Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World

These creatures are very terrifying and can be known to have harmed or even scared some people. If you have ever seen them then you know how it can be. If you are not someone who believes in things like this then you are not the only one. They look fake but if you have never seen them then how do you know that they are not real. They could very well be real and one day you may just see them.

List of Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World in 2017

10. The Jersey Devil


This one started out in the lower parts of New Jersey and the stories of it started in the eighteen hundreds. The most common description of this creature is that it looks like a kangaroo but the head is one of a goat and it has wings that are leather like material such as a bats and the hands are clawed and attached to arms that are small. The whole story of this creature came about because of the story of mother Leeds which was a witch that produced the devil when she had a thirteenth kid.

9. Flatwoods Monster

Flatwoods Monster Top Most Terrifying Creatures in The World 2017

This monster was found in West Virginia during September nineteen fifty two. It is said to stand ten foot tall. The body is green with a red face. If you ever see a picture of it you will see that the head is shaped like a spade or some one say it is like a heart. It wears a long skirt like cloth to cover itself but has the body of a man. The weird thing about it all is that some people never have seen it with arms attached and if they have they have been said to have claw like fingers. The eyes that are on it are non human so they just kinda bulge out.

8. The Owlman


This creature got its name because of the look of it. It has wings and looks almost like an owl. The first time it was seen was was April seventeenth of nineteen seventy six. It was flying above the Mawnan church. Each time it was spotted it was above the church until nineteen seventy eight of August. It may look like an owl burt it is the size of a normal man. The wings that are on it have a greyish color and is said to have red eyes. It is very big and it may just still be around.

7. Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp Top Most Popular Terrifying Creatures in The World 2018

This lizard man is the size of a human and looks like a lizard. It may be seven foot tall and is found near sewers and swamps that are abandoned. It was found in nineteen eighty eight and the most sighting of it was in two thousand and eight. A guy named Christopher Davis seen it while driving home in nineteen eighty eight. He said while he was driving the creature grabbed at his car and then jumped on the hood while he was trying to get away. While he was swerving back and forth the thing would just not let go. He had scratch marks and damage to his mirror on the side of his car. He had marks on the roof and this is the only evidence that was on it.

6. The Cackatrice


This creature is said to look like a dragon and has a roosters head. It was hatched from a chicken and a toad was in contact with the egg or maybe a snake touched it. It says it has the ability to kill people or turn them to stone. It is found in England. If anyone killed the creature they was offered an award for doing so. No one has ever done it till Green got smart and place a mirror done in the dungeon. The creature fought his own reflection and finally tired out. This is when the man went down and killed the creature.

5. The Bunyip


These scary creatures are believed to be lurking by different swamps or creeks or any other type of water shore lines. They are suppose to look like a big starfish that walks around on the land while other sources say it has a face that looks like a dog with fur that is dark and a tail that resembles a horse’s mane. Along with having flippers attached to its body and tusks or horns. The first time the creature was ever described it was printed in a newspaper from Australia dated back to eighteen forty five.

4. The Sigbin


This creature originates from the Philippines and is suppose to walk backwards and the head hanging low towards the back legs. The reason it is scary is because the animal supposedly sucks the blood of the victim. It has a capability of being invisible to other animals and humans. It looks like a goat that does not have horns and ears that are really big and clap together as if they are hands along with a tail that could be a whip. They are suppose to let off stomach rolling odors and looks around for kids that it can eat. Some have stated that it is possible the animal is related to the kangaroo species.

3. Canvey Island Monster


The carcass of this animal landed on the shore of an area in England in the year of nineteen fifty three and another one in nineteen fifty four. The body is made of a red to brown color skin with gills and the eyes bulge out from the sockets. The feet resemble little claws and are a hoov shape. Its teeth are small and sharp too. Most people think the animals were a frogfish because of the likely resemblances of them with how the frogfish uses the fins as legs and they have the bulging eyes and the colors vary and that includes the reddish looking brown color as well.

2. Pope Lick Monster


This odd looking creature is a mix up between a man, a goat, and a sheep. It lives under the railway area in Louisville, Kentucky and is suppose to mostly come out as a human and goat looking creature that has a very gross deformed body of a man. It was found in the eighteen hundreds and captured by a man that owned a circus and he began to travel around with the creature showing him off as a part of the freak show. The man treated the creature horribly though so it started hating those that were human. When one of the trains the circus man and this creature were on ended up derailing, the thing escaped and that is why people seem to think it lives there so it can capture people.

1. Lake Worth Monster


This is located in North America and is said to live in Lake Worth. Some say it looks like a human and a goat so it is said to be half and half. It was first spotted in nineteen sixty nine by a few couples that were out trying to enjoy the lake views when the creature came out of nowhere and got on top of one of the couple’s vehicle. This story ended up being front page news and in it the couples claimed the creature leapt from the trees directly onto the car and they had proof which was a scar on the top of the vehicle that measured out to be a little over a foot long. Police officers usually laughed about the reports of this but with the proof they had, the force decided to do an investigation. There was no findings though so the story becomes one of the legends that was never really solved.

These above are the Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World 2017. If you do see one try hard to catch a picture so you can show the world just how they look and if they are real. They can be very scary and may just not like their pictures being taken so they will hurt you if they get a chance.

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