Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in France 2017

Village may be described as a small cluster of human settlement. It is not as large as a town but is larger than a hamlet. The population of a village is, maximum of a few thousands. Settlements present in a village leave nearby so that socialising and security both becomes easier. Earlier villages were much smaller and the in habitants were low. Nowadays villages are developing of equally developed like a town or city. The life of villagers is healthier and charming than the life of people leaving in urbanised societies.

Situated in Western Europe France is a sovereign state. France is known for its globally acknowledged skills in science, arts and philosophy. France has one of the best educational and health care systems globally. We know a lot about the well developed urbanised France but do we have ever tried to know about the villages of France, yes France posses a lot of beautiful villages and in this article you will know about tip 10 most beautiful villages of France.

List of the world’s top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in France in 2017

10. Moncontour

Moncontour Most Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017

Moncontour is a beautiful small village situated in west of France with a latitude of 46.8818160 (N 46° 52’ 55”) and longitude of -0.0171020 (W 0° 1’ 2”). The population of this village is just 998 inhabitants. French history is a charming or fascinating feature present in this village. The village has a lot of heritage and monuments that speaks of French history. The monuments situated in this village are Moncontour dungeon and Lake of Moncontour. This village should be visited at least once by all who has a great interest in history and beautiful landscapes.

9. Blesle

Blesle Most Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017

Situated in south-central France this village has a beautiful scenario. The village was founded in the 9th century and by 11th century its developments started by 12th century the village underwent further more expansions. The village has a population of 650 residents. The Romanesque church of Saint-Pierre is something that says about the old France. The wooden houses with well carved doors are fascinating and eye catching. This village will make you wander through its street as the buildings and streets have a lot of fascinating things related to the villages historic past.

8. Saint-Robert

Saint-Robert Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017

Saint-Robert is the person, the village is named after. Followers of Saint Robert are the creators of this beautiful and fascinating village. This village is located at the boundary of Corrèze .This hill top village was listed in the top best villages in the world since 1982. This village situated in hill top, 345m above sea level. This village gives an awesome view of the city as it’s situated on a hill top. If you are planning a long holiday tour to various places then this village should be in your list of places to be visited.

7. Yèvre-le-Châtel

Yèvre-le-Châtel Most Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017-2018

Yèvre-le-Châtel is situated on a rocky mountain that dominates the Rimarde valley. The village is beautified with lots of flowers and is quite pleasant. The village also have posses, small castle, two churches and beautiful houses. If you are planning to make a movie or short film then this place is pertinent. It has diverse scenario with huge castles beautiful buildings rock bed streets decorated with flowers and many more. If you are in love with creativity then visit this place at least once.

6. Mittelbergheim

Mittelbergheim Most Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017

This village is situated in north-eastern area of France. This village is listed among the most beautiful villages by Les plus Beaux. This village is situated near to Mount Saint Odile. Vine yards are surrounding this village. This village was founded by Franks and was formerly known as Berge. The village is also known for its architectural heritage and wine making.

5. Eus

Eus Most Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017-2018

Situated in southern France Eus is a dense village. The village has a population of 500 inhabitants. The church of Saint Vincent is situated in this village. Caves and rock houses are the special features of this village. The streets are so much fascinating that a visitor will never get bored wandering through the streets. This village is visited by many tourists.

4. Saint-Amand-de-Coly

Saint-Amand-de-Coly Most famous Villages in France 2016-2017-2018

Saint-Amand-de-Coly is situated in south-western France. This village is situated at centre of Dordogne. This village is just 8 kilometre from Montignac. The village has a long historic background. The first thing that is noted in this village by every visitor who enters the village is huge bell towers and doors. The current infrastructure of this village is of 18th century. This village can attract tourist due to its natural and manmade beauties.

3. Talmont-sur-Gironde

Talmont-sur-Gironde Most Beautiful Villages in France 2016-2017-2018

This village is situated in south western France and is surrounded by water bodies. The village is just 15km away from Royan. Hollyhocks show is the show for which this village is known. Church of St Radegonde is situated in this village. This village was founded in the year 1793. This village is quite developed but has a low population.

2. Ansouis

Ansouis hilltop villages in France 2016-2017-2018

The village is crafted on a low hill and has a charming environment. The village have a population of 1029 inhabitants. Bell tower, old stone houses are the heritages of this village. The village has its best view during afternoon. Trading is not intense in this village but the village posses all necessary shops. Even a cafe is present in this village. This village is a good place to enjoy vacations. Busses are the major transportation system of this village.

1. Saint-VéranSaint-Véran Most Beautiful hill top Villages in France 2016-2017

This village is the most elevated village of France. The permanent population of this village is 300. Tourist fled this village throughout the year. This village is famous for high wooden houses with balconies. Snowfall is intensive in this village which increases the charm of this village. The village is well developed along with its beauty. This village should be visited at least once to see the combination of natural and manmade beauty.

The above described villages are the proof that village life is far better and enjoyable than urban life. The social life present in villages is beautiful and they support each other’s families during crisis. The nature’s beauty enhances the charm of these villages. These villages are place that one should surely visit.

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