Top 10 People Who Lived With The Dead

Who ever thought keeping a dead body was really a thing. Well these ten people had the idea pop in their head sand they followed through with it. When in the end it all turned out to be bad. The bodies will rot and start to stink if they are not taken care of correctly. People will start to wonder what is really going on. Why would you keep a body in your house that can not move or talk. Well for company I am guessing. That is why some of these people did it. Not wanting to be alone or not wanting the everyday lives to change. Having the body is better than having nothing in their heads.

List of Top 10 People Who Lived With The Dead

10. The woman who took care of her dead son for 18 years


We all hate when our kids go before us. He was twenty two years old when he died. He had a son that was two years old. His mother took care of him rubbing embalming fluids on him and a vodka based poultice formula. She would change his clothes every year on his birthday. She did this so his son would know who he was. She grew to old to do it anymore. He was in a coffin that had a glass on top so you could look in at him while he rested.

9. The man who dug up his wife

The man who dug up his wife, Top 10 People Who Lived With The Dead 2017

In two thousand and nine Le Van was found sleeping with the body of his wife. She was in a well dressed human shaped gypsum statue. When she died in two thousand and three he decided to dig a tunnel down to her casket so he would not have to deal with the harsh weather. In two thousand and four he dug her up and took her to their home. He modeled her body with clay and plaster so she would not rot. In two thousand and eleven he was still sleeping her. The kids of the two was fine with him doing this.

8. Woman who watched NASCAR with her dead boyfriend


The man died in two thousand and ten but Linda was not ready to watch NASCAR alone so she kept him in the house with her. If you looked closely you could tell his eyes was on the screen the whole time still watching the TV with his girlfriend. Even though he was gone she still cashed in on his social security checks. In two thousand and twelve police finally discovered his dead body.

7. Woman who waited for her husband’s resurrection


Before Lucio Chacue died he told his wife that his last wish was for her to hide his body in their home in Colombian countryside. He told her he would be “coming’ back to life. So she wrapped the body in a sheet and kept it in the bedroom. The body just kept decomposing and started to stink very badly. She did not care about the smell she still waited. After thirty days of waiting she finally decided to ask if she could bury the embalmed body in her patio.

6. 90-year old living with dead sibling


When the old woman Elaine died her siblings decided to keep the body in the messy house. It was in Evanston, IL. later on in two thousand and three Frank the brother died at eighty three. The same thing happened when he died. When the sister Anita died she joined the other to in two thousand and eight. Margaret never let on that anything had changed and stayed nice to the neighbors. They probably did this so none of them had to go into the nursing home.

5. Old lady living with husband and sister, both dead


Jean depended on the company of her sister June when her husband died in two thousand. Nine years later June finally died at the age of ninety one. She went and dug both the bodies up and carried them to the home they stayed in. James was in the garage and June was in the bedroom propped up. When asked why she did it she said that putting them in the ground was goodbye forever. She also said having them in the house with her she was able to touch and talk to them.

4. Man who lived with dead mother, and died


In two thousand and fourteen Claudio who was fifty eight died and was found. He was found layed over a chair in his home. Beside him was the body of a woman. She wore slippers and was in plastic bags and sat in the kitchen. She was later identified as the guy’s mother. The neighbors said they had not seen her in at least a decade when she was ninety. The boy made everyone believe she was still alive and that she was very healthy.

3. Man who his body parts of his girlfriend in his bedroom floor


When he found out his girlfriend was cheating Erik punched the thirty nine year old. In order to punish her he murdered her. He cut her body up and started storing it in the bedroom on the floor and covered it with a single sheet. He used taxi cab air fresheners all over to get rid of the smell when she started to decompose. In July two thousand and eleven the police found the body. This was two months after he did what he did.

2. Necrophilia teenager who cuddles with his mother


In the early nineteen hundreds a body was found in a home in Paris. The woman that was found was in her home and the son of hers would sleep beside her every night to stay close. This is one of the worst cases ever found. He disemboweled her body with his own hands. He then raped her dead body. This all happened after she was dead. What a son he was.

1. Scientist who was fixated with the other woman in his life


In nineteen thirty a radiologist was married and had two kids. While he had a great family he fell in love with one of his patients that had tuberculosis. She died the next year. He would sit by the coffin he had built. He finally had her exhumed. He gave her glass eyes, and made a wig with her hair. He covered her in wax so he could keep her. He slept with her and played music for her. He was arrested seven years later. He was having sex with her body because they found a tube with semen in it inside of her body.

These people may have lost their minds but some of them was completely sane. They did all this for love and to keep the people close to them. No more getting rid of the boies for good. Just wax them up and save them for a long time. If you do not get caught then have fun but the smell will give you away soon enough.

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