Top 10 Most Successful Lawyers Ever in The world

If there is one profession or career that requires lots of hard work, dedication and sacrifice it is definitely law. Lawyers and doctors are one of the groups of persons who do a lot of work not only when they are studying in class but also when they come into the field to practice what they learnt in school. For a lawyer to be considered successful people rate them depending on their success rate in winning cases and their client base.

Not all lawyers who did well in class are successful on the field of work, but a few are very successful and they have become famous among many people all over the world. Some of these have been considered as the top ten best. Check out below the list of the top ten most successful lawyers ever in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Successful Lawyers Ever in The world until in 2017

10. David Bernick

david bernick, Top 10 Most Successful Lawyers Ever in The world 2018

David is one of the lawyers who really put to work what they learnt in class. He is one of the most successful because he has represented some of the big names and has won the cases. After studying he went to start his practice in America and he became one of the Best Lawyers in America for Business Litigation by Woodward & White. He is a leading individual trial lawyer in the Chamber Global, 2007.

9. Jose Baez


He is one of the most expensive lawyers in the period he has been practicing. Once he had completed his law degree, he started a private practice. He has been successful as a lead Attorney for Casey Anthony. In addition, he has worked as a faculty at Harvard law school. It is said that all the client that he has been represented have been highly satisfied and considered him a very talented lawyer. He is one of the best in the USA.

8. Benjamin Civiletti


This is one of the famous and well recognized lawyers in the United States. What makes him very famous is because he has been in the business for a very long time since 2005. He has been rated as an expensive lawyer because he has charged his clients highly but he never disappoints them by winning cases for them. In the legal field, he is very good at what he does.

7. Thomas Mesereau


This is one of the most famous lawyers in the child molestation cases. The case that made him famous was the one he represented Michael Jackson in 2005. He has also legally represented other big names like Mike Tyson, Robert Blake and many more other. He obtained his law degree from Harvard University and London School of Economics. He is a very famous lawyer and his earnings makes him one of the most successful in the field of law.

6. Harish Salve


Harish is one of the best lawyers in the eminent tax in India. He is one of the most successful ones in India. He has been very successful in the people he represented throughout his career. His success rate is very high making him one of the sort after lawyers in India. Beside his career as a lawyer he was the Solicitor General of India from the year 1999 to 2002. When he is not working in the office representing his clients, he loves playing piano. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Successful Lawyers Ever in The world until 2017.

5. Alan Dershowitz


Alan was one of the youngest professor of law in Harvard as he attained this position was he was only 28 year old. He has been one of the most famous lawyers in defending individual rights in which he has been very successful. He has represented several individuals including Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst and O.J Thompson. His bachelor degree is from Yale Law School. This is one of the best individual rights lawyer.

4. David Boies


He is the best Antirust lawyers in the world. The National Law Journal and Time Magazine have awarded him in 2000. He is very famous in the New York Bar Association and Commercial Litigator where he was rated amongst the most famous Antirust Lawyers. In the case he has represented he has won immensely. Some include the Microsoft Antitrust case and the American Express Antirust case where he won $4 billion in the 2000 election. He has been one of the best amongst all the clients he has represented that has made him famous.

3. Stephen Neale


He is considered on the super lawyers. In 2009 he was awarded as Super lawyer and the best lawyer in the United States in 2010. He has been very successful in representing several of his clients. One of his successes includes McAfee’s Kent Robert case general counsel. He worked to shift the blames of massive flooding in Michigan from his client, Inland Steel. He has been very successful in what he does.

2. Stacey Gardner


This is the best example of those persons who have both looks and brains. She never started off as a professional model but after she completed her law degree she started private practices. She is one of the best looking lawyers and her earnings are what makes her very successful in her career. When at the high court in California she does her works very nicely which makes her very famous. Stacey is the best amongst the female lawyers in the world.

1. Abraham Lincoln


Let us look back at the history of law to find out the best lawyers and the most successful. Lincoln was a very successful lawyer, in addition he was the 116th president of the United State. He was the one who highly advocated for the rights of slaves and he was against slavery. Some of the law cases that made him very famous are trials for medical malpractice, corporate misconduct and many other more that made him famous. He worked for more than twenty years in his services as a lawyer in the United State.

As I conclude these are the top ten most successful lawyers in the world until 2017 and from the list you will note that most of them are from the United States showing that the USA has been giving the world the best legal persons in the world.

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