Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The world

Lets have a look at the below list of Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The world in 2016 and 2017. To be successful we the common people mostly do great hard work through our entire life and at the end, we can see a little splash of success. It is the most important part of human life to be successful. A successful person can not only win the world and live their life on their own terms, but they can also become inspirations to other. Here are some of the youngest and rich entrepreneurs who are ruling the world and became a big inspiration for young adults, who want to live their lives on their own terms, who want to be rich and successful in life and of course who want to be famous and know how to handle the fame.

So before knowing about the top 10 richest entrepreneurs, you must know that no success can be achieved without dedication, passion, and hard work. Most of the entrepreneurs are the founders of their own companies, while among them one of the best young entrepreneurs and young inspiration is Mark Zuckerberg.

So here are top 10 richest entrepreneurs in the world in 2016-2017 –

10. Thomas Persson (Worth $ 2.7 Billion)

Thomas Persson Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2018

The 30-year-old young Swedish entrepreneurs and heartthrob Thomas Persson is living an awesome luxurious life, who is the owner of the most popular cheap chic retail, which is known as Hennes & Mauritz (H&M). It was actually founded by the handsome billion’s grandfather who actually merged two European apparel shops and named it Hennes & Mauritz. This person and his family including his father, brother sister and aunt are also billionaires. The estimated net worth of his wealth is near about $ 2.7 Billion.

9. Brian Chesky (Worth $3.3 Billion)

Brian Chesky Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2016

The story statred from then when presently 33-year-old Joe Gebbia and his friend Brain Chesky does not had enough money for their room rent and started to give in rent their air mattresses on $80 buck. After that is all become a history when they have started a Combinatory later. This brings almost 800,000 people up the every night and in 190 Countries too. From Airbnb, this person’s net worth of his wealth is near about $3.3 Billion.

8. Joe Gebbia (Worth $3.3 billion)

Joe Gebbia Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2017

Before becoming an entrepreneur of Airbnb he was once the owner of a further 3 businesses with his partner Brain Chesky. After that he became more popular and wealthy. He also founded two graphic designer focused web portals and is the inventor of the button shaped portable small seat cushion, which is popular as CritBuns. This 33 years old entrepreneur’s net worth of his wealth is near about $3.3 billion.

7. Nathan Blecharczyk (Worth $3.3 billion)

Nathan Blecharczyk Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2016

Airbnb provides another Billionaire who is 32 years old Nathan Belcharczyk. This is not his first business attempt. He also pioneered an Internet marketing business when he was in high school and amazingly that served almost the people of around 20 countries. Before working in Airbnb, he also worked as the software engineer in Basic, OPNET Technologies, and Microsoft. His probable net wealth is near about $3.3 Billion too.

6. Elizabeth Holmes (Worth $ 4.5 Billion)

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Elizabeth Holmes Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2016

This 31 years beautiful and independent woman get dropped from an Ivy League University to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. In the $73 billion dollar diagnostics industry, this woman takes at least $9 Billion dollar company, which is rocked by Wall Street Journal. The company name is Theranos and waiting for FDA approval for proprietary fingertip prick blood test technology. The estimated net worth of her wealth is $4.5 Billion.

5. Yang Huiyan (Worth $5.2 Billion)
Yang Huiyan Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2017

This 34-year young entrepreneur is believed, as the richest woman in Asia. As a daughter of real estate magnate father’s she got his property and Country garden Holdings in 2007. She carried it successfully and become the youngest and richest woman in the world at that time. Her total wealth can be assumed as $5.2 Billion.

4. Scott Duncan (Worth $7.2 billion)

Scott Duncan Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2017

This 32 year Silicon Valley tech wizard is amazing the world with his potentiality and talent, and became a billionaire in very early days. His father founded the pipeline company in 2010. He and his three sisters are billionaires too. Scott Duncan launched a company worth $10,111 and 2 propane trucks are launched too. From there he started his work life and now counted in one of the richest young entrepreneurs of the world. The net worth of his wealth is near about $7.2 billion.

3. Eduardo Saverin (Worth $8.9 billion)

Eduardo Saverin Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2018

This 33 years old young Brazilian entrepreneur is actually the junior school friend of Mark Zuckerberg and was his best friend too. He is also One of most handsome Entrepreneurs in the world. He is the co-founder of Facebook, the Chief financial officer and the first investor too. But due to some legal complications he got sued from his 30% stake in the company he sued Zuckerberg. Now Eduardo Saverin is the board of directors of, which is a Singapore-based real estate platform of selling and buying. His present net worth of wealth is $8.9 Billion.

2. Dustin Moskovitz (Worth $11.4 Billion)

Dustin Moskovitz Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2017

Another friend of Zuckerberg’s and his dormitory roommate too, Dustin Moskovitz was also the co-founder and runs 4 years on Facebook. He is a self-learner coder, who learned to code for launch Facebook by himself. He left Facebook to co-find the company named Asana, which is a pp, which helps people to collaborate with email, in co-workers. His Estimated total with can be $11.4 Billion. He is also known as ‘destroyer.

1. Mark Zuckerberg (Worth $51.6 Billion)

Mark Zuckerberg Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2018

One of the most successful and popular young entrepreneurs of this era is Mark Zuckerberg. When he was just 19, he launched ‘’ from his Harvard dormitory in 2004. After that, it slowly become popular so do he too. The Bill Gate’s company Apple, wanted to buy his invented media player, which is an innovative app. Zuckerberg, is a most popular face in all over the world now and He is the richest young entrepreneur. His estimated net worth of wealth is near about $ 51.6 billion in 2016-2017.

All Folks are truly inspirations to the younger young people especially the young entrepreneurs. They all will watch their lifestyle struggle and will become inspired to be another name on the next list.

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