Top 10 Richest Zip Codes in California

A much-diversified state of United States, California is known for its beaches and life style. It is called diversified as there are some of the cities in the California are very wealthy, and on the other hand, there are some cities, which are struggling with extreme poverty. California State is also known worldwide for its real estate and housing demands. In the report carried out by CNN, it was found out that out of 30 wealthiest Zip codes of America, 21 are from California State making prosperity percent more than 70%. California population is about 40 Million and still has managed to be the Golden state of America by having some of the richest cities and most beautiful cities in America to live in.

Below are the Top 10 richest Zip codes of the California in 2017:-

10. Corona Del Mar (92625)

Corona Del Mar (92625) Richest Zip Codes in California 2018

The wealthy neighbourhood of Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar is house to many of the wealthiest communities in the southern California and is considered as high profile town. The average household income of Corona Del Mar is $120,124. The household prices in the town are $2,032,100. Also Read: Most Expensive US Cities

9. Ross (94957)

Ross (94957) Richest Zip Codes in California 2017

A small town of only 2127 individual, Ross is among the wealthiest zip codes of California. The reason behind Ross making it to the list is that Ross is home to some of the rich/affluent families and they still reside over there. Popular chef Julia Child did her schooling from Ross. The average household Income in Ross is $144,750. The rental rates are shockingly high at $3100 with median sale price of $2,150,000.

8. Rancho Santa Fe (92067)

Rancho Santa Fe (92067) Richest Zip Codes in California 2016

Popularly known as “The Ranch”, the city boasts of great education system and having posh and luxurious undercurrents. As per the report stated by CBS news, with comparison to the neighbouring cities of United States with population more than of 1000, Ranch Santa Fe is among the richest one. In comparison to overall United States wealthiest Zip Codes, Rancho Santa Fe comes to the number 14 in the list. The media has helped a lot in garnering the attention of the city of his high level of standard of living because of vast and huge residential mansions and reputed school and university options. On an average the household incomes comes to around $1,72,697, which is almost 180% more than the other town and cities of California. The median sale price of The Ranch is $2,350,000.

7. Santa Barbara (93108)

Santa Barbara (93108) Richest Zip Codes in California 2018

With no huge population and average household Income totalling to $63,785, Santa Barbara is Californian hometown for many wealthy households and communities. The neighbourhood of Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch is so wealthy that the house rates go up to $2 million benefiting the rise of the property and living in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is home to many well-known superstars and celebrities having their lavish homes and mansions like Ophray Winfrey. A community named Montecito is said to be one of the wealthiest community in the neighbourhood of Santa Barbara. The median sale price of the city is $2,400,000.

6. Portola Valley (94028)

Portola Valley (94028) Richest Zip Codes in California 2018

The town is among the richest neighbourhood in California having beautiful scenic valleys and natural view. Portola Valley is among wealthiest cities of Silicon Valley where cost of living is 300% more than other cities. It is easily accessible and connected to major city locations making it easily commutable. The median sale price in Portola Valley is $2,450,000.

5. Los Altos (94022)

Los Altos (94022) Richest Zip Codes in California 2016

How good it will be to spend your days after retirement in the rich city, Los Altos of California that was listed among the top cities to retire Rich. The city boost of luxurious households making their worth for more than $ 2 million. The average household income of Los Altos is $154,821, which is 150% more than rest of the Californian cities. The average rental rates are $2100 and the median sale price is $2,600,000.

4. Newport Beach (92662)

Newport Beach (92662) Richest Zip Codes in California 2017

Want to live a luxurious yet peaceful life? Newport Beach is the right place to live in. The city with population of more than 85,000 hosts a variety of beautiful beaches and is hot favourite tourist destination too. The Newport Beach city is famous for its range County Museum of Art and the Boat show conducted every year. The city is home for some of the Elite families and has lavish homes from history. This has increased the standard of living to 97% more than other Californian cities. The average household incomes come to around $109,677, which is relatively high as compared to the density of the population. The median sale price of Newport Beach is $2,675,000.

3. Santa Monica (90402)

Santa Monica (90402) Richest Zip Codes in California 2017

Santa Monica is a wealthy city having residential next to the seashores for population of 89736 individuals. Santa Monica is known for the high-rise apartments and beautiful luxurious homes. Majority of the Santa Monica homes are worth above $ 1 million making the cost of living 60% more than other Californian cities. The median sale price of Santa Monica is $3,062,250.

2. Beverly hills (90210)

Beverly hills (90210) Richest Zip Codes in California 2017

The city is very well known and has been mentioned in various Hollywood movies, cultural references etc. The city is known for the high life style and is home to many high profile celebrities. The average household income in Beverly hills is $85,918 and the cost of living is almost 200% more than other cities of California. The median sale price in Beverly hills is $3,221,250.

1. Atherton (94027)

Atherton (94027) Richest Zip Codes in California 2016

A city displaying lavish homes and mansions, which are sold for a price for more than $10 Million, makes to the list of wealthiest zip codes of California. Atherton real estate and housing deals are often done in cash which itself says that the homeowners and sellers are so wealthy. One of the major factors for being among the wealthiest zip codes is that the city is located nearby to the corporate headquarters of Facebook and Google. This has made Atherton the wealthiest city in the United States where houses are available at unbelievable prices. The average Household incomes come up to $228,393, which is almost 270% more than another city of California. The average Rental rates are around $12,500 and Median sale price is $5,050,000.

Californian Wealthiest Zip codes claimed the majority spots in the wealthiest Zip codes of United States making California is a place to live with regards to high standard of living.

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