Top 10 Spanish Serial Killers Ever

Serial killers can come from any race and any nationality. Hispanic people are thought to be peaceful, family oriented, and very religious. They are often said to be hard working and enjoy spending time with their family. That is not true for all people of Spanish decent. There are Spanish serial killers that have terrified people all over. These are the top 10 Spanish serial killers to make this name known for their horrible acts.

List of Top 10 Spanish Serial Killers Ever until in 2017

10. Angel Maturino Resendiz


Angel became known as the Railroad Killer. He was a migrant worker from Mexico. He believed that he was half man and half angel and is was almost impossible to kill him. He travel across the United States near train stacks and would shoot people he felt were evil. He killed people all over the United States. When he was done with the female victims he would sodomize their corpse. He used various weapons to kill his victims including a pickax, sledgehammer, and even a statue. He killed at least 14 people during his murder spree. He was executed in the state of Texas in 2006.

9. Adolfo Constanzo

adolfo constanzo, Top 10 Spanish Serial Killers Ever 2017

Adolfo was a decent of Spanish slaves in the Caribbean. When he grew up he saw himself as the devil. He worked as fortune teller and even used his psychic abilities to help protect gangsters from Mexico. He had a following of drug dealers and became known as El Pardino or The Godfather. He would sacrifice enemies of his followers including children. He would slit their throats, remove their genitals, remove their hearts and lungs, and then finally cut off the heads. What was left of the bodies were boiled for a special brother. He did this in Matamoros , Mexico. Once of his followers lead the cops to his home where body parts were found. He and his cult are said to have killed around 200 people. He was shot by one of his followers before he was arrested.

7. Richard Ramirez


Richard became known as the Night Stalker. He was born in Texas to Mexican parents. He became a murder, killer, and rapist. Richard has a fascination with Satin and felt like he was doing the work of Satin. He killed his victim with guns, knives, hammers, and other large items. He would stalk his victims at night and even entered homes for the purpose of killing. He was convicted of killing 13 people, the attempted murder of 5 others, 11 sexual assault counts, and 14 counts of burglary. He was sentenced to death but died of liver failure before his execution date.

6. Fernando Hernandez Leyva


Fernando was convicted of the murder of over 100 people. Some say that the number is much higher than this. Fernando never gave as reason as to why he felt the need to murder. He was put into prison and managed to escape to times. He was seen by a number of medical doctors and mental health professionals. It was discovered that he was a psychopath and the reason he killed was for his own pleasure.

5. Bruce Jeffrey Pardo


Pardo has his reign of terror on a typical Christmas Eve in California. For the family he was able to murder this would be anything but a typical event. Pedro fired a gun at a Christmas Party that was being held at the home of the Covina family. After he was done shooting he set the house on fire in an attempt to hide his crime. He ended up killing nine people in this one event. Before he was arrested he went to his brother’s home and killed himself.

4. Pedro Alonso Lopez


Pedro was also known as The Monster of the Andes. He was born in Columbia and would make history as one of the worst serial killers of all time. He was convicted of murdering over 350 children. Despite his horrible crime and high number of victims he was released from jail in 1996. He went on to kill again. He was kicked out of his home at a young age and was molested. He was forced to molest other children as well. He killed four men his first time in jail that tried to rape him. When he was released he began killing young girls. Most of his murders happened in Equator and Peru. After killing the children he put them in a mass grave. He was set free in 1998 and theauthorities do not know what happened to him. Many think he is now dead or was murdered by a family member of one of his many victims.

3. Pedro Rodrigues Filho


Pedro became known as the Pedrincho Matador or the Little Peter the Killer. He was born in Brazil and is said to have killed over 100 people. He killed other prisoner when he was in jail. He even killed his own father. He was sentenced to 138 years in jail but according to the laws in Brazil he could only serve 30 of those years.

2. Juan Corona


This man used to work as a farm laborer and a daily contractor. That was not all he was doing as a migrant worker in California. He was found guilty of many different counts of murder. He hacked 25 people to death. Many of these people were also migrant farm workers and those looking to make some money to send back to their families. He was convicted of these counts of murder and received a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

1. Altemino Sanchez


Sanchez was convicted of the murder of three women. All of these women were college students when they were raped and murdered. The women were also beaten. Some were thrown into a lake or thrown on the side of a bike path. Sanchez plead guilty to these murders. He was also convicted of killing a forth women who’s identify is unknown. He was convicted due to the use of DNA testing.

These are some of the worst Spanish serial killers ever until 2017. Every culture has its share of evil people. For people of Spanish decent these are some of the worst killers they are associated with.

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