Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in The World

Blogging is an activity that is thought to be work of men. This is how most societies think. However, most women have proven this phrase wrong and are currently engaging themselves in this activity. Through this, they have greatly flourished in life. Some of them have made this to be their only source of income. We will study about these ladies in this article. Let us check in list below. it contains most successful female blogger worldwide.

List of Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in The World in 2017

10. Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson Top Most Popular Successful Female Bloggers in The World 2018

Jenny Lawson is ranked in tenth position of this article. She is amongst beautiful and successful bloggers that we all know. Lawson is highly admired by many people and one of her web site has more than one million viewers. Apart from just blogging, which she began officially in 2006, Jenny does popular columns that are parenting blog. In other words, Lawson has been successful in her career. One thing I came to learn about her is determination and passion to work.

9. Keisha Easley

Keisha Easley Top Famous Successful Female Bloggers in The World 2019

Keisha Easley is another great lady who practices instructing apart from blogging. She is a well known blogger and has remained to be successful ever since she started practicing it. Her blog name is works under this website using a blogging topic named as SEO. Keisha’s work can be compared as a great organization especially after combining blogging with technical activities that she comfortably does. Easley has latest application and software that have gained high market value. They receive so many viewers in internet, which is a contribution of success to her.

8. Kristi Hines


Kristi Hine is another successful blogger ranked in eighth position of this article. Hines is a married lady but attract many people out there. She hails from south west of western countries and has a unique and uncontrolled smile. It has come to my observation that many companies and successful organization use her websites in advertising their goods and products. This tells us that she is also a wonderful marketer. Hines has been used all round by Global banks. Most of her blog pages have many viewers and fans that necessarily log in.

7. Rosalind Gardner


On seventy position of this article, we have this amazing woman known as Rosalinda Gardner. This great and beautiful woman is a talented speaker, market trainer, consultant and author. She has appeared in several competitions, lists and articles because of these titles and has made her to remain successful hence ranked in this list. Some of her topics include make money online and marketing. Through these important titles, Gardner has indeed helped many people in earning income through online means. She acts like a link between employees and employers. Rosalinda Gardner is successful and well known worldwide.

6. Penelope Trunk


Penelope Trunk is also ranked as one of most successful bloggers worldwide. She is well known because of some important features such as determination, hard work, focused and passionate about what she does. Trunk is also a business lady and author from United States of America. Her current running blog is It has many viewers and fans worldwide. Many people may think that blogging is just a simple activity and need no time. This can be proofed wrong. Most of Trunk’s time is used mostly in updating her web pages. With this, Penelope is successful and role model for many other people out there that desire of being bloggers someday.

5. Heather Armstrong


Hearther Armstrong is from United States of America and specifically a city names as City Utah, which is found in a certain salt lake. She appears in this list as one of greatest contributing bloggers studied in this article. Her known blog site name is Armstrong together with other talented workers combines their efforts in bringing out latest updates in internet. Young people from college have been able to get income from her sites. Hearther is therefore regarded as a very important lady in society.

4. Michelle Malkin


Here is another well known blogger taking position four of this article. She is beautiful and one of successful women in blogging studied in this article. Michelle Malkin is from United State of America and practices other activities such as writing, commentating and forwarding political views in internet. Her work is always regarded to be very simple but need a lot of time in doing updates. Malkin does this regularly. She has turned it to be part of his site to earn income and sometimes full time salary.

3. Ana Hoffman


Ana Hoffman is another popular and successful blogger ranked in this list article. She is position third. She officially started blogging in February 2011 and has continually been successful. Ana has unique ways of doing her work and is very skilled unlike other bloggers studied above. Hoffman is passionate and has great ideas of life. Most of them are uploaded to help other people outside there. This great woman is always available for her clients. Most of them trust her and this has contributed a lot to her success.

2. Ann Smarty


Ann Smarty should not be confused with Ana Hoffman studied in position three above. They are two different women with many differences to note. Smart is a well-known blogger from United States of America and is forever regarded as successful and beautiful. One of her main activity in blogging is marketing goods and activities of various organizations in internet. Throughout this way, Ana earns a big income hence said to be successful amongst others.

1. Ree Drummond


Ree Drummond is a bit elderly when compared to other bloggers in this list. She is however best and most successful of them all. Ana officially started her career in 2006 and has been focused in improving her web pages. Her topics include Home and garden, cooking entertainment and Home schooling.

These are the most successful female bloggers worldwide 2017. They have unique characters that have contributed to their success hence featured in this article. Most of them hails from United States of America but are famous worldwide because of their success. We credit them for beautiful and amazing work.

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