Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago

When it is about great restaurants, Chicago is one of the most passionate cities. The windy city boasts of a number of restaurants that are some of the greatest in the whole wide world. Even though there are like thousands of restaurants in this city but there are some that win over with its fine choice of ingredients, tantalizing taste, sensuous décor and impeccable customer service and oh, an extensive wine list! The most popular restaurants in Chicago provide a world-class eating experience to food lovers.

If you have the urge to travel and Chicago has always fascinated you, then there is no looking back! Next time when you’re heading out for lunch, dinner or brunch, remember to visit one of the top ten restaurants in Chicago in 2018 for a foodgasmic experience.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago in 2018.

10. Avec

Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago

Chef Paul Kahan’s very hip restaurant, Avec, was launched in 2003 and it specializes in Mediterranean-inspired small play dishes, vino and beer. This place is regarded as a bastion of culinary coolness. The seating is extremely communal and tight and hence, get ready to get real chummy with your neighbors while enjoying a hearty meal.

9. Alinea

Grant Achatz was the winner of James Beard Award as well as the covet-worthy Outstanding Chef Award in 2008 and he is one of the most reputed and renowned chefs in Chicago and probably the world. But Alinea does not just stay crowded because of that. This restaurant is known for serving unique and cutting-edge cuisines that is full of twist and turns that is Chef Achatz specialty. This restaurant has a tickets-only reservation system and you better get yours done if you wish to enjoy some lip smacking food! This is one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago right now.

8. Bar Marta

Bar Marta is a paradise for food and wine lovers. It serves sophisticated new American plates and desserts along with exclusive cocktails, beer and wine. The compact space has a low light setting and the space is dominated by a mirrored bar. With such awesome interiors, scrumptious food and wine menu and world-class customer services, it is one of the popular and must-visit restaurants in the Windy City.

7. Aloha Poke Co.

Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago

The Hawaiian-inspired fish and rice bowls is sweeping the nation. The craze is simply too much and this restaurant amply provides for this craze by whipping up some insane dishes that has made it famous all over the city. It is one of the hottest and sexiest restaurants in the city with a very relaxed and informal interior setting. It pulls the crowd and people from far and wide comes to eat here.

6. Oriole

Oriole boasts of a really great interior setting and coupled with the soft lights, it is one of the sexiest restaurants in Chicago. One very interesting thing about this eating joint is that there is no menu as such! But don’t worry; you’re in extremely good hands as fabulous dishes begin to pour out from the open kitchen to serve you such as lamb belly.

5. Leña Brava

After two years of some serious brainstorming, Rick Bayless has finally unleashed his dual concept. Lena Brava is a Baja seafood-inspired restaurant and a mezcal bar. This place is always buzzing and one has to make reservations a week in advance since they’re always full!

4. SteakBar

Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago

The team of the Kirkwood Bar and Grill has transformed this Old Town steakhouse into a nightclub with thumping music, a DJ at the console and a whole lot of beer in pitchers to help wash down all that beef. It is a great place not only for enjoying a hearty dinner listening to great music and drinking exotic cocktails but it is also a fantastic place to party and stay out late.

3. Roister

This hip West Loop destination is run by Chef Achatz of Alinea and his crew. This dining joint is less formal but still very much cutting-edge as is Achatz’s specialty. The décor of the place is stylishly modern and this place is well known for its preppy music, informal setting, a great list of cocktails and open kitchen. The unusual ingredients are what attracts people from far and wide to this really sexy joint!

2. Il Porcellino

This place serves some serious finger licking Italian food from pastas, antipasti and more. The interior of this place is pretty chilled out and relaxed featuring funky photography and it pulls crowd from varied age groups. The informal setting gives people the space to relax while enjoying their delicious Italian meal.

1. Duck Duck Goat

Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago

If you are up for some punchy Asian flavors and an all-can beer list, then Duck Duck Goat is a must visit. Chef Stephanie Izard cooks some really creative Chinese dishes that have the right mix of flavors. The décor of the place is extremely sophisticated with exotic drapery and tabletops and the bar is designed to look like an outdoor pavilion. Enjoy crafty cocktails or sip on beer as you enjoy some kickass Asian flavors at this one of the most popular restaurants in Chicago in 2018.

Want to pamper your taste-buds, feel the essence of the culinary exuberance that you find at the top eating zones in Chicago, then you must run through this list of top most popular restaurants in Chicago that is going to offer a real gourmet feel! Hope you had a great time, reading about the food-loaded and rich platter of info!

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