Top 10 Truly Creepy Vampires From Around The World

Many Truly Creepy vampires are found in different parts of this universe. Some of these creatures are only observed during daytime while others are only seen at night and nothing different from that timetable. We are going to feature mostly on ten of these vampires from different parts of this universe. Go through the guideline below, it has full information concerning this undead creatures.

List of Top 10 Truly Creepy Vampires From Around The World

10. Upyr

upyr, Top 10 Truly Creepy Vampires From Around The World

This is the main Creepy vampire that is found in Russia and popularly known for sucking blood from Human beings. When looking at it, you might think it is actually a Human being. However, some important physical features will help you know that Upyr is a vampire and not a person. Unlike other vampires from various parts of this world that only walk at night, Upyr is so confident to walk around even in broad daylight. It is believed to have metal teeth that are also long.

9. Callicanatzaros


On ninth position of this article is this great vampire known as Callicanatzaros. It is a Greek vampire popularly known for killing people by tearing apart their bodies into small pieces. Callicanatzaros has a unique body that is made of animal parts and some are of human beings. When in groups, these kinds of vampires normally attacks people during night hours when everything is calm and no one can notice them at that night. They are totally different from other vampires in this universe. Callicanatzaros has a twisted funny face.

8. Asanbosam


This kind of vampire is normally found in African countries. You will find them in southern parts of Ghana where there are many scaring myths. Asanbosam belongs to a tribe of people in Ghana that are popularly known as Ashanti. It is believed to be living in deep parts of forests. Just like other vampires mentioned in various positions above, Asanbosam has sharp metallic teeth and curved hooks that are essential when killing a prey. It normally feed o animals and human beings but first chews fingers before moving to other parts of the body.

7. Pennangalan


Pennangalan is raked in seventh position of this article and is one of truly creep vampires from different parts of this universe. Many people believe that this vampire is female and it hails from a country know as Malaysia. To mention a few things about this creature is that is ugly and disgusting. Pennangalan has ability to fly for longer distances without getting tired and this is only done during night hours. Some of its dangerous characteristics include, wild, has sharp teeth and long legs. Killing a prey and more specifically human beings takes a few minutes. It has very long hairs.

6. Upier


Upier is ranked in sixth position of this article and is amongst fierce vampires worldwide. This Vampire hails from a country popularly known for having thirst for blood. It normally sucks blood from Human beings for survival. Unlike other vampires mentioned above, Upier drinks high amount of blood than usual. Apart from Russia, you will find large numbers of this common creature in Poland and some other parts of Africa. Its timetable of sleeping is very different from that of Human beings because if sleeps at midnight ad wakes up during noon when sun is hot. Upier sucks blood of its fellow vampires.

5. Varacolaci


Varacolaci is another truly creepy vampire featured in fifth position of this article. It is undead creature which is very vigorous and dangerous than other creatures discussed in various position of this article. This unique creature belongs to Romania and has similar physical features with that of human beings. However, their skin is very dry and cannot be compared with any other creature worldwide. This dangerous condition cannot be cured whatsoever. The most interesting this about Varacolaci is that they are able to cause Solar and lunar eclipses.

4. Yara-ma-yha-who


This vampire has a unique name that is a bit difficult to mention that other names that are used to refer to other vampires worldwide. Yara-ma-yha-who has a very large body and is normally big headed but has no teeth. This condition is so unusual to many creatures of this type. It normally resides on trees and other high places such as mountains. When a prey appears before them, they normally stretch their hands and grab any part of their body. With their sharp nails, Yara is able to tear part its prey ad suck blood vigorously. It belongs to Australian countries.

3. Neuntoter


Neuntoter is another kind of creepy vampire that has been featured in several lists and articles. You can only see this undead creature during epidemic seasons of northern areas of Germany. It is popular and known for causing a lot of destruction and death. Human beings are most victims of destruction and death which is caused by this vampire from German. The body of this unique vampire is normally covered with sores and open wounds. These wounds and sores have a bad odor that can be smelled from a far distance.

2. Nelapsi


Nelapsi is ranked in second position of this article. It is amongst creepy vampires featured in this list. This undead creature has a very long tongue and eyes that are believed to have no eyeballs. Some people argue that it is blind while others suggest that that is a physical condition. Nelapsi has ability to cause harm and destruction to any living creatures such as animals and human beings.

1. Brahmaparusha


On our first position of this article is this famous vampire from some parts of India popularly known as Brahmaparusha. Unlike other different kinds of creatures, this great vampire from India is very powerful ad has ability to tear down powerful animals such as lions and human beings like kings.

These are the creepy vampires that are found in various parts of this universe. They are powerful creatures that have unique and scaring physical features. Reading this article is interesting because one gets a chance to know more about things that he or she has not come across.

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