Top 10 Things Guys Want In Life

What do men really want in life? Men can be some pretty simple creatures, but their desires or wants in life are quite similar to what most girls want. Here is a rounded up list of the top ten things that men want in life.

List of Top 10 Things Guys Want In Life according to in 2017

10. Fame

fame, Top 10 Things Guys Want In Life 2018

Everybody wants to be famous. The idea that you are a celebrity and people can notice your presence bring a good feeling. Being famous is important because everyone in the community likes to be associated with someone who is a well-known. In the recent past, both men and women are increasingly becoming fascinated by the industry for fame and money.

9. Fashionable clothes


Even though fashion is a very difficult and confusing puzzle for most men. They will dress up for various reasons, and always try to move with the trend.

8. Respect


When someone admires your achievements and abilities, they simply respect you. It is an important thing in life since it is the foundation upon which we can build our lives. Respect enables us to treat each other the way we would want them to treat us. It is so hard to make it life without respect.

7. A Nice Car


Men love cars and would spend more time in the driver’s seat as compared to women. They would spend most of their leisure time looking out for new car models. They seem to be more proficient than their counterparts. If you are thinking of a present to give out, a nice car can make a man smile.

6. Supportive partner


Men want someone they can rely on through the tough and hard times. Do you remember the last time you felt supported by your better half? A supportive partner will always make you feel safe, encouraged and at home.
This will create a safe space for you to continually excel in every activity you put your mind to. If your better half provides this, then you are blessed. It is not a must that you agree on everything but a listening ear matters a lot.

5. Money


Money is important in this life. Money runs the economy. Anything you need to purchase you will have to use money to get it. With the rise in the standards of living in urban centers, it has become even harder to sustain large families. The world revolves mostly around money. Money changes and stirs up things and therefore it is a great source of worlds’ success.
In many scenarios you will hear people seeking further studies in order to get a well-paying job. Everyone wants a job that will meet his or her needs. Money is fleeting and it won’t change a thing unless you decide to spend it on something meaningful. Ths is one among the Top 10 Things Guys Want In Life.

4. Knowledge


Knowledge is what gets you through life, in the education sector, work and life in general. Without knowledge you probably could be doomed and this is why people seek studies to widen their scope. Knowledge is the only respectable thing in life that makes people to be respected in the community their come from.
Knowledge is power. This phrase is true than you could ever imagine. We fail to understand how important knowledge could be. When you see people driving cars the thing that first crosses your mind is that they are probably masters and PHD holders.
Knowledge plays a huge part in our daily encounters. It is helps you avoid repeating the same mistake twice. Obtaining knowledge could be difficult no wonder you’ll still find illiterate people among the literate.

3. Happiness


It is so hard to postpone happiness for the future, rather it is something you have to design now. In most cases we lack happiness because what we say and the things we do are not in harmony. We are the source of our own happiness. When we are happy it means we can be able to share the happiness with those around us. Happiness is the most important thing in life.
Without happiness life would be so dull and boring not worth living. Love is one way that you can experience happiness. Always be happy for this moment because this very moment is your life. In tough times always remember that a smile is happiness that lies right under your nose. It is not necessarily what we have that makes you happy, but the enjoyment we get.

2. Health


This is also an important aspect in life. Good health allows you to handle a lot of things and therefore when you are ailing you can only do little. Without good health, life is not fun thus health is the number one priority in everyone’s life.
Health is the most basic yet most essential requirement in life. There are some key factors that have been found to influence whether you are healthy or not. They include the following: education and literacy, income and social status as well as social support networks.
Lifestyle is a determinant of your health. The personal decisions that you make as an individual in life plays a major role in your health. No one likes getting sick but good health is what we all wish for.

1. Family


Family is the basic social unit. Family is an important socializing unit that everyone has to go through. Men being the head of families they play a major role in the life of their kids. Family will always stay with you no matter the situation you are facing. They will listen to you and love you at all times. We may have lots of friends and they will definitely be with us at happy times and our achievements. But family is unique since they’ll stand with you even in your difficult times.
Your feelings and emotions is always catered for whenever you need someone to lean on. This is the power of a family. Children are socialized in this institution and there character build.

These above are the Top 10 Things Guys Want In Life according to 2017. Just as women differ in character and taste, so do men. Their wants and needs are not the same. in this case, the most important thing is to go after what you desire and what makes you happy as a man.

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