Top 10 Richest Self-Made Women In The World

There are many richest self-made women that are rich out there. In most cases, we tend to look at successful men and always forget that women are hardworking and successful too even by themselves. You will find out that self made women are widows, singles and others are still young for dating. In this article, we are going to study 10 richest self-made women worldwide and see where they got their wealth from.

List of Top 10 Richest Self-Made Women In The World in 2017

10. Giuliana Benetton

giuliana benetton, Top 10 Richest Self-Made Women In The World 2017

On tenth position of this article is this beautiful woman known as Giuliana Benetton. She is a 78 year old celebrity from Italy and deals mostly with Fashion and design. Giuliana owns one of the largest fashion retail shops in the world. She has grown successful because of this business of Fashion watch. She begun producing quality clothes for women since early 1950’s and many people appreciated her fantastic work worldwide. Benetton has a long story to tell but all in all she is successful and is net worth $2.7 billion.

9. TIE: Wu Yajun


Wu Yajun is another popular woman and one of richest self- made woman. Wu has been ranked in ninth position of this article. She hails from China and is net worth $2.8 billion. Her source of wealth is Longfor properties where she normally deals with Real estate plots. Yajun began her career in 2004 by taking part as a learned engineer at a certain manufacturer of instruments in her hometown popularly known as Chongqing. Wu switched to journalism in 1988 to gain a covering in real estate where she worked under China Shirong News Agency.

8. TIE. Oprah Winfrey


The net worth of this woman is same as that of Wu Yajun mentioned in position nine above. Oprah Winfrey is net worth $2.8 billion. She is a 62 year old star from United States of America and takes part mostly in media. She got her wealth from a popular company in USA known as Harpo productions. Oprah life story is sad because she was born and raised in a humble background at a place in USA known as Mississippi. She begun taking part in media industry in 1970 and her effort has now beard fruits.

7. Jin Sook Chang


Jin Sook Chang is another greatly featured woman form United States of America but has origin from China. She is relatively young when compared to those featured in several positions above. Jin was born 52 years ago and has been successful through fashion and design watch. Sook’s source of wealth is from a fashion and designing company known as Forever 21. Jin opened a big fashion store for first time in 1984 and worked there for three consecutive years before moving to Los Angeles in United States of America. Net worth of Jin Sook Chang is $3.1 billion.

6. Doris Fisher


Doris Fisher is amongst oldest and richest self-made woman featured in this list. This amazing woman hails from United States of America and her net worth is $3.2 billion and was born 84 years ago. Fisher is a well known fashion designer ad stylist who has worked tirelessly to see her dreams come true. Husband to Doris died in early 1960’s and therefore this woman could not fit anywhere. For that reason, she decided to stand by her own and break into business of Fashion just like many other women out there.

5. Elizabeth Holmes


On fifth position of this article is Elizabeth Holmes. Liz is really young ad has gained a lot of wealth at her younger age of 32 years only. Net of Holmes is $4.5 Billion. She is based on healthcare career and secured wealth from Theranos. When this great star was 19 years only (2003), she left a popular health organization for known as Stanford for Theranos. This was a single step of success in her life. To date, Elizabeth has made to appear in many interviews and popular shows to explain secret behind her success in life.

4. Pollyanna Chu


Pollyanna Chu is from Hong Kong and was born 54 years ago. She is normally base in Finance career and scooped wealth from Kingston Financial Group. Chu has been featured in this position because of her net worth which is $4.9 billion. This woman has made a lot of effort by herself to be where she is today. Pollyanna Chu is a learned person and got her education from Golden Gate University and graduated in 1970 having done a complete accounting and finance course. To prove that Chu is wise, she has incorporated her only son into business ad will be a successful person in future.

3. Chan Laiwa


Chan Laiwa is another popular and richest self-made women featured in third position of this article. She is successful Chinese star that has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. Chan is 74 years old and still deals with Real estate. Her wealth is from a famous ad successful company known as Fu Wah International. Most of her businesses flourished in 1940’s and 1950. Despite facing a lot of challenges, Laiwa worked extremely hard and is currently net worth $5.2 billion.

2. Diane Hendricks


On second position of this article is Diane Hendricks. She is currently 69 years old and originates from United States of America. Diane is normally based on manufacturing and producing of building materials that are useful worldwide. ABC Supply Cooperation is the source of her wealth. Research shows that this star had grown successful eve before meeting her lovely husband. Diane is $5.6 billion net worth.

1. Zhou Qunfei


Zhou is richest of all self made women that are featured in this list today. She is 46 years old and hails from China. Net worth of this woman is $6 billion ad got all these wealth from Lens Technology where she involved herself with manufacturing of electronic devices that were distributed worldwide after released to market.

These are the most wealth self made women worldwide. They gained their success out of effort that they made in fighting for goals ahead. Most of these women are widows while others are still young and have not met their beloved husbands for partnerships.

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