was mentioned it was first talked about from Plato. It talked about the island that was in front of the Pillars of Hercules. No one even knows if it exists. They wonder if he just made up the island to prove some point. It existed in the tenth millennium.It was supposed of sunk in one day, and attacked Athens but failed. The locations could only of been between to places and that was either Santorini or Sicily. Athens as once before attacked Sicily and failed so maybe Plato made a reversal. Neither place is near Gibraltar which is known as The Pillars Of Hercules.

9. Roanoke Colony


This colony had bad luck already so it was a wonder why the people did not say that it was a bad idea in the first place. They blamed a local native village for stealing the silver cup. After they said this they supposedly burnt the village to the ground. When Raliegh went back with his crew they found that there was nothing there but bones. They feared for their lives so they sent the leader back to get more soldiers. When the leader left he left his granddaughter. When he returned everyone was gone even his granddaughter. He found a carving on a tree that said CROATAN. He ordered the colonist to draw a cross if they was forced to pack up and leave. In the end the people either was captured, sailed in boats that sank, or they all just died.

8. Dyatlov Pass Incident


The mountain in Russia that is called “Dead Mountain” was where ten men tried to climb it at the most dangerous spot. One got sick and was left in a small village. The other nine kept going up the mountain. They soon found out they took a wrong turn and had to stop and hunker down to stay at least a little warm. After about ten days they was never heard from again. People went out to search for them but all that was found was the tents they used. The supplies was still there and it looked like the campers run from the inside and just left. Their bodies was found in under garments and socks but nothing else. One tried to climb a tree. Four bodies was found later and this is where it gets strange, they was found fully dressed. They was wearing the clothes of the other campers but had fallen in a ravine. All of them had fractured skulls and other small injuries, one’s tongue was missing. Either there was an avalanche or nuclear testing killed them.

7. Los Lunas Decalogue Stone


This stone is about two thousand years old. Only weird thing about it is that the ten commandments are written on it. It is written in Yahweh. People say it is a hoax but it still does not explain what a Hewish relic was doing in America two thousand years ago.

6. Tomb Of Alexander The Great


Alexander was told by a naked philosopher named Calanus that he would see him in Babylon. Well he figured oh well he was not going back to that city anyways. He or his soldiers got the meaning until he later died in Babylon. The followers understood very fast after that. They story is not what you should worry about the fact that we do not know where his tomb is is the main concern. The coffin was hijacked when they was taking it to Greece. People like Caesar and Caligula visited the tomb but in the last two thousand years no one has any idea where the tomb really is. Over a hundred searches have been attempted to find it but no luck. Some say it is under a Coptic Church but who knows.

5. King Author


When he is talked about, many people see him as fake. All myths are usually brought about because of something from reality happening that resembles the fake situation. For instance, the perfect match for the real King Arthur would be Riothamus. He was a historic figure that was given a nickname of “king of Briton” and battled with the Romans two times just like King Arthur did. His close adviser betrayed him and in the end how King Arthur had to go away to Avalon, Riothamus was last seen at a place called Avallon. Obviously we have a true candidate here for who King Arthur was based on.

4. Summerwind

summerwind Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of The World 2018

Located in the state of Wisconsin, this home from the 1920’s has been a haunted territory for many years. Back when it first got built the owner would hear his maids talk about it being haunted but he did not think anything of it at first because he believed it was just women gossiping. Not long after that he encountered the basement door shaking and a ghost figure in the shape of a man appeared, he shot twice at it and then fled from the home with his wife and never came back. Forty years after that, a new set of owners moved in and not long after they got there began experiencing things happening. Things like shadows that flickered, soft talking when they entered a room, the construction workers tools missing all the time, rooms changing sizes. In the dining room a woman ghost would appear as well. A little while later the remains of a little girl was found but when the people went back to check again they were gone. In the end, the home became vacant again and has sat like that for the rest of the time but only half of it remains now since lightning struck it a few times.

3. Mayerling Incident


This is one complicated story because of all the current forensic evidence that has been conducted but the reports show a different suggestion. Apparently, Prince Rudolf of Austria was having an affair with a woman named Baroness Mary and one evening after he had dinner with his parents he took off to a hunting lodge where he was meeting Mary so they could spend some time together. The day after the arrival one of the staff knocked on their door but it would not open and after a few minutes it was kicked in and the Prince and Mary were both found dead. Rudolf had a gun in his hand which made the incident look like a murder-suicide. After all these years, forensics now claims that it could not have happened that way. Possibilities are an assassin possibly attacked them or the lovers ended up in a fight that turned bad.

2. Taman Shud Case


In Australia a man washed up on shore with no identification but was dressed very well, held a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, and was in great physical shape. When his dental records were ran there was no match with any other person that lived in Australia. An autopsy suggested that the man was killed from poisoning. This weird incident ended up causing a major frenzy with the media and all possible thoughts were pursued which led to one that could possibly be the answer. Military records found a man who was met with the mystery man for a drink. The man claimed the dead guy had a pension card from the army with the name of “Solomonson” printed on it. The only explanation that makes any sense is that the dead man was probably a spy.

1. Voynich Manuscript


This is a book that came from Italy in the 1400’s but no one can read what is being said inside it. There has been a lot of language experts that have tried to crack the wording but no one has figured it out yet. There are drawings of flowers inside it that are actually from the new world but the weird thing is that that type of writing was not from the 1400’s so it is a complete mystery if this is a fake item or if there is an actual wording inside that might be interesting.

Overall, there is always going to be mysteries in this world that will probably never be solved but it will always be fun trying to find the answer to them all. The ones listed above probably do not even make one bit of sense of if you are into history and all that fun stuff then they will definitely intrigue your mind.

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