Top 10 Cheapest Franchises in The World

Who does not want to be benefitted highly with low investment on this earth? Many of us wish to start our own business but we back out due to our modest savings. Many popular franchise businesses all around the world set their high prices in the name of their fame. This is true that a new franchise demand higher capital, but there is some Top 10 cheap franchises of 2017 in the world which would deny the rumor of ‘success with high priced franchise’.

So you don’t need to rupture your dream of your own business because we are going to make it easier for you to choose from the best ones that would suit your criteria of starting with a new with lowest of investment.

List of the world’s top 10 cheapest Franchises in 2017

10. Wag’n Tails (Net Worth $10,000)

Wag’n Tails cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Wag’n Tails is a pet-related franchise. This will give your customer a chance to experience mobile pet-grooming. Price to maintain a lovable pet has increased to double amount since 10 years. This serves the mobile grooming customers to get groomed their pets after every -4-6 weeks on an average of $70 per transaction. This could add quick revenue on 10 transactions per day.

9. Redeck It (Net worth $9,995)

Redeck It cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Redeck it works on the program of recreating the damaged concrete to beautiful and long-lasting form. This can add high value to that property. The offerings of Redeck It for its customers are on-site training, DVDs, marketing tools and more than 10,000 six-panel color brochures which they mail to your zip code. This brings about $50,000 to $1, 25,000 in revenue. You can join hands with this franchise by investing $9,995.

8. BBQ Cleaners (Net Worth $8,000)

BBQ Cleaners cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

The BBQ Cleaner franchise has amazingly developed systems and methods to replace the dirtiest BBQ grills into the brand new one by cleaning them. They train you for about 6 weeks and would also guide you to for every aspects to start a new and profitable cleaning business with a starting amount of $8,000. They have modern technologies and chemicals by cleaning in lesser time.

7. Coffee Machine Business (Net Worth $5,500)

Coffee Machine Business cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

The Coffee Machine Business franchise has the $30 billion coffee industry. It also has a 12-select brewed coffee along with espresso machine which it offers you for your business. The machine has to be restocked with bags of bean and coffee related powder. The water line is not a problem for any location as it is held in the bottom cabinet fitted with five-gallon tank. You only need to pay an amount of $5,500 at the start.

6. Cruise One (Net Worth $3,500)

Cruise One Business cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Cruise One is the largest cruise vacations seller being the owner of over 920 independent travel franchise locations. It offers up to 20% off discount to U.S. Veterans, women and racial and ethnic minorities in business. You can join hands with Cruise One by loading your pocket with just $3,500. You get the opportunity to expand your business as Cruise One not only sell travel packages, but also includes shore excursions, travel protection, provides hotels and tours to families, business groups, couples, and individuals.

5. Sign Your Name (Net Worth $2,850)

Coffee Sign Your Name Business cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Sign Your Name is a franchise of distributorship type. It offers you a wide range of popular products such as music CDs, kids story books, children’s products along with other similar types. For tastes it also offers personalized paper products with poems and growth charts. You can start up by paying a starting amount of $2,850. Your business will only rise to success as the Sign Your Name offers you with not just one kind of product but with different ones where the products are not always related to similar type.

4. Credit Repair Nerds (Net Worth $2,500)

Credit Repair Nerds cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Credit Repair Nerds offer you to work from office or home. All the processing of your clients will be done by your own account manager. This franchise will provide you with heavy and unlimited income. Its corporate office handles the work of updates and removals of accounts and then syncs it over to your account as well as your clients’ account. All this is done by credit repair software.

3. Loyal Stamp (Net Worth $1,799)

Loyal Stamp cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Loyal Stamp franchise maintains the value of its name within the business of loyal web page via message to its customers. It demands for no license and all you need to do is to collect an amount of $1,799 at the start. You are offered to create mobile punch cards, mobile deals and share for social rewards of the programs. It is very easy to put with this kind of business as the world is getting digitized and wants its work to be done in a blink of eyes.

2. Social Owl (Net Worth $1,799)

Social Owl cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

Social Owl is a social media franchise. This offers you to start with an investment of about $1,799. Though it is the cheapest in its field, it has made a faster profit and growth too tan the already established ones. It is continuing to run the business successfully building its trust to joined by you. This provides with branded website, social software, marketing material, client portal, ongoing training keeping 100% of your sales.

1. MobileStamp (Net Worth $149)

Mobile Stamp cheapest Franchises 2016-2017

MobileStamp is a way via which mobile loyalty programs can be created that can prove to be fruitful not only for business purposes and also connects hands with other businesses too. Mobile punch cards, loyalty web page and business related message to customers can be easily created through MobileStamp. Share of rewards can be another business supported by Loyal Stamp technology. This franchisee collects from you $149 at the starting.

The enlisted franchises are the cheapest and best of franchises above which you have gone through. There is not just one kind of franchise we sorted but for different interests of franchises. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the one that will prove to be the best for you as the world changes its minds very quickly loading your head with tension of running a proper Cheapest Franchises business that you wish to go smoothly 36 days in the direction of flourishment only.

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