Top 10 Serial Killing Duos in The World Ever

In today’s news it seems we can’t go a day without hearing about some horrific event that has taken dozens, if not hundreds, of lives; and contrary to popular belief, this is not a modern problem born of what people are calling our now Godless societies. Murder is an ancient crime, one that has been used to solve problems, both personal and professional alike, for centuries. It has been used in ancient, medieval and modern times to determine the ruling factions of countless nations; and it has long been used to settle perceived wrong doings among peoples of all stations of life. Some people, however, take it a step further and seem to make it their mission in life to kill as many people as possible without being detected. Read along as we outline the top 10 serial killing duos in the world.

List of Top 10 Serial Killing Duos in The World Ever until in 2017

10. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Top 10 Serial Killing Duos in World

Newlyweds Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka began their killing spree just six months before their wedding when they raped and killed Homolka’s fifteen year old sister. Because the girl choked to death on her own vomit as a result of a drug overdose, her death was ruled accidental, which left the killer couple free abduct, rape and kill more young girls before their arrests in 1993.

9. Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate

Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate Top Most Serial Killing Duos in World 2017

Young love turned deadly in the case of 14r old Caril Ann Fugate and her 19yr old boyfriend Charles Starkweather when they began their two month killing spree by murdering Fugate’s parents and baby sister because her mother disapproved of her over-age boyfriend. Afterwards, the young lovers murdered eight more people on their way through the Midwest, only to be caught in Wyoming where Starkweather was sentenced to death and Fugate was sentenced to life in prison.

8. Ray and Faye Copeland


Arguably the oldest living serial couple in the world, and the oldest to be convicted and sentenced to death, Ray and Faye Copeland made a lot of money in the 1990’s by scamming people out of cattle with bad checks. The couple would hire, and then kill to avoid paying, drifters after convincing them to buy cattle with bad checks. Both Ray and Faye died in prison for their crimes.

7. Suzan and James Carson


Though no one claims that any serial killer is of sound mind, some are more disturbed than others, as was the case with Suzan and James Carson when they decided it was their mission in life to rid world of witchcraft. After converting to Islam in 1981, the couple was convinced there was an evil curse on them and that they needed to dispose of people who had evil energies, beginning with their roommate whom they stabbed and beat with a frying pan. After confessing, they were given life sentences in California.

6. Michelle Michaud and James Daveggio


Idolizing your hero is not unheard of, nor is emulating them. However, when your hero is a serial killer and his wife, the horror that can be unleashed is truly terrifying. As was the case with Michelle Michaud and James Daveggio when they transformed their van into a mobile torture chamber and began raping and killing women in the late 1990’s. Their decision to model their crimes after Gerald and Charlene Gallego led to their death sentence in 1997. They are amongst the Top 10 Serial Killing Duos in The World Ever until 2017.

5. Gerald and Charlene Gallego

Gerald and Charlene Gallego Top Most Popular Serial Killing Duos in World 2018

In two years, Gerald and Charlene Gallego raped and murdered at least nine women after bribing them with pot. Their first victims were two teenagers who were turned into sex slaves and forced to act out sexual fantasies for Gerald. After two years of abducting women in their van, the couple shot a man whilst abducting his girlfriend, after which two friends of the victims were able to turn the killer couple into the police after getting the license plate number of the van. Charlene turned on Gerald and received just 16 years in prison, while Gerald received the death sentence.

4. Alton Coleman and Debra Brown


In just two short months in 1984, Alton Coleman and Debra Brown were responsible for committing 32 crimes in six Midwestern states before finally being caught, charged and convicted in Ohio. With Coleman as the sadistic master and Brown as the all to willing slave, the couple would lure unsuspecting African-Americans to be assaulted and raped before finally being murdered. Though both received death sentences, only Coleman was executed while Brown instead served life in prison.

3. Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole


Though no one knows for sure exactly how many murders the duo were responsible for, Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole are suspected of having committed nearly 600 murders in the ten years between their meeting and their eventual arrest in 1983 for unrelated crimes. Their confessions led to uncovering around 246 missing people and closed 430 cases even though Lucas was only charged with 11 murders and Toole was charged with five.

2. Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan


In 1977, Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan began their conquest to rid the world of what they considered to be sub-humans; drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals and wayward priests. They burned, dismembered and mutilated nearly 27 victims, leaving Nazi propaganda at every scene, before they were finally stopped. Furlan was released from prison early in 2009, even after fleeing the country prior to prosecution, while Abel served his entire sentence.

1. Delfina and Maria Gonzales


Sisters Delfina and Maria Gonzales spent nearly a decade drugging and killing their victims before finally being caught by police, by which time they had killed 91 men and women, mostly pimps and prostitutes, a few of whom were deemed to be pregnant after police discovered the bodies of several fetuses on the sisters’ property. After years of luring women to their deaths under the guise of hiring maids, Delfina and Maria were sentenced to 40 years in prison.

These above are the Top 10 Serial Killing Duos in The World Ever until 2017. There have been numerous twisted individuals throughout history, with more than one infamous murderer has landed in the history books because of his sadistic nature; but none more gruesome than the murderous couples that roamed the states in the late 20th century.

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