Top 10 Things Girls Want In Life

Most men are pretty simple creatures. Girls on the other hand are a bit complicated. It is hard to read a girls mind and know exactly what she really wants. Girls will always set their life goals and are on the look-out for ways to attain them. Girls are also quick learners on how to take on responsibilities. Aside from that, here is a list of the top 10 things that girls want in life.

List of Top 10 Things Girls Want In Life according to in 2017

10. Passion

passion, Top 10 Things Girls Want In Life 2017-2018

You’d hear people talk about wanting to be passionate about their work. Passion is something that demands a high price. This price of wrapping your whole life around a certain direction. Passion makes you feel alive and not exhausted or demoralized.
When you are passionate you’ll feel there’s every reason why you are on this planet. It will make you believe that you are here for a purpose that eventually gives their lives a meaning. Passion can be tapped and also uncorked. But this will only happen when you believe.

9. Stability


Figuring what you’ll do next can be stressful. “Stability” can be a kiss of death. Always feel comfortable and stable in your spirit, capabilities and intelligence. The way you choose to react to what may come your way, this is what brings stability. The above mentioned aspects are the most and stable things in this world.

8. Confidence


In many cases when in situations that are demeaning and challenging this makes us tend to lose confidence. We are stone-rocked. We can easily forget who we really are and the things we are capable of doing.

7. Fulfillment


Fulfillment is achieved when you are satisfied and happy. This is as a result of fully developing your ability and character. You’ll never be fulfilled if you’re not living up to your best potential. It hurts a lot to settle for something less than what you deserve.
For you to live to your full potential one has to leave his/her comfort zone. At times you’ll be forced to leave the definition you’ve crafted yourself to be. There are things that you have to always consider in order to feel fulfilled. These are not forsaking yourself and honor your potential.

6. Pets


Yes you heard me, pets. Your life can be happier with pets around because you will never feel lonely. An independent girl would want to own a pet but in most cases it is not possible because she is busy. But this girl will definitely make this dream come true in future. This is if she really wants it.

5. True friends


We all want to have people we can trust apart from family. True friends are what every girl desires to have but fakes friends are the majority. When a girl is in her 20s, she has to deal on a daily basis with toxic people.This is one amongst the Top 10 Things Girls Want In Life.
A girl would want at least to have one true trusted friend. Who they share their worries, secrets and laugh together. When you are having a long day at work, you will need that one friend that is there to entertain you. Girls love to text people that make their life a little more bearable.

4. Peace


It reaches a point that we desperately long for peace. Peace from the pressure, noise and other responsibilities. Our heads could be thumping inside and all we’ll want is peace. In life you’ll encounter a lot of conflicts and strain that pushes you to become a better and stronger person.
Peace is not defined as being better at anything but is attained through cultivation and commitment. The world being chaotic, it is rare for peace to fall on your laps just like that. Knowing your purpose could not be the solution but commitment is.

3. Freedom


Many people are so scared to do what is required in order to “become” free. Freedom requires that you make yourself right and not wrong. These entails that you follow your real values and beliefs. Through this you won’t be forced by others to do what is not right.
Freedom takes one to forge his/her path in life through the many challenges. The two characters required by freedom are: courage and boldness. It is sad since we are not taught on how to stand by ourselves.
Girls in their 20s want to enjoy this life before they become moms. At a younger age they have listened to their parents and this age they just want to be independent. This independence allows them to date whoever they want with no interruptions from parents.

2. Money


Time and hard work creates money but this is the biggest challenge to most people. It’s just fascinating that no matter how much we earn, we’ll always want more. Most people with million dollars in their bank account live in fear and there is no moment of peace.
How much money do you need to be truly fulfilled? The way to a girls’ heart is through shopping, and surely they know to shop. Girls know what they want and when they want to buy in life.

1. Happiness


To achieve true happiness has become so hard these days. It is so hard to know exactly what will make you happy. You probably don’t know yourself or who you really are. Most girls will search for happiness probably from a fancy house, friends, job, family or husband. This is will in most cases be out of your control, and the target stands long enough for you to reach.
It is not that things don’t bring happiness, because they certainly do. But the key thing is don’t search for things outside your reach. Every girl dreams of Mr. Right but most often they will encounter Mr. Wrong.
Girls desire to be loved and love and all these bring them happiness. Happiness is on top of her priorities which is why it is hard for her to find it.

These above are the Top 10 Things Girls Want In Life according 2017. Girls have different standards in life. When each of these standards are not met, things might seem to go the wrong way, and we might even forget to appreciate the little things we have in our lives. In life we’d all want everything that is good, but it is not always possible, therefore we have to settle for what we have and work for a better future.

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