Top 10 Mothers Who Killed Their Children

A parent’s worst nightmare is something bad happening to their child. That is why it is so inconceivable that newborn babies are more likely to die at their mother’s hand than their fathers. Mothers are supposed to be the protector of their children, putting their life in front of their own. Even in the animal world, mothers are the protector of the young and will go up against anything to save their young from harm. The idea of a mother harming her child let alone killing them is incomprehensible. These top ten mothers who killed their children go against every natural instinct a female is supposed to be born with.

10. April Weber from Brooksville

April Weber from Brooksville Top 10 Mothers Who Killed Their Children 2017

Aubrie Weber was only six weeks old when her mother, April threw her head first onto the bed. She was then picked up by her mother and thrown to the floor where she hit her head on the dresser causing serious head trauma. April called 911 and reported she had accidentally dropped Aubrie, however; the medical report showed the injuries Aubrie sustained were from a far worse event than being dropped. Aubrie died as a result of her injuries and her father would later report he knew April had problems with the baby but never thought she would hurt her.

9. Megan Huntsman from Utah

Megan Huntsman from Utah Top Most Mothers Who Killed Their Children 2017

Megan Huntsman gave birth to seven children. Today, only one of those children is alive. Megan admits she suffocated the newborn babies over a period of ten years. From 1996 through 2006, she killed her babies, put them in boxes, and hid them in the garage. Authorities were not aware of this occurrence until her husband found one of the babies wrapped in plastic and called them.

8. Clair Biggs

Clair Biggs Top Most Popular Mothers Who Killed Their Children 2018

Rhys Biggs was a two-month-old baby left in the care of her drug-addicted mother, Claire. Claire had lost custody of her first child due to her drug habits, but for some reason was allowed to keep Rhys who was tortured by her mother. She died in the hospital after having been beaten so badly she suffered fractured ribs, broken wrist, and a broken shoulder. When Claire arrived in prison for killing her child, she was not received well by the other inmates. She was beaten by her fellow prisoners and remains unpopular with them all.

7. Stacie Marie Parsons from Texas

Stacie Marie Parsons from Texas Top Famous Mothers Who Killed Their Children 2018

Stacie Marie Parsons was jealous of her four-year-old daughter. Her jealousy took the form of rage one day when she horribly bashed her daughters head causing severe head trauma. The little four-year-old died that day from trauma suffered to both her head and chest. Her father had found her lying in the trunk of their car and tried to revive her but the injuries were just too severe. He later claimed Stacie had been jealous of this little girl over a prolonged period of time.

6. Alexandra from Jacksonville, Florida

Alexandra from Jacksonville, Florida Top Most Famous Mothers Who Killed Their Children 2019

Alexandria a 22-year-old mother from Florida was playing Farmville on FaceBook. It is argued there are over 75 million users who play this game and some have become addicted to it. Alexandra was playing the game one day and her three-month-old son began to cry and would not stop. Alexandra was so annoyed with the interruption of her game, she left it and went to shake her son so he would quit crying. She had a cigarette and when he still hadn’t stopped, she shook him again. This shaking caused severe damage to her son’s brain resulting in his death.

5. Ka Yang from California

Ka Yang from California Top Mothers Who Killed Their Children

Ka Yang from California claims she was suffering from a seizure and this caused her to place her seven-week-old baby into a microwave. She not only placed this tiny infant inside the microwave, she turned the power on and left it run for over two minutes. Pathology tests showed the babies intestines and stomach were cooked by the radiation. The pain this innocent little baby suffered is unimaginable.

4. Bianca N. from North Rhine

Bianca N. from North Rhine

Bianca N. left her apartment at Soest to attend a Halloween party in Munster. Returning after several days she found her daughter just as she had left her, wrapped in a blanket, except she was no longer alive. Bianca claims she fed her four-month-old daughter before she left and hadn’t intended to go so long but ran into some drugs which knocked her out for several days. It was discovered that her four-month-old daughter had gone much longer without food than a couple of days Bianca said she had. Tests revealed this tiny baby had gone unfed for several weeks.

3. Hu Chen from China

Hu Chen from China

Hu Chen was having an argument with her husband. Instead of lashing out an adult who could defend himself from her, Hu Chen threw her one-year-old daughter into the path of a 40-ton truck. The driver could not stop even though he tried and the baby girl was crushed to death. Hu Chen wasn’t finished, though; next, she grabbed her six-year-old son and threw him into oncoming traffic. Luckily a brave passerby was able to rescue him as he had seen the outcome of his sister.

2. Nicole Kelly from Elmhurst

Nicole Kelly from Elmhurst

Nicole Kelly, also known as Nikki took her 11-month-old son who was dying to the emergency room. She had appeared upset but it turned out she had wrapped her son so tightly in sheets, he could not move or breathe. She later admitted to the police that she had reached her breaking point and just didn’t want him anymore.

1. Lindsey Lowe from Hendersonville

Lindsey Lowe from Hendersonville

Lindsey Lowe was a 25-year-old woman still living at home with her parents who she didn’t want to know she had gotten pregnant. When she gave birth to a set of twins in her parent’s bathroom, she covered each of their mouths till they stopped breathing. She then proceeded to put them in the laundry basket inside her bedroom and covered them up with clothes. Her father later discovered the babies’ bodies and reported it to the police. These twins had reached full term when Lindsey gave birth to them.

The technical or legal term for a mother who kills her child is maternal filicide. Sadly it is estimated over 200 women actually go through with the act of killing their own child or in some cases children. These are the top ten mothers who killed their children.

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