Top 10 Strangest Competitions in The World

Do any of us know what really happens in other places without searching it or going to the place to figure it out? Some of these strange competitions can make you squint your eyes and have you asking how. No more wondering because these are the top ten strangest. When it comes to football you just change the rules. Wanna climb a tree make it hard and climb a palm tree. No matter what is going on it will be weird and have you scrunching your face to figure it out. Some games are just made up but if that is how they want to play the game then let them have their fun. Go on the days they do this and try and see if you are cut out for the game.

List of Top 10 Strangest Competitions in 2017

10. The championship of extreme ironing

The championship of extreme ironing, Top 10 Strangest Competitions in The World 2017

The first time this was ever played was in nineteen ninety seven. You have to iron a couple of different things while doing something dangerous at the same time. So if you are ironing a shirt then you can go surfing and that makes it dangerous. Who just pretty much anything, jumping out of a plane, fighting with someone. Yes it is strange but people do it. You have to have skills to be able to do these things at the same time.

9. The Championship on crawling


The first competition was help with a thousand one hundred and twenty two babies. It was held in two thousand and five. The child must be between the ages of eight to eighteen months old. They must be able to crawl a five meter distance. Some babies do not even reach the finish line but do they really know what they are doing or do they just want to play. It helps the child with healthy lifestyles. Sit down the baby and see which one can finish.

8. Football in a Mud


Two thousand and eight was when men and women come together and ran through mud ankle deep. Football is hard enough with no mud or rain or water. They fight for the main prize in the competition. Be ready to play two different periods that last twenty five minutes each. You have to wear weird things while you are doing this and it gets very dirty and messy. Running through the mud is what makes it so strange.

7. The championship of throwing eggs


This is played all around the world but started in two thousand and six. It was played in Sutton, Great Britain. People throw and egg back and forth and try not to drop it. All ages can play and it kinda gets weird when littler kids start to play and try their hardest. Why throw and egg why can you not throw something else. Four different prizes are handed out so try your hardest to last the whole time. Practice as much as you can before this happens.

6. The championship on climbing to palm trees


The seventeenth day of August each year is Independence Day in indonesia. On this day they usually celebrate and have fun. They shoot fireworks. The have various competitions for prizes. Four people will be on a team and you will try as hard as you can to climb the trunk of a palm tree. It is the hardest competition that is done on this day.

5. Feet Wrestling


This sport was first held back in 1976 at a pub in Great Britain. The contestants put together their big toes and do a life or death match. In the year 1997 the organizers tried to get it included in the list of Olympic disciplines. The idea did not get approved though and so far it has not been brought up again. People may think it is a crazy thing to do and that it can not be that dangerous but it actually is harmful since someone could end up with a sprained ankle while someone else could get their toes broke.

4. Championship on Inflating Hot Water Bottles


An eighteen year old boy named Jamal became the national champ when it came to competing in this sport. He broke the world record for bursting a heater in just thirteen seconds instead of the fifty one seconds that it took the original record breaker. He bursted a total of three. The first one was done in twenty three seconds, second one blew in a matter of sixteen seconds, and the last one burst within thirteen seconds. One of those heaters had someone sitting on it while he burst it.

3. The Championship on Whistle


In today’s world, if a man whistles at a woman that he finds to be pretty then more than likely he is going to get a knee to the groin or a slap across the face. In Irvinestown you will not see this happening though. They held the very first competition in the country of Ireland in 2009 called the wolf whistle. Participants had the challenge of expressing their admiration of a pretty lady by whistling better than all the other contestants. If they could do this then the man would win the grand prize. The butcher from the local town ended up being the winner of this crazy sport.

2. Marathon on High Heels


In this contest, women have to race while wearing heels that are no shorter than 7 cm and they can not be thicker than one and a half centimeters. It may sound very tough but in the end that grand prize was worth it since the three winners all won luxury sandals that were from Manalo Blahnik. When trying to run in heels I am sure all of us women can agree, this is not some easy feature that than be done in seconds. It must be well thought out and done carefully.

1. The Championship on Unemployment


In May of 2009 a group of people that had become unemployed for different things. They all bound together as friends and started a competition called “Accuse the Boss”. They all will throw phones from an office in the accuse the boss challenged while the or disciplines are called you are discharged which mimicks you you ended up first.

These above are the Top 10 Strangest Competitions in The World 2017. Overall, this world has a lot of things that just does not make any sense but this one would definitely have to be the most strangest. These people that compete in these must be very bored with their activities or life if they are entering into sports like any of these.

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