Top 10 Quirky Quotations About Women For Women!

Women are lots of things all rolled up into one fabulous being. What are these things? Some of the responses are wife, mother, lover, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, and much more. She is indeed every inch special and some of the top ten quirky quotations about women for women do reveal just how strong and versatile females all are in every way that matters most. Read on to learn more.

List of Top 10 Quirky Quotations About Women For Women in 2017

10. God did create man before woman. The rough draft came before the final masterpiece.

God did create man before woman. The rough draft came before the final masterpiece, Top 10 Quirky Quotations About Women For Women! 2017-2018

What this quote says about women is enormous. Men may’ve been created first but women aren’t last. God took some time with this female form and design. He didn’t rush at all with this special creation. He made women every inch special and then some. They are indeed true masterpieces and equal to men in every respect.

9. Women may be good at faking orgasms, but men are good at faking whole relationships!


Women do have issues with orgasms. It’s true. However, what this quote clearly says is this, and that it is that the orgasm thing doesn’t apply to all women. It’s okay for women to fake orgasms if they want to. Because, to be honest, men are pros with the knows when it comes to faking their relationships.

8. Women wear her tears like jewelry


Women are every inch sensitive to the world and those around them. They tend to be far more feeling creatures than men are in a lot of ways. Because of this reason, when a woman does cry, she is crying from inside the deepest part of her heart and soul for sure. She does value her tears and isn’t afraid to display that fact. Women love jewelry, yes, but they do appreciate their tears in every way.

7. Curve is the loveliest of all distances between two points.


The one defining thing that makes a woman, a woman, is her defining curves. She is built to be woman and feminine by the hand of God himself. The lovely curves, in addition to face, are all the wonderful things that make her unique and a true wonder of the best grace.

6. Women may not hit harder, but the truth is, they can hit lower.


Women may not be as physically strong as men, in a number of instances. However, when it comes to delivering blows emotionally, they do indeed have the far more superior advantage here. Men can hit hard, and home, when they need to with their hands and words. Nonetheless, a woman can do it a whole lot easier, by hitting below the belt with their take on emotions and feelings that come from the deepest part of them.

5. Women make the highs more high and the lows more frequent.


This is one amongst the Top 10 Quirky Quotations About Women For Women. Women do naturally excel when it comes to expressing themselves. They aren’t afraid to speak their heart or their mind. They also can be a mass of conflicting emotions at times. However, what makes them great is evident, they are every inch feeling in all of the right ways that some men avoid being. The highs are glorious for women and the lows can make them feel low like no other. This is an indication that they are in touch with their inner core at all times.

4. Women do speak two languages – one is usually very verbal.


Women have their own kind of language. It’s a voice only they know and understand. The languages are these. One is silent in approach while the other can become very loud at times. Women are loud only when they are impassioned to be loud. Therefore, do think before you speak, especially if it something that puts women down instead of raises them up.

3. A woman should have the ability to soften a man without weakening him.


Every women has that ability within her to make a man go weak in the knees. He also can go weak in the heart as well. However, just because she does make him weak in many ways, doesn’t mean that she takes away from him being a man and his overall strength as a man.

2. Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street just like him. She must have a bald head, a belly gut, and think that they are sexy.


Women do all they can to prove their equality each and every day. It’s a constant battle of wills which will never go away. However, women don’t back down, because they do have an apparent backbone and that backbone is what does give them the guts to keep on proving their worth in every way where the two genders are concerned. Women are the weaker sex, so they say, but it isn’t true at all.

1. Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of the same man is another woman.


This is another saying that is popular in every way. However, it isn’t true, because in today’s world. A world that is filled with successful women as much as men. It is these successful women who have their men standing behind them. Every man should have a good woman and every woman a good man. It doesn’t matter who you are or how successful you are. What matters it that each be there to care for the other and be equal on all fronts. The most successful of all things is maintaining a successful relationship that is filled with lots of love, respect, caring, and loyalty to stand behind each other no mater what.

These above are the Top 10 Quirky Quotations About Women For Women. Women are every inch special and these quirky quotes show that in detail. They also prove the adversity that women have been made to endure and conquer on their own. She has definitely come a long way and still got a ways go to yet for sure!

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