Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World

There is a lot of people in the world that do not enjoy living in big and fancy houses. They would much rather be in a home that suits their needs but is easy to maintain at the same time. Tiny homes have become very popular in the last few years and will continue to raise in popularity in the next few years to come. Listed below are ten of the tiny homes that have the smallest square footage on record so far.

List of Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World in 2017

10. Odoms’ Tiny Home

odoms tiny home, Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World 2018

This small house is approximately two hundred and fifty square feet but even though it is small, the inside is quaint and has a flair of charm that most people are drawn to. All of the equipment that is needed for someone to feel comfortable in a home is placed into this house and the owners will be relaxed and amazed by how much they really love the place. It has the necessary rooms such as a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The ones that built the tiny home did well with the blueprints and all of the plans they came up with for it.

9. Tumbleweed House

tumbleweed house, Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World

This one was made in 1997 and a man name Jay Shafer is the one who owns it. He has made a great attempt at getting everything in this small area but he really loves it. There is a front porch and even though it is not as large as what some normal porches are, it is just big enough for him to sit on it while gazing at his surroundings outside. The tiny house has been designed perfectly for one person to live in comfortably and still be happy with the product they paid for.

8. Yellowstone Apartments


If you plan to move to New York and want one of the tiny houses in order to save on space and money then the Yellowstone Apartments will be a great fit for you. They are about three hundred square feet so they are small but will still give you plenty of room to move around. The mayor is the person that should get all of the credit for the construction and how they were designed. He wanted to make sure they were going to be comfortable for people that was not able to afford the high prices of rent that is usually all over New York.

7. Yellowstone Cabins


These cabins are tiny and only are around two hundred and twenty square feet. John F. Kennedy loves these tiny homes and would stay in them every so often. They are very admirable and many love the fact that it is small and easy to clean. You walk up steps to get inside and they are yellow so that is also where the names comes from going off of what is around them.

6. Toronto’s Little House


This tiny home has large homes around it. You will notice that staying in one of these tiny homes you get everything you need in the three hundred and twelve foot area. Never a need to complain that something is not able to fit inside. You get a quality stay when you visit. No problems should be found unless you are trying to fit a huge item inside the home that will not fit.

5. Portland’s Tiny Home


This home in Portland is very tiny. It looks amazing on the outside but more gorgeous in the inside. The pink outside and white on the house makes it look so much cooler than any other house. It has two different doors on the front to enter the home either side. The outside shows that it has two stories and is one to enjoy. Just go and see this lovely home and see if you would like to live in it.

4. Rollit Homes


The students at the University use these homes while they are going to school and trying to get a degree. It makes it so much easier than bunking with a roommate. They are located in Karlsruhe Germany and look amazing on the inside and out. The structure gives them the safety to stay in and the students enjoy the fact of not having to rent a huge home while away from home.

3. Macy Miller’s House


These tiny homes was constructed just a few years back can be enjoyed by people who live alone. It has around a hundred and twenty square feet so you are comfortable while you live here. It has a fence around it so no one can mess with you or your yard and it is a tannish yellow color to make it nice and cozy. No more paying for room that you do not need.

2. Elizabeth’s Turnbull


This tiny home is around a hundred square feet and is in the Yale area. A woman named Elizabeth lives in this home so she can attend school without having to pay for a huge home. She made this home so she would live comfortable and not have to worry with hostel fees. She made it just how she likes so no one can turn it around and destroy it later in life. She enjoys the small area more than anyone else she knows.

1. Eco Bike Trailer


This home can be moved just with a bike. The man who built it made it the smart way. He can ride his bike and take his home with him. He can stop at any time and not worry about having to buy a hotel room for the night. He just slide in and sleeps as he pleases. Paul made it solar powered so he could still use the kitchen and the bathroom areas with no needed electric. He uses solar powered bulbs for light if he needs them while inside. It just pulls out and is lightweight. Who would have thought to take a home with you when you need it the most. He travels everywhere with this home.

These above are the Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World 2017. These homes are all beautiful and will be a great place to live if you are only one person and want to be in a place that is more suitable in size for a single person. They will provide you with a warm place to be when you are not out and about plus homes like these will all have the accessories that you are wanting. It is just like a regular house but a lot smaller in size than what you get when purchasing a normal sized home.

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