Top 10 Best Selling Newspapers in The World

The world metaphorically runs on the pages of the newspaper and in many cases, they mold it is running too! Though the world has been moving on with modern technologies rapidly coming up, a newspaper is still considered the best way to start the morning. Nothing like a cup of tea or coffee, a comfortable chair, the birds chirping outside and a good newspaper in your hand, am I right? With everything being transferred into the world of Android, newspaper companies have modernized its way of publishing news by creating respective android, blackberry and iOS apps too.

Even though news can be seen or heard from television or radios too, nothing makes you immerse you more than the eloquent writing style used in newspaper writing! The top 10 best selling newspapers of the world are,

List of the world’s top 10 best selling newspapers in 2017

10. Zaman (Over 1 million circulations)

Zaman-best selling newspapers 2016

This Turkish newspaper which was founded in 1986 is the first newspaper in Turkey to go online in the year 1995. This is the bestselling newspaper in Turkey and is known to be strongly in support of the Gulen movement. It proclaims itself to be democratic in nature, but it is widely known that it is Islamic in nature. Many of its crew including the editor in chief was taken into custody by the Turkish police forces on the grounds of having an affiliation with terrorist forces.

9. Dawn (Over 2 million circulations)

Dawn Newspaper best selling newspapers 2016-2017

Founded by Mohammad Ali Jinnah himself in Delhi on the 26th of October, 1941, this is Pakistan’s oldest and best-selling English-language newspaper. It was used to portray the views of the Muslim League at first is now published by the Pakistan Herald Publications which also owns the Herald. The first newspaper to oppose the re-establishment of capital punishment in Pakistan was this. Hameed Haroon is its current CEO.

8. The Asahi SHIMBUN (Over 2 million circulations)

The Asahi SHIMBUN Newspaper best selling newspapers 2016-2017

Having started its publication in Osaka on the 25th of January, 1879, this is one of Japan’s oldest and most widely read newspaper. A portal for English readers named Asia and Japan Watch has also been opened by this newspaper. Tribune of the United States also has collaboration with this journal. It is considered to be inclined towards the left philosophy politically.

7. The Sydney Morning Herald (Over 2.2 circulation)

The Sydney Morning Herald

Founded by Englishmen William McGarvie, Frederick Stokes, and Alfred Ward Stephens as Sydney Herald in 1831. 1995 saw the formation of its online edition, and it is the oldest continuously published Australian newspaper. It is a conservative newspaper which is circulated each day of the week except for Sundays. Currently, it is supporting the ‘Campaign for Sydney’.

6. The Times of India (Over 2.2 million circulations)

The Times of India Top Popular Best Selling Newspapers in The World 2018

Started as “The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce”, it was started on 3rd November 1838, it is the third most circulated newspaper in India currently and the largest selling English daily globally. It falls under the six best newspapers of the world according to BBC. It is presently owned by the Bennett, Coleman, and Company which is owned by the Sahu Jain family.

5. China Daily (2.3 million circulations)

China Daily Top 10 Best Selling Newspapers in The World 2017

As the name suggests, it is English daily in the People’s Republic of China which was established in June 1981 and is the most circulating newspaper in China. It is mainly published in Hong Kong, Europe, and the United States and is published each day of the week except Sunday. It was first published on the first of June, 1981 and has three editions in Chinese, French, and English.

4. The Washington Post (Over 2.3 million circulations)

The Washington Post Top Most Popular Best Selling Newspapers in The World 2019

One of the leading American daily newspapers, it has politically reported the workings of the Congress, the White House and the other aspects of the United Sates’ government. It is Washington DC’s oldest newspaper and was founded in the sixth of December, 1877.It has won 47 Pulitzer prizes which are the second highest in number ever awarded to a newspaper company in just one year.

3. The New York Times (Over 2.3 million circulations)

The New York Times Most Best Selling Newspapers in The World 2018

Launched with a motto printed on the front page saying “All the News That’s Fit to Print” in 1851, it has won 117 Pulitzer prizes, the highest received by any newspaper. It has a nickname of “The Gray Lady” and is ranked 39th in the world by circulation. It was founded by Henry Jarvis Raymond and follows a Conservative political view.

2. The Wall Street Journal (Over 2.4 million circulations)

The Wall Street Journal

Newspaperman Charles H Dow founded Dow Jones and company in 1882 and rose to prominence in the 1940s and began to be heavily circulated in New York. It focuses especially on business and economic matters and is the most circulated newspaper in New York. It has 39 Pulitzer prizes and derives its name from the heart of the Financial District, Wall Street. It is inclined towards the Conservatives in its political stance.

1. The Guardian (Over 2.4 million circulations)

The Guardian

One of the best selling newspapers The Guardian Known as the ‘Manchester Guardian’ until 1959, this British Daily newspaper rightfully occupies the number one position in this list. The Scott Trust Limited which also owns The Observer and The Guardian Daily. The Guardian reinvests its profits on journalism rather than keeping it for the company or the owner. It is edited by Katharine Viner and has online editions for the UK, Australia, and the US version. It was declared Newspaper of the Year 2014. It is a very influential newspaper and has even sponsored many awards. Around 2003, it was accused of being biased during the coverage of Israel and was accused anti-Semitism It is a bourgeois newspaper which considers itself to be ‘an organ of the middle class.’

From this list, we get a thought how important newspapers are to our lives. We see the globe turning in those pages, and we get quick travel across the world and get updated about its workings at such a meager price. Much labor goes to make these newspapers’ news as authentic as possible, and I sincerely hope that though it is a fast track world, newspapers do not go out of trend.

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