Top 10 Richest Lawyers in The World

A person who practices law and deals with legal matters. The lawyer further has categories like the lawyer works as barrister, counselor, attorney or chartered legal executive. Generally, a common man does not have much legal knowledge so for this purpose one has to hire a lawyer who encounters such issues and got paid for it.

Lawyers have justice and legal knowledge so that they know better about it. For this duty lawyer gets paid for it. All over the world lawyer is the second most expensive job. There are a huge number of lawyers all over the world practicing law and legal issues for the clients. The fees of lawyer vary and on the basis of net worth the top 10 lawyers are listed as:

List of Top 10 Richest Lawyers in The World in 2017.

10. Howard K. Stern: (net worth $ 500,000)

Howard K. Stern Richest Lawyers 2017

Howard K. Stern is an American attorney and a well-known lawyer and a law graduate of the University of California. He is a personal lawyer and agent for famous actress and model Anna Nicole Smith. Howard has also appeared as an actor in the reality television series The Anna Nicole Show.

9. Stacey Gardner: (net worth $1 million)

Stacey Gardner Richest Lawyers 2018

Stacey Gardner is a well-known American attorney as well as a model. Stacey is famous for game show Deal or No Deal. She got his law degree from Southwestern Law School. Beside law profession, she has also appeared in different salon ads as a model. Stacey is a versatile person and have pretty interest towards fashion, entertainment as well as sports.

8. Vikki Ziegler: (net worth $2.5 million)

Vikki Ziegler Richest Lawyers 2017

Vikki Ziegler is a richest American lawyer, author as well as television personality. She got her graduation from University of Rhode Island and then she got her law degree from Quinnipiac College School of Law. She started her law career as a clerk in the court and then move towards her own private practice.

7. Jose Baez: (net worth $5 million)

Jose Baez Richest Lawyers 2017

Jose Baez is a lawyer as well as an author of America and a graduate of Florida State University. Jose is the lead attorney for Casey Anthony the most famous murder case as well as the best selling author of New York times. He has faced different setbacks in his career as well as personal life, yet he is a good lawyer, author and also an analyst.

6. Ana Quincoces: (net worth $8 million)

Ana Quincoces Richest Lawyers 2016

Ana Quincoces is a Cuban-American lawyer as well as chef and reality show star. Beside law profession, she is famous an well know for her cooking as she has published several cooking books like Cuban Chicks Can Cook, Sabor! A Passion for Cuban Cuisine etc and termed as best-selling author.

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5. Vernon Jordan: (net worth $12 million)

Vernon Jordan

Veron Eulio Jordan Jr. is an American lawyer, business executive and also a civil activist. Vernon earned his law degree from Howard School of Law. Basically, he belongs to Georgia and for education he was set in America and the move back and started the Civil Rights Movement as a lead. He also served as an Adviser to President Bill Clinton. He is also a well-known politician in America.

4. Joel Segal: (net worth $40 million)

Joel Segal Richest Lawyers 2018

Joel Segal is an American lawyer as well as a sports agent and is a graduate of Hofstra Law School. Joel is also one of the most powerful sports agent of America. He started his career as an adviser and sports agent and then move to Worldwide Football Management Inc. Currently he is the president of Lagedere Unlimited and BEST Football.

3. John Branca: (net worth $50 million)

John Branca Richest Lawyers 2016

John Gegory Branca is an American entertainment lawyer an also a famous rock an roll performer. He earned his degree of law from UCLA School of Law. He specialized in entertainment law and was a member of band from school times, which makes his interest more towards this field. John is famous as an entertainment lawyer in the world.

2. Willie E. Gary: (net worth $100 million)

Willie E. Gary Richest Lawyers 2017

A famous attorney, Willie E. Gary is a motivational speaker and also a businessman. He received his Business Administration Degree from Shaw Univesity and then his law degree from the North Carolina Central University. Gary is a successful lawyer and has done a lot of achievements in this field.

1. Wichai Thongthan: (net worth $1.1 billion)

Wichai Thongthan Richest Lawyers 2018

Wichai Thongthan lead all the lawyers and reserves the top position in the richest lawyer in the world. He is best known as a businessman from which he has earned a plenty of money, but basically he is a lawyer. Wichai was the legal, lawyer for high profile clients such as Thai Prime Minister. Currently he is serving as a board member of the Bangkok Dusit Medical and other companies.

These professionals are making money by practicing their knowledge of law as a profession. Also, these are an intermediate between a common man and courts by representing them on legal firms.

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