Top 10 Richest Families in America

Every human being dreams and works hard to be rich, for they believe life becomes easy, worth living and enjoyable. America is believed to be the richest country in the world; its economy has been stable and strong from time memorial. Many notable richest and wealthiest people most of them have originated from America. Wealth can be obtained from hardworking in either career or business, or inheritance. Below is the list of richest families in America 2017.

List of Top 10 Richest Families in America in 2017

10. Pritzker Family

pritzker family, Top 10 Richest Families in America 2017

Pritzker is a big family, wealthy and influential known from their businesses. This family has been rated as the wealthiest families from the year 1982 by the Forbes magazines. They are the owner of; Hyatt hotel chains, the Royal Caribbean Cruise, Superior Bank of Chicago, manufacturing and industrial services companies, known as conglomerate. They have a Jewish descent, have inherited their wealth, and pass it to the next generation.

9. SC Johnson

sc johnson, Top 10 Richest Families in America 2017

This family is worth thirty billion dollars, the source being from the family business. The current Johnson’s is the fifth generation from their great grand great parents. They own a company-SC Johnson & Sons that was started back 1886, producing household products like; Mr. Muscle and Glade. The company has been awarded with numerous awards including the top best multinational Workplaces List. The company is located at Racine, Wisconsin US as the Headquarter, and sub-companies in more than 72 countries, the products being sold in over 110 destination of the world.

8. Hearst Family

Hearst Family Top Most Popular Richest Families in America 2018

Hearst family business runs in their blood from their past generations to date. William Randolph Hearts is the founder of media giant Hearts Corporation, he was an American newspaper publisher. He was ones quoted saying “in suggesting gifts: Money is appropriate, and one size fits all”. Hearst is an American mass media and business information, located at Hearst Tower in Manhattan, New York, US. The company owns; newspapers, magazines, television channels and stations. Apart from media holdings, they also earn from First Databank and Homecare Hombase, estimated to be 28 billion dollars.

7. Duncan Family

Duncan Family Top Most Famous Richest Families in America 2018

So far we have noted business is the main source of wealth, the Duncan family is not left behind, owning the biggest pipeline. They inherited a $10 billion estate from their father Dan L. Duncan who was the co-founder, possessing majority shares of Enterprise Products. Besides being the owner of natural and crude oil Company, they are farmers as another source of income. Many rich people are generous, like the Duncan’s; they own a center for cancer to help the patients.

6. Cox Family

Cox Family Top Most Richest Families in America 2017

This family business started from newspaper production, but after the young generation inherited this firm from their father, they started on automotive technology and cable TV. So far, they are worth 41 billion dollars. The company Headquarters is located in Atlanta and was founded back in the year 1898. James M. Cox stated by purchasing the Dayton Evening News.

5. Johnson Family (Abigail Johnson)


This family is worth thirty nine billion dollars, and ranked as the richest family in America. Abigail inherited the Fidelity Investments from his father Edward C. Johnson. Johnson used about $21 trillion to control the company into a mutual fund powerhouse, innovating and creating the first money-market fund. She started working when she was in college, and the company is the second largest mutual fund giant in America. Abigail was born December 19, 1961; she is now the CEO and president of Fidelity Investments. This is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Families in America 2017.

4. Mars Family


Talk of candies, snickers, energy bars; you will talk of Mars family, for they are the ones behind them. This private factory of food processing is located in McLean, Virginia US, was founded in the year 1911.The company is ranked as the sixth largest privately held company, founded by Franklin Clarence Mars. So exciting to work at these companies, even workers of the pet production company are allowed to be accompanied by their dogs. The Mars family gives back to the community through donations. This family is extremely protective of their privacy, very hard to get information about them.

3. Cargill Family


The wealth of this family is based on Cargill Incorporate, making these family worth of 49 billion dollars. The company deals with agricultural products, founded by William W. Cargill in the year 1865. The major business of this company; trading, purchasing and distributing grains also other agricultural commodities. It has more than 153,000 workers (2015), being distributed in many countries around the world. This company offers jobs for graduates in Europe and United States. Being a family thing, the wealth is passed from one generation to the next, and luckily maintaining and expanding it with time.

2. Koch Family


Seconding this list of the richest families is Koch family that has invested so much in their Koch Industries. The company is ranked the second largest private company in America, making the family 82 billion dollars worth. Charles de Ganahl Koch, the co-owner of Koch Industry and is an American Richest Man & businessman, philanthropist also a political donor. David Koch his brother is the Executive Vice President. Koch Industry deals in manufacturing, investments and trading oil products. It is located in Wichita, Kansas US, with chains of other companies.

1. Walton Family


Walton’s are the richest family in America, owning the famous, biggest retail chain stores, World Walmart. It was founded in 1962 and started operating 1970, becoming today’s business in US giving the government a big revenues. Walton family has foundations that help to expand opportunities and empowering young generations. This family is surely a good example to young entrepreneurs, as the Walton family started as a single store in Arkansas, and now are on of the richest families in America 2017.

So, these above are the Top 10 Richest Families in America 2017. Through the above list we have learned that one can start from the small capital, and venture into any business. Hard work and patience pays dearly in any field of business, and as the Holy book says “blessed is the hand that giveth” this people know it well.

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