Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi

These plans all seem to have been doing great on some part. Some never got done and some did not go as planned. They used these for different things and could cause a lot of damage. If they would have planned a little better than the parts of the world they wanted to destroy would have been damaged and taken over. The last one they tried to build was the Sun Gun and they thought they could use the sun to destroy everything. It did not go as planned but nice try guys maybe next time you can do much better.

List of Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi

10. The Horten Ho 229

The Horten Ho 229, Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi

This could not be picked up by the other person’s radar. It could carry two thousand two hundred pounds of bombs making it easier to transport them to others. The fact that they could go over six hundreds miles per hours made it easy to hide from enemies. Hitler wanted a lot of these built but they could not built to many for some various reasons. Most of them was destroyed and some still remain.

9. The Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte


This is a huge tank. It was suppose to be the biggest and the most powerful that was ever supposed to have been built. When the plan was laid out this was suppose to be a hundred and forty five foot in length. It was suppose to be the heaviest in the world but it was never built. If it had been built it would have hit a few all time records and been the best in the world and could have done a lot of damage.

8. The Schwerer Gustav


This is one of the biggest guns that have been built. It weighs in at seven tons and it was built in three days. It took two hundred and fifty men just to use it and it would have caused a lot of damage. It fired forty rounds and then the gun was destroyed so it could not be used anymore. It was way too big and it was to bizarre to be used correctly. It could fire up to eight hundred shells.

7. The V3 Supergun


This was designed to destroy London. This was not the first time they had tried to destroy London two other rockets was built to destroy London but they failed. Those was called V2 and V1 missiles. Part of the weapon was destroyed while they tried to use it. They wanted to attempt to make the V3 but later placed the plans on a shelf and forgot all about them. Nothing became of this weapon after it was damaged.

6. The Fritz X


Built in nineteen forty three. It is being used all around the world for the militaries. It can be controlled after being launched. Change the direction of its drop and have it right where you want it to go. It damaged as much as possible. The enemies would panic whenever they would see this flying around being controlled by joystick. It was a joystick radio control. This is one among the Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi.

5. The Rocket U-Boat


This plan was used for the American attack. They would use these plans to shoot a rocket out of a submarine. The only down fall was using it underwater it was very hard to navigate it. After this plan failed they made the V-2 and it did so much better. They began making the XXI but it was not finished before the war had ended. If it could have been done before people would have seen more damage coming their way.

4. The Panzer Viii Maus


The Panzer was built by Porsche and yes that is the same exact company that you are thinking built the cars that are driven in today. The big tank weighed about one hundred and forty-five tons which is the reason they could not take it over bridges or drive it for a long distance. The main idea of it was to cross rivers and lakes easily but it was only able to deal with 45 feet deepness. Since the design was unsuitable it got trashed and all of the ones that were not completed yet, the Nazis destroyed them.

3. Type XXI U-boat


It is the ancestor to the submarines that are known in the modern world. They are great for attacking other ships and have sunk many of them as well as tanks and freighter along with big battleships. These boats are actually relatively quiet and are able to get around other boats without being seen or heard and then they can attack the enemy in a surprise visit. They were used in the WW2 and considered one of the superweapons that the Nazi’s built. They could stay under the water for long periods of time and the weapon systems that was installed on this boat was also superior just like the boat itself.

2. Messerschmitt Me-262 “Swallow”


This was the very first fighter jet in the whole world. It was dangerous and extremely fast but it ended up having problems with its engine. It made its first appearance in the year 1943. Swallow was able to give germans air dominance later Hitler asked for a makeover of the aircraft but by the time it was finished the war was pretty much already finished with too.

1. The Sun Gun


Even though this never was officially built, if it would have gotten built it would be the best super weapon that the Nazi ever did build. They seemed to have thought that by sending a diameter mirror into the orbit that is above earth that it would catch the rays of the sun and be able to be controlled. Once they could control the sun beams they felt that it would shoot down and burn cities. It was a logical plan but impractical as well which is why the idea got thrown out before they could build the weapon.

These above are the Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi. Overall, some of these weapons were good ideas and lasted for a few years but some of the others were just really ridiculous and would not have worked at all for what they had in mind. Look at the sun gun idea that the Nazis had came up with, because of how preposterous the idea was that is why it never got built. Sometimes you never realize the kinds of things that was invented because of the fact that it never made it past the idea modes.

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