Ten Scariest Types Of People

It takes all kinds of people to run the world, as the saying goes, but there are surely some people that most would agree are hardly beneficial to the population in general. Arguing this case on any moral ground would, and has, stymied many an individual when it comes to the necessity of who is allowed to remain as part of a society and who should just be tossed to the wolves. In the end humanity often recognizes its own out of necessity and attempts to somehow remedy its own mistakes and character flaws in order to justify the purpose of human existence. In other words, human beings use punishment and reluctant acceptance of their most flawed individuals to remind themselves that being human means being imperfect. With that said, her are the top ten scariest types of people ever to be produced by mankind.

10. Sexists


Despite not being the absolute bane of mankind or even society, sexists are often likened to a particularly annoying pest that just won’t go away and will not sit still no matter how much appeasement they are given. A sexist will hold ideas and beliefs about the opposite sex without having any well-grounded ideas or beliefs that would perhaps justify their attitude. The line of thinking that the opposite sex is worthless and somehow lesser than the sex of the person with such an attitude is not only harmful to society overall but can paint the sexist as a rather biased and even socially aggressive individual. While sexism is usually attributed to the behavior of men towards women, it is well known that such an attitude can swing both ways.

9. Cannibals

Cannibals Top Ten Scariest Types Of People 2020

It is somewhat odd and even stomach-churning that some humans could look at another human and think only of a meal. Cannibals are perhaps one of the most difficult yet simple to understand individuals throughout all of humanity. They desire human flesh, so they eat whomever they choose. There is no compunction about this, and no more guilt or remorse than an average individual devouring a hamburger from a fast food chain. While the mere words ‘cannibal’ might bring to mind the friendly yet psychotic visage of Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of The Lambs”, many others would think of the disturbed visage of noted murderer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. In any case, cannibalism is without a doubt a rather undesirable trait in anyone.

8. Justin Bieber Lovers

Justin Bieber Lovers Famous Scariest Types Of People 2019

No, this is not a joke and no, it is not meant as a fluff piece as some might want to believe. Bieber fans are in a class all their own when it comes to being among the most undesirable individuals in the world. Not only have those who follow the pot-smoking, fan-berating, over-hyped singer pasted his face on every available surface known to man, but they have granted one of the most overrated stars of the millennium a platform from which he might never come down. Bieber isn’t dangerous or even seriously deranged like other personalities on this list, but the legions of Bieber fans throughout the world make the top ten simply because they, like so many fans before them, just take things too far sometimes. Loving your favorite pop singer is fine, but defending his actions as if they never existed makes a person just plain delusional, and dangerously naïve.

7. Hypocrites

Hypocrites Top Scariest Types Of People 2020

Do what I say not as I do, or some type of remark similar to this, is the call of the hypocrite. These types, and there are many of them that are intentional and unintentional, will go into great detail concerning what a person cannot do and what they should not do, only to turn around and do the exact same thing. This is the simple act of practicing what is preached, which hypocrites tend to never do. While many of the personalities on this list are outright bad and undesirable, hypocrites are quite stupid as well as annoying. The habit of trying to dictate their will to people who do not do as they demand is a very common personality trait that comes and goes with many people, but is highly prevalent in others.

6. Bullies

Bullies Top Most Scariest Types Of People 2020

Despite being a rather innocuous entry on this list, bullies are those that are easily dismissed if people learn to stand up for themselves. However talking about it and doing it are, as always, very different things. Many times if a bully knows they can get away with the mistreatment or harassment of another they will do so without cease or compunction. A bully will often seek to get their way until another dissenting voice steps up to knock them down a peg. Unfortunately, sometimes a bully is only supplanted by another bully in attempt to grab at some miniscule bit of power or authority, thereby perpetuating a cycle that many wish to see fade and die out. Popular opinion would state that bullies are often the victim of the same treatment they inflict upon others, which would be seen as poetic justice by some, but in some cases is just one bully being outdone by another, meaner bully.

5. Racists

Racists Most Famous Top Ten Scariest Types Of People 2019

On par with a sexist in many regards, racists are far more serious of a threat to any population as they will target anyone who is different and supposedly less of a person than their own race. This type of individual doesn’t need much of a reason to hate, or to allow that powerful emotion to sway them to violence. Racism is far older than many people realize and has been behind many of the atrocious personality traits on this list, barring of course the misguided Bieber Nation. The act of thinking oneself better than others simply because of genetics is a type of staging ground for all types of acts that humanity seems willing and ready to forgive, but will still not tolerate with a glad heart. In truth it stands almost shoulder to shoulder with hypocrisy at times.

4. Terrorists

Terrorists Famous Top Ten Scariest Types Of People 2019

As the list goes on the personalities get worse and worse. In truth, the undesirable traits also begin to accumulate as it is quite possible to be a sexist, racist, hypocritical bully who might actually be a Bieber fan. The last bit might be stretching it a little, but there is always the possibility that even the most hardened terrorist has a soft spot for the insipid voice of one of America’s sweethearts turned wannabe bad boy. Overall however, terrorists are those who willingly spread fear throughout the world for reasons pertaining to politics, religion, or the simple desire to see others bow before them as they exert their will over the masses. There are simply too many reasons to become a terrorist in the current day and age, making this one of the most undesirable types of people to grace this list.

3. Rapists

Rapists Most Popular Top Ten Scariest Types Of People 2018

John Malkovich said it most accurately in the movie “Con-Air” when he described rapists as a cross between a cockroach and the white film that develops at the corner of one’s mouth when they are really thirsty. In other words, rapists are seen as scum-sucking parasitical garbage that are unwanted and unlamented when they are gone. It might seem harsh to place such a label upon any human being, but the mere fact that rapists target the innocence of others is enough to warrant a large amount of disgust and a heaping pile of disdain that follows such individuals into the prison system where, if society is lucky, they will find themselves. Of course, then the rapists will come to know exactly what it feels like to be the violated instead of the violator.

2. Pedophiles

Pedophiles Popular Top Ten Scariest Types Of People 2018

Think of a rapist, as listed above, and then think of something ten to a hundred times worse. At times it seems impossible that stories of anyone harming a child in such a manner could be anything more than a sick and twisted ploy to push a movie of the week or a blockbuster film starring some doe-eyed, abused child and a heroic but reluctant protagonist who finds themselves drawn into the main conflict. This is one time however when Hollywood cannot, and should not, hope to capture the true essence of the heinous personality that is a pedophile. Preying on children, capturing the innocence that has yet to be spoiled, and calling it love is the mark of many a pedophile. This is somewhat more benevolent than the mark that many in society would choose to leave on such individuals.

1. Murderers

Murderers Most Top Ten Scariest Types Of People 2018

Imagine the scope and the reasoning behind a murder, any murder, and the possibility of this being among the worst of all personalities comes into sharp focus. Driven by any number of reasons, a murderer is the ultimate thief of lives, the traitor to their very species that seeks only to destroy that which should be seen as precious. Take all of those personalities listed above and sock them into this one category and there is still ample room to describe the horrendous and ultimately nihilistic individual that will gladly take the life of another without so much as a blink of an eye. Murderers are by far the worst personality considering that their reasons for ending the life of another are often personal and largely unknown. Worse yet, some don’t seem to need any concrete reason other than the belief that it is something to do.

The world is filled with individuals of differing ideals, motivations, and personal vendettas that set them apart from the rest of society. The essence of humanity is to be forgiving of these shortcomings and to seek redemption from such acts that are committed in the heat of the moment or through cruel and calculating design. It takes all types to rule the world, which means it takes those who stand up to these types to make it livable.

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