Top 10 Richest Asian Countries

Asia is the earth`s largest and most populous continent. Asia cover 30% of the earth`s land surface and 8.7% of the earth`s total surface. Asia is of historical importance and also modern civilization. Asia is the only continent with a bulk of a population of about 4.4 billion people. Asia has 48 countries in it while two countries, Russia and Turkey are having a part of land in Europe.

Asia is a vast and diverse continent having different climate, the nature of the lands. Different countries in Asia have a different sort of business, trade and resource for income and revenue of these countries. Among all these countries the top 10 according to the net gross domestic product, GDP per capita are ranked and listed below as:

List of top 10 Richest Asian Countries in 2017

10. Bahrain:

Bahrain Richest Asian Countries 2016

Bahrain, officially named as the Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island country situated near the western shore of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain provides service an goods not only for itself but in the neighboring countries as well. This factor becomes the raise in economy of Bahrain. It has a net GDP per capita of $34,584 which makes it the 10th richest country of Asia.

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9. Israel:

Israel Richest Asian Countries 2016

Israel, officially named as the State of Israel is a sovereign state in Western Asia. It is situated in the Middle East situated at the ends of the Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of Aqaba. Israel shares its borders with Syria, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Egypt and Gaza Strip. The source of income are tourism and industrialization. A net GDP per capita of $34,770 ranks it 9th richest country in Asia.

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8. Japan:

Japan Richest Asian Countries 2017

Japan is an island country located in East Asia. It shares its border with China, Korea, Taiwan and Russia. Japan is the world`s 10th largest country with a population of 126 million. The source of income are industrializing, goods production, import an export. Japan has a net GDP per capita of $36,899 which ranks it the 8th richest Asian country.

7. Kuwait:

Kuwait Richest Asian Countries 2018

Kuwait, officially known as State of Kuwait is a country in the Western Asia and is situated at the northern end of the Persian Gulf. Kuwait modernized in 1980`s, but in 1990 it faced geographical instability and economic crisis following by a stock market crash. Later again maintained the economy. The main source of income is oil reserves. With a net GDP per capita of $39,706 Kuwait is the 7th richest country of Asia.

6. Taiwan:

Taiwan Richest Asian Countries 2017

Taiwan, officially name as Republic of China is a sovereign state in East Asia. Republic of China originally based in mainland China has since 1945 governed the Island of Taiwan. It shares the borders with Japan and Philippines. Taiwan improved its economy by advancement in industrialization. Taiwan has a net GDP per capita of $39,767, which ranks it 6th richest country in Asia.

5. Brunei:

Brunei Richest Asian Countries 2017

Brunei, officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace is a sovereign state located at the north coast of Southeast Asia. Brunei has rich resource of oil and as which is the source of income and makes it wealthy. Brunei has a net GDP per capita of $55,111 which ranks it the 5th richest Asian country.

4. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Richest Asian Countries 2018

Hong Kong, officially name as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the southern coast of China. After the second world war Hong Kong got independence from the United Kingdom. It has a pretty economy as it is the financial center. Hong Kong invites international investor as there is low taxation on investment which raise its economy. It has a net GDP per capita of $55,383 which makes it 4th richest country in Asia.

3. Macau:

Macau Richest Asian Countries 2016

Macau, officially named as the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People`s Republic of China is an autonomous territory on the southern coast of China. Macau is also considered as the world richest city. The major sources of income are tourism and gambling as it is very famous for its gambling also. Macau has a net worth of $59,451 which makes it the 3rd richest country in Asia.

2. Singapore:

Singapore Richest Asian Countries 2017

Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore is a highly developed and advance country. It is the world`s only Island city-state. Singapore is a trade center for different kinds of business and trade as it is trade friendly country for all kinds of investor. With a net GDP per capita of $64,584 Singapore is the 2nd richest country of Asia.

1. Qatar:

Qatar Richest Asian Countries 2018

Qatar, officially named as State of Qatar is a sovereign country located in the Southwest Asia and is a small country. Qatar gained independence in 1971 from the British. After Saudi Arabia and Oman, Qatar has the most conservative society and is considered as the significant power in Arab. The main source of income is oil production and refining. With a net GDP per capita of $98,900 Qatar is the richest country in Asia.

These Asian countries make different styles and trends of business and trade and raised economy as well. Also made improvement and a rise in net income these top 10 richest Asian countries in 2017 are well known for their service and facilities.


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  1. Macau and Hong Kong have great prosperity and richness as the result of their progress in the fields of production and industry. They export various types of goods to various parts of the world. Being small nations, they have made great progress with their limited manpower.

  2. The effort of the southeast Asian countries, like Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong in achieving great development and advancement in technology that they sell it to other big nations of the world. They have a good economy in the future also when compared to those of Gulf nations.

  3. The Gulf countries and the islands of South East have dominated in the list. All these depend Export revenue and the population is also less, thus the PCI is very high.

  4. Those small islands like Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan have made a great progress and are known as the richest by the advancement of technology. They produce some great electronic and other goods and export. Thus, they earn a lot and the PCI is also high because of this.

  5. It’s no wonder that small nations make progress quickly and prosper while countries like India, China struggle with their huge population.

  6. The countries in the list are almost the ones, developed, strengthed after they gained independence. A lot of hard work and contributions by the freedom fighters and few important leaders of the nations has brought these countries into the list of richest countries.
    I want to mention the contribution of father of modern Singapore, Lee Kwan Yue whose hard work and determination has made the modern Singapore prosperous, rich and beautiful nation.

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