Top 10 Mysteries of The World Never Solve

These mysteries are so weird we would never know if they was true or not unless we did research. Some of the items on this list are being covered up by government or so people say. The government says there is no Mel Hole but one guy who was born in the sixties is still alive and says he remembers his dad taking him there. The men in black still not found yet. If you look all of these up you will find more information but the list of the story is that you will never figure out what is really going on with any of it.

List of Top 10 Mysteries of The World Never Solve

10. The Mysterious Mel Water Hole

The Mysterious Mel Water Hole, Top 10 Mysteries of The World Never Solve 2019

These holes are said to have been dug because of people digging for oil, gems and knowledge. This is located in Washington somewhere. The fact that it is nine feet in diameter makes people wonder what they really was digging for. It dates back to the eighteen hundreds. People would throw garbage and dead animals in it and was hoping to fill it up. It seems that the hole never will fill up because it does not matter how much junk and trash has been thrown in it there has been not chance of filling it up. People through in old refrigerators and carcasses plus heavy Tv tubes but never heard them hit the bottom. A guy named Mel decided to figure out how deep the hole was by lowering a fish lead on eighteen of five thousand feet of reels. He lowered and lowered it but it never hit the bottom and figured it was probably about eighty thousand feet down further. No birds neared it and his dogs never went near it either. He was later evicted from the property and it was sealed off.

9. The Missing Britain Soldiers


When it comes to people coming up gone it could be for any reason. You hear about people being missing everyday but what does it look like when a whole battalion of heavy soldiers just vanish. This happened on August twelfth of nineteen fifteen. But it all start in nineteen oh eight. These men who have vanished volunteered to go out and fight. Hundreds of people went and signed up for this big battle. They was called the E Company and went on their first and last journey. They have been gone and no one knows anything. Turkey says they have no prisoners and they was aid to be lifted on a cloud that lifted up and rejoined the sky. This was said by three soldiers who said they seen this happen.

8. The Mysterious Death Of Lord Rossmore


The horrifying tale of Robert Cuninghame. A noise being heard in the middle of the night woke a guy named Sir Barrington. He then woke his wife because of the terrifying noise. They looked out into the haze to try to figure it out but nothing was able to be seen. They finally found the source in a bush and called a maid because they was way to frightened to look themselves. The maid came and was too scared to look to. While standing there the noise said the name Rossmore! Rossmore! Rossmore!. The maid heard this and run from the room. In the morning they was notified of the man’s death. No one has figured out the sound that was being called but it was caused because of the man’s death.

7. Who Are These Men In Black


We have heard of the men in black but some have been threatened by them. They have been contacted, harassed by these men. The men would show up in business attire and do the talking. These guys was said to come up on the porch of the people and talk about flying objects. They was said to be government agents and when they found the perfect person they would close in and talk to them. They tell you not to say a word or anything that would give them away. Nothing is known of these men but by the people that have seen them. Police have tried to figure out the guys by the features but nothing has ever come back of who they could be.

6. The Wow Signal


No one knows how big the universe is but it is huge. The Wow Signal was found in August of nineteen seventy seven and a guy name Jerry Ehman. He said it was an alien signal and he would have been the first one to intercept it. He was looking through some of the computer printouts and seen a bunch of mysterious letters that he had no clue of .He did not know what to do so he circled the letters and wrote Wow. and that is how the legend was born. Nothing has been found and it stays a mystery if it is true or not.

5. The Creepy Disappearance Of The 727


Three men was on this plane when it fanished. No one has ever been able to find it but they was on it when it took off. It is a huge piece of machinery how does it just fly off and never be seen again. The plane had problems when it went up and the runway was not big enough for the huge thing to take off on. The fate of this is unknown. They found a plane in Congo but nothing really came of it because well it must of been nothing.

4. The Mysterious Origin Of Skyquakes


In the twenty first century no one knows anything about the sky quakes but we all know they happened. If you do not know what this is it is sounds that sound similar to thunder, cannon fires, or sonic booms. This noise happens in the sky and can not be figured out. If this happens it will shake glass and windows because it happens in the air. It has been known to happen in several places. The origin is still unknown till this day.

3. The Leaked Dulce Papers


This is said to be under ground. The US government is said to have an alien race under ground in sacs. Where all this is happening no other human is allowed and you are not allowed to have cameras. A worker let the talk leek and now people know about what is really going on or the world thinks this is happening. The bags look like they have some kind of body in them. Unless the US government comes out and tells us that it is happening then we will never know that it is going on.

2. The Unexplained LA Raid


We have heard of the Pearl Harbor attack but have you heard of the raid. If not then you should search and figure out some information. The alarm went off and items such as bombs and other things feel down on the ground. The beach punctuated with happy go lucky men and nude women. It was also said to have had nestling soldiers. The army started picking up the debris and found that the objects made no sense. The items found was said to be weather balloons but anyone would know they would not have made it in pieces big enough to find. No one knows what was up in the sky.

1. The Elusive SS Baychimo


This is one creepy story. The ship was launched in nineteen fourteen. On October first the plans changed because the winter weather. The ship tried to escape the weather but got stuck in the ice. The people on it got off and tried to make it to a nearby town. The trapped crew had a plane coming for them but the captained stayed with fourteen others from the crew. On the twenty fifth the ship vanished and had not been seen again. People say they see the ship floating across sea but it has never been known in nineteen sixty nine she was spotted again and then vanished for good. The ship’s fate is unknown.

These things have either been hidden and they are not to be spoken about. Some say they are still know about them and have seen some of them but no one really knows anything about them now. If you do your research you will find other things that have happened and maybe get the whole story. This is just to let you know some of the main details but there is so much behind it all.

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