Top 10 Richest Airlines in the World 2016

Checkout The below list of Top 10 Richest Airlines in the World in 2016 and 2017. As the world becomes a global village every person travel from one country to another country for different purposes like business, trade and personal reasons. But travelling in old time was quite very difficult by the time and the rapid development it becomes easy nowadays airplanes make it quite easy a person can travel a long distance in a short time. So the time is also safe by travelling through airplanes and also with facilities. In present century a large number of airlines are founded to facilitate the citizen and also a healthy competition to improve the facilities and standards.

In this competition one more thing to discuss is that airplane companies also earn money and thus a market sets up. According to net income of the airline company a ranking sheet is made to show world top 10 richest airline these are:

Let us look at some of the top 10 most Richest Airlines in the world 2016:

10. Qantas Airways:

Qantas Airways Richest Airlines 2017

Qantas Airways is an Australian airline company and one of the oldest Airline exists. It was founded in 1920 for domestic travelling later on it becomes an international airline. Qantas Airways, provides excellent facilities to the traveler and thus Qantas Airways won the award for The Best Airline Australia. Qantas is also famous for its business class comfort an compete the best airlines one the world also. Qantas is placed on 10th rank among top 10 world richest airlines.

9. Eva Air:

Eva Air Richest Airlines 2016

Eva Air is a Taiwan based international airline founded in the late 1800`s it is operating in 40 international countries including North America, Europe, UK and China etc. It provides best facilities for passenger to travel with comfort. Eva Air is also well known for its cargo service. Eva won award for its Cleanliness and also other terms. Eva is a private based airline and ranked 9th in the ranking of world top 10 richest airlines.

8. Garuda Indonesia:

Garuda Indonesia Richest Airlines 2016

Gauruda Indonesia is an Indonesia national airline now it becomes international airline and now the flight of Garuda travels in different countries, including America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe etc. Garuda Indonesia is also a member of SkyTeam and was rated 5 star airline by international airline review firm Syntax. The passenger also marked Garuda as a perfect airline for travelling. It is in 8th position among world top 10 richest airlines.

7. ANA All Nippon Airways:

ANA All Nippon Airways Richest Airlines 2017

ANA All Nippon Airways is ranked 7th among top 10 richest airlines. ANA is a Japan based national and international airline. It is the top most airlines of Japan and is considered best for domestic travels. ANA`s passengers and client increment every year with good ratios make perfect airline.

6. Etihad Airways:

Etihad Airways Richest Airlines 2017

Etihad Airways is a UAE (Unite Arab Emirates) based flag carrier airline provides a vast passengers and cargo service with about 120 international countries. Etihad provides its best service to the passengers and thus it is ranked No. 7th in the world top 10 richest airlines. Etihad also maintained its standard with stunning services.

5. Emirates:

Emirates Richest Airlines 2018

Emirates is a Dubai, UAE based airlines and considered as the largest an top airline off middle east. Emirates provides passenger and cargo (Emirates Sky Cargo) service over 148 countries across the world and covers about 6 continents. Emirates is ranked at 5th in terms of revenue while the most richest airline in the middle east.

4. Turkish Airline:

Turkish Airline Richest Airlines 2017

Turkish Airline is a Turkey based international airline. Turkish airlines operate its flight in almost 280 destinations including Asia, Europe, America and Africa. It also provides better service in all over Turkey. Turkish Airline provides best facilitation to its passenger and that’s why is very famous. It is ranked 4th among world top 10 richest airlines.

3. Cathay Pacific Airways:

Cathay Pacific Airways Richest Airlines 2016

Cathay Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong based airline. It is a vast airline service with flight operations in 52 countries and with almost 200 destination. Cathay provides stunning service in cargo and mail services along with passenger services. Cathay provides service in about 44 destinations in Asia-Paific zone, which is the most unique in all airlines. For this unique service Cathay was awarded the Best Airline Transpacific in 2015.

2. Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines Richest Airlines 2018

Singapore Airline is a Singapore based international airline and ranked at 2nd among world top 10 richest airlines. Singapore Airlines provides extensive services for passenger and cargo service. The business class service of Singapore Airlines lead all other airlines of the world including Qatar Airways. The passengers also prefer Singapore Airlines for travelling. AirBus A380 was also launched from Singapore Airlines, which is the largest passenger carrier craft.

1. Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways Richest Airlines 2018

Qatar Airways is the world most richest airline and is placed at on top in the list among word richest airline. Qatar Airways is Qtar based airline and provide its services and flight operations over 150 international destinations all over the world with 150 sophisticated aircrafts and a well trained staff. The destinations includes Central Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Middle East. Qatar Airways is the only airline company from the gulf which is the member of the One World Alliance of airlines.

These are ranked on the basis of revenue. Also, these are the best service provider in terms of traveling by air. Although there may up and down as per some crisis and other issues but so far these are the top 10 richest airlines of the world in 2016 and 2017.


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  1. ETIHAD and Emirates both are equally good. They are affordable, provide best in class features. Main advantage is that they provide connections to every part of the world from dubai. The facilities, the crew are all very good.

  2. Qatar airways provides a great service for its passengers. It connects almost every part of the world. It is known to a large mass and their service comfort makes people to intend to fly with them more. Qatar is the richest country and it provides world class or best in class facilities. The economy class is very luxurious.

  3. It’s surprising that Garuda airlines of small country like Indonesia is in the list. They are frequently hit by earthquakes and tsunamis but still they have good economy as they run one of the successful airlines in the world.

  4. Singapore Airlines provide great facilities for business class at affordable prices. The service by the company is very good. They connect to various parts of the world at cheaper rates.

  5. The rich Arab nations provide some high class, luxurious Airline services. From places like Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait almost all the places of the world are connected. Thus, these Arab airlines make best out if it.

  6. Qatar airways provide some great, luxurious facilities for business class. They have a great service and connect to many parts of the world. They sponsor for the world’s second richest Football club FC Barca

  7. Even though there are a lot of Indian airline companies and it is a big business in the country, I wonder why there isn’t an airline company amongst the richest in the world.
    I also doubt that why Lufthansa airways and Swiss airlines aren’t included in the list as I have heard that they make huge revenue every year and connect to every part of the world. They are very luxurious and many international flights are engaged by these two firms.

    • Indian Airline business always goes as a scam or loss. There is no proper idea with the firms that start airline business in India. They either try to provide cheaper services by incurring loss for themselves or do not provide international class service at all in spite of high prices on tickets. The employees are also not paid properly, resulting in blackouts and passengers do not tend to fly with such systems.

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