Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The World

Sometimes when you read about these billionaires jealous and wishful thoughts don’t crisscross your mind but assuming your 28 years and your net worth is around $1000 and your age mate somewhere is $ 2.5 billion, or rather $ 2,500,000,000 how does it feel? Trust me I know the feeling as well. Being young, a billionaire and specifically self-made billionaire could mean there is something exceptional about you, either the gods of favour and blessings are upon you, or you have a brilliant mind, good marketing skills, quality product or service, or out of the world innovation idea. These men and women listed below are the kings and queens who have conquered the world of entrepreneurial and made it out with a 10 digit net worth figure.

List of Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The World in 2017

10. Scott Farquhar (36 years)

scott farquhar, Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The World 2017

Net worth $1.85 billion

One of the co-founders and current CEO of the business software company Atlassian is Scott Farquhar who is a self-made billionaire. The company is based in Sydney and on 2015 they decided to sell shares to public together with his co-founder Mike Cannon Brookes and the results of the IPO doubled there net worth. The company deals with production of software’s that are meant to evaluate and monitor projects as well as the work flow. Some of the clients of Atlassian are eBay, Tesla, Nasa, among other 50,000 both big and small medium sized companies.

9. Mike Cannon-Brookes (37 years)


Net worth $1.88 billion

Mike Cannon Brokers the other co-founder of Atlassian is among the richest self-made entrepreneurial in this list. There company together with Scott has been voted numerous times as the best company in Australia. Atlassians Company deals with production of software’s that are being used by world biggest companies such as eBay and other 50000 companies globally. Some of their products are Jira software, Jira service desk, Hip Chat, Bitbucket, Source Tree, confluence among others. Mike owns 37% of the company’s stake

8. Evan Spiegel (26 years)


Net worth $2.1 billion

Among the world’s youngest and self-made billionaires we can feature this young man called Evan Spiegel. He is a co-founder of the amazing Spapchat together with Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown back then in the University of Stanford though today renamed snap Inc. snapchat is a video and photo messaging mobile app which is valued today at $18 billion.

7. Brian Chesky (35 years)


Net worth $3.8 billion

Among the founders of the peer to peer home accommodation company Airbnb Brian chesky is one of them and currently the CEO. The idea of Airbnb came to be when he met Joe Gebbie while at Rhode Island school of design. Today Airbnb is valued to be more than $25 billion and has traversed 191 countries with over 60 million having used their company to find a rental is through his entrepreneurial skills that the Obama administration recognized him as the presidential Ambassador for global Entrepreneurship. And he is among top 100 most influential people according to Times magazine.

6. Frank Wang Tao (36 years)


Net worth $3.6 billion

A graduate from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology with a degree in electronic engineering is the founder and the CEO of $10 billion valued SZ DJI technology. It’s a robotic firm that specializes in the manufacturing of consumer drones. One of its popular products that you might have heard about is the Phantom or the Mavic. Wang stake at the company is 45% which he founded in the company has taken nearly 71% world consumer drone market selling nearly 500,000 drones annually and year after year the figure has been quadrupling. His drones are not just being used by journalists but also film makers such as the star wars and game of thrones are using his products as well.

5. Joe Gebbia (35 years)


Net worth $3.8 billion

Joe Gebbier is an online entrepreneur, an investor as well as a designer. He co-founded the famous peer to peer rent an accommodation or space company Airbnb which today it’s currently valued to be more than $25 billion and still raising more up to date. He is a graduate of the prestigious. Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island and it was in this school that he met the current CEO of Airbnb as they were roommates. Today Gebbia is the chief product officer of Airbnb which has expanded to over 190 countries. He also owns two major sites the Critbiz and ecolect. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The World 2017.

4. Nathan Blecharczyk (32 years)


Net worth $3.8 billion

Nathan Blecharczyk career started long before he knew he would one day become a billionaire. During his high school he had already founded an online marketing company. He went to Harvard to sturdy computer science degree and later employed by OPNET as an engineer in 2005.he has also worked as a program manager in Microsoft. In 2008 together with Chesky and Gebbia they founded Airbnb which is an online community where anyone with a privately owned room, a house, or an apartment willingly can decide to rent it out as an accommodation. Today he is the chief technology officer of the company which lists more than 3 million homes in more than 180 countries.

3. Eduardo Saverin (34 years)


Net worth $7.1 billion

Eduardo Saverin is an online entrepreneur, an angel investor as well as a co-founder of Facebook. Currently he has more than 54 million Facebook shares and a wealth totaling to $7.1 billion. Today the man could be wealthier had he not sold nearly half of stake at Facebook. Among other income generating sources other than Facebook are companies he has invested in such as Qwik and Jumio the mind behind Netswipe, among other investments. Today he is a resident of single and renounced his US citizenship just after the Facebook IPO.

2. Dustin Moskovitz (32 years)


Net worth $10 Billion

Among the founders of the giant social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz was among them. He has a stake of 2.5% of the company and this 32 year old internet entrepreneurial that’s how he has made his money. Though he moved from Facebook in 2008 to Asuna a company they co-founded with Facebook engineering manager Justin Rosenstein he is the major angel investor on photo sharing site Path. He is also a philanthropist and he has established Good ventures foundation that help in fighting malaria and gender equality issues.

1. Mark Zuckerberg (32 years)


Net worth $56 Billion

You probably have a photo of yourself and friend requested several hundred friends in your Facebook account but do you know the man behind Facebook is just 32 years and he is net worth $56 Billion? Mark is currently the CEO, Co-founder and the chairman of Facebook. Facebook today has over 1.5 billion active users and a stock price of 1 share for Facebook goes at $119 .He has made his wealth solely from his Facebook social network through mobile ad sales, Oculus rift headphones, video advertising. Facebook has also got plans to unveil new tools that will increase average spending time of a user in Facebook hence increasing add revenue. The tools will assist users in ordering food, buying films tickets and requests appointments.

So, these above are the Top 10 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The World 2017. These young billionaires have proven to you that you can make it irrespective of the place you are in this world or the situation you’re in. let the work be an inspiration to you that you can do it as well and all that is required of you is making the first step towards your success achievement.

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