Top 10 Strangest Phobias

If you are scared of something it is a phobia. You can be scared of spiders or snakes but these things people are scared of are just strange. Who thought that someone could be scared of words or numbers? Well you are fixing to find out ten of the strangest phobias that people have to learn to deal with today. It is not simple to just forget that you are scared of something. The fact that it is a phobia means you have a disease. Some people can be brought out of it but it is a very long process that can scare them worse than they already are. Doctors are trying to do what they can but some people just will not give in and do what they are scared of. We walk everyday but some people are scared of that. We use numbers everyday but of course people are scared of numbers. Makes no sense but it is true.

List of Top 10 Strangest Phobias

10. Peladophobia

peladophobia, Top 10 Strangest Phobias 2017

Fear Of Bald People-This is pretty close to the fear of beards and the Pope. having this phobia is linked to trauma that has happened to you that deals with bald people. You can be treated for this with meds and talking to someone. It is not something you are born with it just happens. You can see someone who is bald and remember someone who was bald hurting you. You will instantly put that person in that place that it all happened to you. You have to learn to figure it all out.

9. Ambulophobia

ambulophobia, Top 10 Strangest Phobias 2017

Fear Of Walking- Who Is scared of walking? We do it every day so how can someone be afraid to walk? They are. If someone has fallen and hurt their leg or knee they will get scared that it is going to happen again and just not want to do it. If you have an illness that deals with pain during walking it causes you to have a phobia. Scared of a limp or wobble? This can be your problem and you need to talk to your doctor right away.

8. Arachibutyrophobia


Fear Of Peanut Butter getting Stuck To Roof Of The Mouth- If you have eaten peanut butter you know it will stick to your mouth and you have to work to get it off. If someone has ever choked while eating they will be scared to eat it again and this causes the phobia to come into play. They will stay clear of it or try to at least. The texture and the fear is what really hurts someone. Someone who loves peanut butter can have this phobia. The fact that people deal with this as an allergy is makes this understandable.

7. Barophobia


Fear Of Gravity- Do not like the fact you are pulled to the earth by gravity? This is one type of phobia. You can be scared you will get pulled to the world and be crushed or that gravity will stop working you will float away. You will constantly hold onto things and pray nothing happens. Watching movies can give you this phobia or falling from a high spot and hurting yourself will scare you to. This is something people have to live with daily and it does not change the fact they have to live every day scared to death of something that may one day happen.

6. Belonephobia


Fear Of Pins And Needles- Kids are scared of needles we all know this. But adults can be terrified of them. The fact they might have been chased with one by a bad doctor or just can not stand the pain makes it a disease they fight everyday. People like this usually stop getting their shots and try their hardest to never have to go to the doctor. They will opt for a pill if they can rather than a shot. Even the fact of sharp objects not just needles will scare them. Doctors will try their best if they know you are scared of them so make sure to tell the doctor before you have to deal with it.

5. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia


Fear of long words- It is crazy how the one item on this list with the longest name is actually defined as a fear of long words. Most of the time it is difficult to know how this phobia became a thing but it is in fact a true fear. Some people that have this condition will suffer from being afraid of really long words, like the name of the phobia itself, while other individuals that have a problem with the fear are scared of words that are moderately long. It does not matter which one the person has because either one of them can become a major problem in time.

4. Ommatophobia


Fear of eyes- This is one that is categorized as a social phobia because making eye contact is a social thing. Many people have said this fear comes from the individual being involved in or seeing an incident that was a trauma directly to the eyeballs. It does not matter if a person who has this phobia is watching a cartoon and the characters eyes come popping out, they are still going to have a problem with it. In some countries, eye contact is a sign of respect so when a person suffers from this they may have problems in other cultures that find non-eye contact a rude behavior.

3. Anablephobia


Fear of looking up- People have different reasons why they are afraid of looking up. For some it could be because they are afraid of the universe’s size while others could be scared about how we are insignificant to most things. Then a different person could have the problem because they are afraid of the unknown. It does not matter what the reason behind the problem is, it is a real phobia. Some of us enjoy going outside at night and looking up at the stars and seeing how beautiful they are but when a person suffers from this if they were to go outside and look up at the stars it is going to send them into a straight panic attack and possibly cause a major coping issue worse than what they already have.

2. Chaetophobia- Fear of hair


This phobia can be in a variety of ways such as one individual only being scared of hair that has fallen to the floor to a person that is petrified of any type of hair that is seen by them whether it be on a human or an animal. This ranges from mild to severe with the mild cases being scared only when they think about it or have contact with the hair while some others have a more moderate fear and it attacks them when someone else touches their personal hair. The most horrific cases seem to be the ones that have a fear of thinking that hair can actually hurt them.

1. Panophobia


Fear of everything- It is exactly as it sounds, the person is afraid of exactly everything. It does not matter what it is, they are absolutely terrified of it. Obviously it is extremely hard to live everyday of your life being afraid of being afraid but some people may actually be able to get help with the condition.

Overall, everyone is afraid of something whether it be spiders, snakes, riding in vehicles, heights, and so many more things. The only difference between us and the people that experience the phobias listed above is that they have a bigger fear of something and it sometimes will affect their day to day routines. Medical advice may be a great way to find out if you are capable of getting help with a phobia if you are as bad as what some of these say people get.

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