Top 10 People With Bizarre History

These people were either born the way they was or they did things that made them weird. Some even just lived life and it happened. Being struck by lightening should kill you not for one of these people. Some had kids at a young age which was only weird because the age she was. Some of the stories sound fake but if you search hard enough you will see they are true and can be proven. Just remember some of this stuff happened back in the day.

List of Top 10 People With Bizarre History

10. Roy Sullivan

roy sullivan, Top 10 People With Bizarre History 2017

He died from self inflicted gunshot wound. But what is really bizarre about him is that he had been struck by lightening seven different times. If you look at the numbers of what the chances are being struck by lightning you will see it is four point fifteen in like a hundred trillion. He said he had been struck way before thing while helping his dad but he could not prove it so they did not count it. The first time he was struck happened in nineteen forty two. The last time he was struck before dieing was in nineteen seventy seven. Having been struck you would figure he would have died but that was not the case.

9. Norton 1


He claimed he was Emperor of the United States and he protected Mexico. He was accompanied by dogs one died in eighteen sixty three. And the other died two years later. He was arrested for his Majesty involuntary treatment of mental disorder. He was released and apologized to in little time. He may have been crazy but sometimes had pretty good ideas. He collected taxes and sold his own currencies.

8. Adam Rainer


Known for being a dwarf and a giant. Yes it sounds complicated but if you do the research you will see it all had to do with his spine. He wanted join the army but was just too short. Come to find out he had a tumor that he had surgery on and then he started growing. After he started growing he would not be able to stop. They did another surgery that was to help him stop growing. He finally died at the height of seven foot eight inches. He had big feet and hands.

7. Lina Medina


She had a problem that was said to be a tumor. Her parents finally took her to the doctor. She was five when all this was happening. When the doctor did X-Rays and performed a Cesarean she figured out she was pregnant. She was the youngest mother ever known. No one knew the father and still has not figured it out. All the time she was sick the parents just thought it was a tumor but in the end she had a daughter and named her after the doctor that did the delivery. The little girl’s father was thrown in jail because of child abuse but later released because of not enough evidence.

6. Julia Pastrana


She had hair that grew all over her body. She had big ears and her teeth did not form correctly. Her nose was also very large so she did not look like a normal kid. When she was twenty five she had a child that was born just like her but did not make it past just a few hours. After she died her husband embalmed her and the little boy she had so he could make money and show them off to the world. She was the ugliest woman on earth and she held the record for a long time.

5. Carl Tanzler


He professed his love to a women in the thirties. He tried to help her with the fact that she had tuberculosis. She died at her parents house a year later. He took her body from the mausoleum and took her back to his house and covered her in wax. He would take her hair as it fell out and made a wig to place on her head. He was later discovered and arrested. He was tested and found not mental so they released him and he died with the body in his home.

4. Gottfried Knoche


The German man went to medical school to become a doctor and ended up going to Venezuela in 1840. He started tending to the poor folks sometimes without charging them any money. In the year of eighteen fifty four he established the Children’s hospital of Caracas. This man came up with an incredible invention to mummify a corpse without having to remove the internal organs. In the year 1869, a man that was in the military died and his body never got claimed so Gottfried mummified the body and put it at the entry of his office which he then later moved the body to his family mausoleum for it to be a guardian and protector. Quite a few years later a family did this mummification to their loved on and the National Government made them bury the body.

3. Gloria Ramirez


She died in 1994 and her death was a strange one. One night she walked into the emergency room having symptoms of an advanced cancer and tachycardia. There was two nurses that ended up working on her. The first one passed out trying to take the ladies blood because of the smell of ammonia that was coming from the tube. The second nurse also fainted but before she did, she documented the blood having a yellowish color of particles through it. They ordered everyone in the ER to evacuate to the parking lot. At 9:10pm Gloria was pronounced dead from her kidneys failing and being related to cancer but it could never be confirmed in the autopsy because the heart was gone and most of the organs had fecal matter contamination. By this point Maria was decomposed very badly.

2. Li Ching Yuen


He supposedly lived to be 197 or 256 years old. No one is completely sure of which one was accurate because he claimed to be born in 1736 but according to records the man was born in 1677. The real birthdate is not able to be figured out as of now. He lived through burying twenty three women that he was married to and when he died he had his twenty fourth wife that was in her sixties. In the year of 1930 a professor from Chengtu University found a letter in some records that had been sent to Yuen telling him congratulations for turning one hundred and fifty years old in 1827, if that record that was found is correct then that would have made the man 256 years old when he died.

1. Dorangel Vargas


Police officers were contacted by two boys in 1999 with claims of finding human bones at a park that was by the river. When the officers got there, they ended up finding the remains to six other people which was bones of hands, feet, and heads. During the investigation they ended up at the home of a man so they took him into do questioning. His words were extremely odd to the police. He claimed that the meat of a man tasted better than a woman since a woman’s meat tasted sweet but the man tasted like barbecue or ham. He claimed that eating a woman was like eating a flower. As of today, he is still in prison but it is not to serve any type of sentence. They keep him there for a prevention against anything else happening since the man has been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. He gave details in an interview that same year about the murders and how he cooked the meat of the human. This man seemed to be worried about the nutritional resources since he would not kill a fat guy because there was too much fat which he thought of as too much cholesterol. A journalist ask him what his plans were when he was released from jail and he replied that he just wanted to get out and eat people because that is what he does. Apparently when the other prisoners start causing trouble they are threatened to be thrown in the cell with Vargas, obviously they begin to act right after that.

When reading this, you may have found most of it disgusting. I know that I did but sometimes people have real problems that need medical attention and some of these on this list do need that. On the other hand though, it is real interesting learning about people that have had not to perfect lives.

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