Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World

Irritating at times, mascots are used by corporations to sell their products. However, they do not annoy all the time, and some are very appealing. Only a bit of their overall job is the annoying part. Some of the mascots have become very popular and are even adored by people. The following is our list of top ten most popular food mascots in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World in 2017

1. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Top Most Famous Food Mascots in The World 2018

The mascot is Captain Hook’s and John Sparrow’s creation. It is one of the best if not the best mascot in the world. Captain Morgan is a famous mascot for alcohol food. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum is a favorite for college students. Almost everyone has heard of the spiced rum plugged by this pirate. It is from the 17th century that it started gaining fame. To many people, the food mascot is viewed as a cartoon character similar to Captain Hook and John Sparrow. However, the mascot is based on an actual person. This person is known as Sir Henry Morgan. It ranks first in our top ten popular food mascots in the world.

2. Chris Rutt (Aunt Jemima)

Chris Rutt (Aunt Jemima) Top Popular Food Mascots in The World 2018

Aunt Jemima is a famous food mascot started by Chris Rutt along with Charles Underwood. Chris laid the famous food company foundation. The two decided to purchase a flower mill. They decided to use another route after realizing that the flour industry was already crowded which led to a lot of competition. The course decided by the two was packaging pancake mix in small boxes. They gave it the name Aunt Jemima. This mix product referred to as Aunt Jemima would go on to achieve pancake history. The product has long been sold in tiny boxes but has now become famous in many regions of the world using its name “Aunt Jemima.”

3. Erich Huzenlaub


A German chemist, Erich Hunzenlaub was the founder and inventor of Uncle Ben’s rice. Nobody knows where the name Uncle Ben’s came from. This brand deals with parboiled rice and related food products. 1943 was the year when Uncle Ben’s rice was first marketed, and between the 1950s to 1990s it became the top-selling rice. The food mascot has been around for a long period and is extremely famous. He teamed up with Forrest Mars who assisted Erich in packaging and selling the rice in the United States.

4. Ettore Boiardi


A renowned head chef Ettore Boiardi was not only the head chef in the Plaza in New York City but also Greenbrier head chef located in West Virginia. He is an Italian-born chef. The food mascot Chef Boyardee is none other than Ettore Boiardi himself. All his frozen food has his face and name on them. He franchised both his sauces and his pasta dishes. The mascot is truly one of the worlds finest. This mascot is rated number four on our list.

5. Wally Amos


The founder Wally Amos is the mascot for his cookies. He is famous for some of the sweetest and tasty cookies which are wonderfully cooked. Wally Amos appears on his TV shows other TV shows and has his commercials for Wally Amos brand. His cookies are known to be delicious and have a mouthwatering taste. This mascot is among the top popular food mascots in the world.

6. Oscar Mayer


Another popular mascot is Oscar Mayer. Its TV commercial made Oscar Mayer be famously known and made the brand become a household name. The commercial was about a little boy giving his bologna the name Oscar Mayer. This commercial became of the industries longest running commercial. It is from this advert that the brand Oscar Mayer became a household name. As one of the most beloved mascot, it is also one of the most enduring too.

7. Bob Wian


It is from Austin power movies that many people know Bob’s Big Boy best. Originally referred to as Bob’s Pantry, it was founded in 1936 in California. Thanks to the founder, Bob Wian, the mascot is famous for its finest quality of meals all over the world. Some people may not know that Bob’s Big Boy is a restaurant chain.

8. Betty Crocker


Marjorie Husted created the famous Betty Crocker brand. This image became general mills icon under Husted supervision. Betty Crocker’s portrait appears on product packaging and printed advertisements. Husted created the portrait to give consumers questions a personalized response. Betty was viewed as an all-American name hence selected. The name was paired with another name Croker, honoring William Croker, a director in Washburn Crosby Company. This image has been able to endure several generations while adapting to economic, social and political currents.

9. Colonel Sanders


One of the most known fast food icons is, without a doubt, Kentucky Fried Chicken. The famous Kentucky fried chicken mascot is Colonel Sanders. The mascot is not fake though many may think so. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise was opened by Colonel Mascot in 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kentucky Fried Chicken brought back Colonel Sanders as part of its brand makeover in May 2015. His image and name are still the company’s symbol. The man playing Colonel Sanders grew up in Indiana and created the favorite dish “Indiana Fried Chicken.” Colonel Sander’s mascot symbolizes a Santa-like character who adores cooking tasty snacks in a homey like atmosphere. A black bow tie and a white suit will always remind people of those crispy chicken bits. This is despite that Colonel Sanders is no longer with us for more than 35 years.

10. Little Debbie


It was founded by O.D and Ruth McKee in 1960. Cookies and cake desserts are the primary products of Little Debbie’s line. Some of their popular all baked goods include Swiss cake rolls, Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Pies, Cosmic Brownies and Nutty Bars. Originally the mascot’s photo was black and white. Pearl Mann created this black and white photo. The picture she came up with was that of a little girl eight or nine years of age. This logo was slightly changed in 1985 and also in 2013. McKee named the product after his little four-year-old granddaughter whose name was Debbie.

No one can deny that mascots make corporations brand more popular. Companies having famous mascots are easily recognizable making their food items more attractive to the general population.
Most of these famous mascots have been able to not only steal the attention but win the hearts of almost all people who loves food and food products. Most people have in one way experienced the meal of one or more of these mascots.

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