Top 10 Signs That Prove Aliens Exist

Let’s give it up someone always believe that aliens exist. We see weird things happen all the time and have no reason for it happening. You see something that looks like a spaceship and it is not. Ever seen the crop signs? Who did those? Hmmm? Will we ever really know what is going on? They make movies about them and we hear about them all the time. But are they really a thing or something made up.

Here are a few things that prove they really do exist or so we think. If you still do not believe it after this then you will never know till you see it with your own eyes. Who are the people who say they have been abducted by these so called aliens? They could be making it up or they could be telling the truth. If I ever seen one then i would know the truth but till this day I myself have not seen anything that even looks like an alien, unless you count the movies.

List of Top 10 Signs That Prove Aliens Exist

10. Astronauts Sightings Confirms Aliens Exist

Astronauts Sightings Confirms Aliens Exist, Top 10 Signs That Prove Aliens Exist 2017

In the nineteen hundreds Ed White and James McDivitt, who were astronaut, said they say a strange looking metallic object that had long arms sticking out of it. James took pictures but the pictures did not take because of a glare and grubby windows. A video was said to have been taken but no signs of it has been mentioned. Others have reported seeing something that was an alien. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, if he did, he reported an alien base and he was told to get off the moon and stay off. Others say there are spacecraft out there that does not belong to us but no one is for sure because of no proof.

9. Near-Collision With Flying Saucers


A few guys say they almost hit a delta shaped object that was heading right in their position. When they went to move so the collision did not happen they said the “object’ just vanished and they did not see it again. Many the encounters are on tapes and you can get online and listen to them. So many reports have been made about these head on collisions but they go ignored or no one even cares. If anyone has actually hit one of these objects then no one has said a word and probably will not even try to get any information on it happening.

8. Encounters That Prove Aliens Exists


The Taylor encounter is a pretty intriguing story. Robert Taylor a forester who would go into the woods. He went into the woods on the fifth of November back in the nineteen hundreds to check his sapling that he had planted. He come across an opening in the woods and seen a large round spacecraft right in front of his face, he said it changed colors and blended into the woods so it could not be seen. When he tried to get near it two round spiked balls rolled out and attached to his legs and released poisonous gases that knocked him out. When he woke up the ship was gone and the dog was barking. He said he could not talk or walk. The police did an investigation and found imprints in the ground where it happened and the rips in the pants of Mr. Taylor was unexplanatory or they just did not know what tool did it.

7. The “Wow Signal


On August fifteen Jerry Ehman perused data from a telescopes scan of the sky. The information in those days was ran through an IBM 1130 mainframe computer, and printed on perforated paper. Then labs examined the papers. He spotted something unusual such as the numbers and letter “6EQUJ5” he wrote in the margin the word “Wow!”. A Ohio state University researched picked up a signal and it was then called the “Wow Signal”. It came from two hundred and twenty million light years away so it made them wonder how it could reach so far without any use of an advanced technology.

6. NASA’s Cover Ups


Okay we all hear about how NASA does this and that but we know they do not tell everything. They are top secret and are not allowed to say certain things. People believe they know that aliens exist they just have not told the world yet. Dr. Edgar Mitchell was part of the Apollo 14 mission. He spent thirty three hours of his life on the moon. He says he knew about several different UFO visits while he was working. Every single one was covered up. Officials from NASA commented on this and said “Nasa does not track any kind of UFO and is not covering anything up. We do not share his opinion on the issue.” So we will never find anything out from this high end company.

5. Egyptian Hieroglyphs Hints That Aliens Exist


There is one of these that has an image of a submarine, a boat, a helicopter, and an airplane all tons of years before these products even existed. Many Egyptologists and archaeologists ended up into a controversy over this issue and never knew what to believe. No person from back that far could have known any aircrafts were going to exist and that is why a lot of people think that the ancient people had a way of communicating with the aliens from other planets.

4. Meteorites


A scientist from NASA stated in 2011 that aliens exist because of a fossil he found that had alien bugs on the inside of different meteor that landed here on earth. According to another man that was a astro-biologist, lab tests did not have any evidence to assume fossils we of any earth organisms. The three meteorites are suppose to be the oldest in our solar system. There was also claims of no nitrogen in any of the samples meaning that there was proof of aliens being part of a meteorite but so far nothing has been officially found or confirmed as remains of alien life.

3. Vastness Of The Universe


Some people claim that because our universe is so huge that is what proves there is other life out there. The thing is, because it is so big there is not enough time to test each and every corner of our universe for more creatures that may exist. If you want to believe in this then that is your prerogative but some just do not have time for testing the theory out themselves since a light year is about six trillion miles and there are suppose to be about ninety-three billion light years. When you times that by one another you get a number so big that you probably wouldn’t even know how to pronounce it.

2. The Men In Black


These are suppose to be agents from the government that go around threatening UFOs and Alien witnesses in order for them to keep their mouths shut about the events they have seen or heard. Over many years there has been tons of stories that fly around about all of this but it still does not prove if aliens really exist or not but if they do then the government would know about and are just not saying anything about it.

1. The Battle Of Los Angeles


This was a blackout that happened in L.A. back in the year of 1942 the day after the bombardment of Ellwood in February of that year. There was air raid sirens when it all started and the total blackout was ordered and many of the raiders went straight into position. The first shots began at 3:16 in the morning and finally after hours of this, at 7:21 am the blackout was lifted. There was a lot of cars and structures that were messed up along with a few people dying from it all. This wound up being front page news and in the end even though the secretary of the Navy stated it was a false alarm, a few of the ufologists began saying the shooting was aimed at a spacecraft of aliens.

Lastly, aliens may or may not exist but right now in modern day there is just no findings that are one hundred percent accurate. Some people claim to have spotted some while others say they have seen UFOs but who knows what all of this really does mean. None of us are going to know for sure until the aliens walk right up to us and introduce themselves, if that is possible of course.

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