Top 10 Most Popular English Television Channels in The World

Television channels are best way of getting information, news and entertainment at large. Currently, watching is part of everyday life and cannot be avoided whatsoever. Different countries are now running television channels that have grown to be very successful and satisfying therefore can be trusted by many household. Below is a list containing 10 popular English television channels globally.

List of Top 10 Most Popular English Television Channels in The World in 2017

10. Star Sports

star sports, Top 10 Most Popular English Television Channels in The World 2017

Star sports is a famous television channel available in most parts of Asia and was first launched on 21st August, 1993, India. It is owned by star India and popularly known for broadcasting sports news mostly in several countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives to mention a few. Being a sport team sponsor, star is successful ad contains ten channels with four being standard definition while others being high definition. It appears in this list in position ten for having strong cable of networks allowing fans to enjoy programs comfortably.

9. CN Cartoon Network

cn cartoon network, Top 10 Most Popular English Television Channels in The World 2017

Most people abbreviate Cartoon Network as CN. This is an American satellite television channel first launched on 1st October, 1992 and is owned by time Warner through a subsidiary broadcasting system known as Turner. CN fans are mostly children of 7 to 15 years of age who enjoy watching cartoon programs. However, some people of different ages love watching it also. Good thing about this channel is that it is reached by people all over this universe and has quality picture formats.

8. Star World


Star world is a television channel that operates in 24hour and is owned by Star TV. It is popularly known for syndicating famous shows from different parts such as Australia, United Kingdom and United Parts of America. Star was launched on 15th December, 1991 as star plus and star world came to existence on 31st match 1996. Broadcasting in English language this channel has been distributed in more than 50 countries and has several shows and programs. Featuring it in this list is not a mistake at all for various international shows, dramas and informative programs are presented here.

7. Channel V


Channel V is a multiple international music television network that is owned by a group by name Fox and is fully recognized by many people in 21st century. Launched on 23rd May, 1994, channel V presents news in English, Korean, Chinese and Indonesian languages. Many people have dropped positive reviews in internet as their favorite, strong and powerful channel for entertainment purposes and music fans at large. Favorite tracks are played through this network so there is no need of being bored during the day. Various local programs are also featured in this channel.

6. Fox News


Fox News channel has its headquarters in America and is a basic cable and television network owned by a group of subsidiaries called Fox entertainment of 21st century. This channel presents news to approximately 95 million Americans households without any struggle. Their network and satellites are so strong and was officially launched on 7th October 1996, in United States of America. People from different parts of this universe are able to reach their news. Are you out of USA and want to get connected to outside world? Connect your television with network channel and get entertained.

5. National Geographical Channel


Abbreviated as NAT GEO, this amazing channel is an American digital Cable owned by national geographic partners of 21st century. However, national Geographic Society owns part of this organization. NAT GEO was officially launched on 1st September, 1997, in United States of America and is broadcasting its news to all parts of this universe. It reaches out more than 87 million household specifically in United States of America. Their picture format is unique and powerful as well. We could not have omitted this television channel in this article. it is so successful ad one of those that are doing well. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular English Television Channels in The World 2017.

4. HBO


HBO in full means Full Box Office. It is a popular English Channel for broadcasting movies only. There are many movie lovers in world today and this could be their appropriate channel when they are very free from work. Having its headquarters in America, HBO broadcasts news that is watched by big and small nations of this world. People all over appreciate different English movie shows and entertainment. This channel was first launched 8th November, 1972 and is old compared to other popular channel.



ESPN refers to Entertainment and sports programming Network. This channel is popular in United States and other parts worldwide. It has been is service for 37 years now since launched on 7th September, 1979. Broadcasting news in English language, ESPN shows and dramas as well are reached by approximately 95 million views that pay for every service rendered forward. It operates mostly in strongly in countries like Brazil, America, and UK to mention a few and is famous for recording sports and game programs happenings all over.

2. AXN


AXion is abbreviated by people and is a satellite television Channel owned by Sony pictures partners. First, it was launched on 22nd May, 1997, in Asia but now has spread to different countries like Japan, Europe, India, Indonesia, America and United Kingdom. Most television lovers get entertained through programs that come during weekends, entertainment shows and interesting movies that will keep you glued to your television.

1. BBC News


BBC news is scooping position one of this article. Popularly known and trusted by many people, BBC is a business operation working in division levels and is largest among other news broadcasting organizations and companies. Their services are appreciated and maintains up to 50 foreign news with more than 300 correspondents. There are 2000 journalists working with this company and other 1000 employees. BBC is legally authorized by Royal Charter therefore depended by government officials.

Those are the best English television channels worldwide 2017. They are successful and popular globally.

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