Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death

There are plenty of people in this world that have different issues whether they be financial, stress related, or family problems. Sometimes someone can not deal with any of it and they just want out. That is when they decide to fake their own death so they can start over with a new life elsewhere.

List of Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death

10. John Stonehouse

john stonehouse, Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death 2017

He was having a very difficult time with his finances and wanted a way out from underneath them. He was a British Labor and Co-operative party politician that wanted to live a whole new life with the woman that was his mistress for many years. One day in November John went swimming at Miami Beach and come up gone. He was trying to make the death look like he drowned or a shark ate him and since officers never found his body they ruled that he was dead. Mr. Stonehouse ended up in Australia again on Christmas Eve that year with a confidence of his escape that he did not believe he would get caught. He was very wrong about that since he did not realize police were still searching for him. John was caught and given a term of seven years in prison for his fake death plan.

9. John Darwin


He worked as a teacher and prison officer in England and was in serious financial debt. His wife helped him fake his own death in March of 2002. He took a canoe out to sea and pretended to drown so his wife would collect his life insurance money. Once she received it they paid off all their debt and privately began a new life. A few years later John went to the police claiming he lost his memory but investigation proved he was lying and that the whole time he was living with his wife.

8. Chandra Mohan Sharma


Chandra was a right to information activist in India that would fight against land mafias. His marriage was making him unhappy so he had an affair with a woman in the local neighborhood. Sharma had a life insurance policy that was worth 300,000 rupees and the company was to pay out 3,600,000 to the his family if he happened to die. His brother-in-law and girlfriend helped him stage his own murder. Chandra killed a man that was homeless and placed the body inside his own car which he then set to fire. Everyone believe the land mafia killed him and he took off to Bangalore and lived with his girlfriend. Within a month of him being there police recognized him in some CCTV footage while he was making a fake call to Preeti, the girlfriend.

7. Marcus Schrenker


Mr. Schrenker was a financial advisor that had quite a few legal charges against him. In 2009 he got on his own plane and once in the air he set it to auto pilot then parachuted out. Afterwards, he pretended to have died in the crash but was really in Alabama staying in a pup tent at the Quincy campgrounds. The owner of the grounds seen him and believed to have recognized him and turned it into the authorities. They caught him two days after his whole plan began. It was definitely a waste of his time to only be free two days before landing in even more trouble.

6. Alison Matera


She got involved in a church community and once there for a while she began to feel trapped there so she pretended to be dying from cancer so she did not have to leave her home and be around all the religious people. She let the choir know of her “illness” and for a year was able to avoid the church. The whole time she kept updating them all about treatments she was supposed to be going through. She finally put her last step into action in 2007 by calling the pastor and pretending to be a nurse that informed him of her death. Her story was believed, until she went to her own funeral trying to pose as a sister. That revealed her big lie.

5. William Grothe


His life insurance was one million dollars. He planned his death with his wife. In November two thousand and eight his wife reported him missing to the police. They searched for him and found his wallet and his jacket along the river side. He then made a phone call to the police and pretended to be the killer of himself. The cops match the voices of the call with a voicemail message of Williams and found he was not dead. He was ordered to pay thirteen thousand dollars which was how much it cost to search for him.

4. Gandaruban Subramaniam


He owned a car rental business that went down and he had to shut it down. When he had to do this he become in debt. He ran to Sri Lanka and planned his death. He showed a shootout in civil war and then got a death certificate for his death. He got almost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in insurance. He remarried his wife as another man. He used his fake passport and traveled to Singapore several different times until police arrested him for using the fake passport in two thousand and seven. Three years in jail was what he had to do because of the crime.

3. A Soldier’s Wife


Kenneth Zhangazha faked his wife’s death to get the money. He found it impossible to watch his family starve. He took the life insurance policy and cashed it in. While he was trying to cash it in the bank’s advisor stopped him and knew he was lying. When the judge asked him why he did it he said he wanted the money to buy food, he was facing fraud charges.

2. Anna Gray


She met a guy online and was not ready for a relationship. She tried to break up with him but he was not wanting the same. He texted her and told her they needed a date night and said he would be around her house in thirty minutes. She got scared and acted like her sister and told him that Anna was in the hospital will a very bad illness. When he tried to force his way into to see her she told him she was dead. He finally gave up and never messaged or bothered her again. He eventually found her on other dating websites.

1. Lord Lucan


The guy we are talking about is really named Richard Bingham, and was born in December on the eighteenth of nineteen thirty four. On the night of November seventh of seventy four he killed his family’s nanny instead of his wife. He fled to his friends house after realizing it was a mistake. His friend believed him and he stayed with him for a little while. He took his car to the coast and made it look like he committed suicide. He has not been found and has been seen in South Africa and New Zealand.

These above are the Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death. These people tried really hard to do what they did. They may have failed but in the end they was still alive. Trying to play dead just for money or to get out of a crime is one thing but really dying is another. I can see why some of them did it but for someone to act dead because they are greedy and want the money is horrible. Maybe next time they will plan it out right and not be caught in the end. If you think something like this will work then you really need to look up some of the people who tried and failed. It may be easy to play dead but you can not turn invisible and hide from the police.

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