Top 10 Most Trusted Online Money Transfer Services

Money transfer from one point to another has become so easy in today’s world since things have become more advanced in peoples day-to-day activities. There are various online services available today that have a great competition within themselves. It becomes complicated to choose which service to use and which one to trust, as we all know how sensitive money matters are. Below is a list of the top most trusted money transfer services online today.

List of Top 10 Most Trusted Online Money Transfer Services in 2017

10. Transfer Go

transfer go, Top 10 Most Trusted Online Money Transfer Services 2017

Transfer service has given this Money its worldwide clients a good position when it comes to dealing with finances. It is a Money transfer service that is believed and used by many. There is no such good feeling as knowing that you can send money safely to your destination at the comfort of your home. This company guarantees its customers the return of money in case of failure of it reaching its destination due to inconveniences that might occur. This company has maintained a good relationship with its customers making many have trust in it.

9. Currency Solutions


This Money transfer service has exceptionally grown over the years. It is a very useful transfer service especially in paying contractors. The company also offers money exchange facilities with very friendly exchange rates that are a way of attracting many customers to use the service. Their service is good and well organized.

8. Money Gram


This is a well known Money transfer service in more than 200 countries all over the world being that it is the oldest to date. This company is the second largest service provider in money transfer service in the world and it is very much available. Because of its popularity, it has become a trustworthy company to many and very much used. One is able to pick up money at any money gram locations.

7. World First


World First mainly deals with quick money exchange and money transfer needs. It is a very convenient transfer service as it is available all the time online. The company maintains a good relationship with its customers throughout their interaction. There are no hidden charges at world first and this can make one save money while transacting. People love it and believe in it especially when making transactions that involves huge amounts of money.

6. Halo


Halo is an online transfer service that is simple, quick and effective way of transferring money across the world. Transactions are completely free i.e. there are no charges for the transactions you are making. Halo helps the users keep track of the sent and received transactions easily and provides the user with the exchange rates and the amount they currently have compared to what they had previously. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Trusted Online Money Transfer Services 2017.

5. Xoom; A PayPal service


Xoom is part of PayPal who acquired them in the year 2015. This Money transfer service is available in 52 countries across the globe. It is available to those customers with US bank accounts only and customers can send money using their debit cards, credit cards, or E-checker. The fees for using Xoom are cheaper with a limit of sending or receiving money within 24 hours which can be extended if you are Xoom regular user.

4. Skrill


Skrill is another online money transfer service that is cheap, safe and easy to use. People have really invested their trust in this service making it have customers of all type. Their fees are cheaper with every transaction that goes by. This service is fast and easy and it is available at anytime a customer needs it.

3. Obopay


The only thing you need to use this service is to create an account then you can use your mobile phone to transfer money easily and faster at the comfort of where you are. This service also gives the user a chance to pay their bills using their smart phones. It is a very useful service especially to those people who businesses are mobile as they are able to keep track of their finances through their mobile devices.

2. Western Union


A very popular and trustworthy Money transfer service as they guarantee their customers complete safety on their monies. Your transfers are protected with this service because there is an advanced security systems that comes with every transaction. They also provide a tracking number that helps the customer keep track of transactions all the way, since the time it left you account. Western Union’s fees depend on the amounts being transacted but this is no limitation compared with the protection they provide. It is a fast service provider as money can be sent and received within minutes. Customers transferring huge amounts of money find this service useful as the safety of the money is always guaranteed.

1. PayPal


This is another popular Money transfer service widely used in the world today. The most trusted and reliable among the online money transfer services. One can use PayPal to transact small and huge amounts of money at any time. For this reason, it can be used for both personal and professional purposes. PayPal is big and its size makes it the safest way of transferring money online. With PayPal, customers can send money, make payments online, send invoices, and even receive money safely and quickly. There are fees for PayPal and the exchange rates are provided for every transaction. PayPal is now the leading money transfer service today ranking as number one in our list of top 10 most trusted money transfer service online in 2017.

These above are the Top 10 Most Trusted Online Money Transfer Services 2017. The list is in descending order from ten to one. You can look at the transfer services and choose the one that seems best to you. There are still many other online transfer services to choose from but it is always advisable to use one that is popular, stable, and most trusted by people for the safety of your money. Some of this Companies charge fees while others do not. It is you to choose the most preferred. Hoping the list will be of help.

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