Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks On Human

Even though some of the wild species of animals seem to have a mild mannered attitude, others are extremely dangerous to be around or mess with. That is the whole reason they are mostly contained with cages around them because if they did not have any of this then thousands of people would probably be dead. As stated by a management expert named Michael Conover, the animals usually only attack because humans approach their habitats and disturb the peace of the animal.

List of Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks On Human

10. Monkey Menace Led to Deputy Mayor’s Death

Monkey Menace Led to Deputy Mayor’s Death, Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks On Human 2017

This incident happen in two thousand and seven. A pack of wild monkeys attacked the senior government of Delhi, India. Mayor S S Bajwa was on his terrace on the first floor of his home when monkeys attacked him and made him fall. When he was found he was taken to the hospital and they found several head injuries. He died the second day he was there because of the injuries.

9. Ofir Drori attacked by Crocodile


Ofir Drori was on his canoe riding down the Ethiopia Omo River when a crocodile attacked him. The wild animal latched onto his leg. He used his other leg to dig into the mud and try to get away from the beast. He struggled with the animal for a good amount of time and finally got free. By the time he got free he realized that the animal had taken a big chunk out of his calf. The crocodile was three meters long.

8. Horrifying Tiger Attack at Dinner Circus


This attack happened during the ‘Dinner Circus’ performance. Christian Walliser was doing a show and got attacked by three tigers. The animals bit into the man’s head and upper chest area and then completely bit off one of his hands as well. He did make it through all of these severely awful injuries and that made him very lucky.

7. Grizzlies Attack on American Environmentalist


Timothy Treadwell had spent many summers in the Katmai National Park that is located in Alaska. His girlfriend and himself went in October of the year 2003 so they could make observations of the wildlife there and they came up missing from the camp they was staying in. Later their bodies were found attacked and half eaten and it was confirmed that a male grizzly bear did the attack.

6. Death of the Crocodile HunteSteve


Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died because of stabbings to his heart by a stingray while he was doing a filming at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is said that stingrays only attack when they feel threatened which is why Irwin death was so rare. This was the absolute most shocking thing that has happened in the wildlife filming.

5. Grizzly Bear Attacks his Trainer


Rocky attacked his trainer during a filming and the man died instantly because of the bite that he suffered to the neck. The bear was trained to wrestle on TV shows and movies. The owner of Predators in Action, Randy Miller, said that Rocky was very good at responding to the cues given to him while they was recording and he said that the brutal attack was completely shocking.

4. Student attacked by Chimps


A pack of chimpanzees attacked the twenty six year old student from Texas because he got to close when he wanted to observe them better. He crossed two safety fences which meant he did not listen to the safety precautions that was posted. He got drug almost half a mile by his feet and then brutally attacked with bites on the ears and hands. The man lost half of his ear and some parts of his fingers during this awful attack.

3. Tiger Attacks Roy Horn


The man was very popular for being part of the German/American group called Siegfried and Roy. A white tiger that was six hundred pounds and named Manticore attacked Roy. There was a lot of injuries that were all severe and he had a bite on his neck from it. This happened while they were doing a show at the Mirage Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas, Nevada. The man did live but ended up being paralyzed as a result of this attack.

2. Killer Whale Attack During a Live Show


The whale weighed in at twenty three thousand pounds and was twenty five foot long. This attack happened at Sea World in Florida. A lot of the witnesses that were in the crowd claimed the whale jumped out of the water and grabbed its trainer, Dawn, by her waist and took her under the water with it. This happened while she was performing a live show for the crowd. The killer whale was named Trillium.

1. Travis, The Bloodthirsty Chimpanzee


In 2009 this chimp attacked Charla Nash, she was a friend of the chimps keeper. Sandy Herold had raised the monkey from the time he was born and for fourteen years it did not show any signs of a vicious behavior. The monkey mauled Charley by ripping off her nose, lips, hands, and eyelids. A cop shot him when it ripped open the door of the police car and began showing its fangs that were covered in blood. The lady that was mauled ended up having a face transplant and had tons of surgeries done for reconstruction.

In the end, it is always best to leave the wildlife alone. Do not go doing daring activities around any of these animals that has been listed because if you do, you could not only suffer some very serious and harmful injuries but you also have a possibility of not making it through the attack and could be killed. Being a daredevil sometimes is just not worth losing your own life over. These animals would rather be left alone than to be bothered and feel like you are threatening their lives. Always be careful and never just walk up on any of these species because it could turn very badly for not only yourself but others around you as well.

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