Top 10 Most Powerful People in The World

These people are just a few of the ones who have powerful spots in the world. It may not seem like a lot but when it all comes down to it it all lands in their lap at the end of the day. Dealing with money or a hole country is a lot of work that does not go away overnight or the next day. Their life will deal with things that some people do not even think would be someone else’s problem.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful People in The World in 2017

10. David Cameron

david cameron, Top 10 Most Powerful People in The World 2017-2018

He is the prime minister of United Kingdom and after just two years of being in the office he went from being considered second coming to standing off in the shadow of the new Iron lady named Angela Merkel. The man continues to not accept the chancellor’s want for increasing the EU budget and he even went as far as to say he would veto anything except a freeze of spending. Back at his home area he is facing an economic downfall disappointed electorate along with his own party rumbling about the future of Britain.

9. Xi Jinping


He is more than likely going to be a leader for China for the next several years and recently got bumped up in his position to the communist party’s highest spot. Not only that but he got to take the position of chairman for the military commission. That makes him in control of the biggest army in the world. All of this will be complete in March for his takeover because he is taking the spot of president and head of state. The man’s wife is a folk singer and quite famous in her own right.

8. Mario Draghi


Because of how the euro dollar seems to constantly go from one crisis to another one, the European Central Banks are so important. Mario is the chief banker for this particular branch and part of the biggest currency section in the world. This man gets to be the one to try and keep a financial unity between seventeen different countries. He ended up with a nickname of super mario because he done an exceptional job of navigating the Italian politics.

7. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud


He became the King of Saudi Arabia in 2005 after he took over the throne when his half brother died. The man remained King until his own death in 2015. This man was the son of the guy that founded modern Saudi Arabia. His very first time in office was when he was elected mayor of Mecca. A year after that he became the commander of the national guard in Saudi Arabia. He remained as commander until he got the position of King. While he was in the reign he always kept a close relationship with the United States and with Britain, he even bought billions of dollars worth of defensive equipment from both places.

6. Ben Bernanke


He is the chairman of the United States Federal Reserve and recently began a huge spending spree. The reserves are now snapping in forty billion dollars once a month for mortgage securities and the forty-five billion dollars worth of Treasuries. The federal reserve’s balance sheet had an amount of 2.9 trillion dollars. Of course it was stated that the Fed can not do very much and the politicians are the ones with all the power to keep the country from falling over on the fiscal cliff.

5. Pope Benedict XVI


The power this man has is enough to cover a lot of space. He is over one point two billion catholics. This includes all the people around the world. They go to him for advice on certain things like birth control, abortion and so many other things they need answers on. He is head of state in Vatican City. he may be old in his eighties but people still ask him about all of these things and go on what he tells them. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Powerful People in The World 2017.

4. Bill Gates


He is the world’s second man that is the richest. He is worth sixty five billion dollars. He gave away twenty eight billion of his money and is still second richest. If by the year twenty twenty people are starting to improve in health it means that he has saved that many people because of the things he came up with to eliminate certain diseases. The pledge “Giving Pledge” is one that has people giving away almost half of their money or more.

3. Vladimir Putin


He is the President of Russia. He was relected for a third time for another six year term. He is at the age of sixty and that is the year that you should retire but no one has the nerve to make him quit. He does not care that he needs to retire but he will when he is ready. Maybe after the six years in this term he may decide to give up and retire but if not he will probably run again and make it further.

2. Angela Merkel


This woman at the age of fifty eight she is one of the backbones for the European Union. She deals with all the money that is being passed around in this area and doing that is a huge job. She has to count and recount money all day long. She has so many challenges she has to deal with it is a surprise that she has not quit already and gave up on the place but she holds her head strong and continues on.

1. Barack Obama


The President of the U.S. and he has everything on his shoulders. He deals with anything that happens in the state. If a country gets hit with bombs he is there to figure it out. If there is any type of crisis he has to be the one to deal with it and that is a lot on a man at the age of fifty one. He will deal with more than anything before he even gets to see his family at night. If the crisis is still happened the next day he still has to wake up and figure it all out.

These above are the Top 10 Most Powerful People in The World 2017. If you think these people have it easy you are crazy. They work their lives around their jobs. If you know who they are then you know it is very hard for them to deal with on a daily basis. Some things get crazier than others but if they have help then it is a little easier than what some others do. Just look up their jobs and read a little on each and you will see that they do not get a break it is nonstop.

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