Top 10 Most Luxurious Houses in The World

Most of the most luxurious homes on the list is owned by either a business tycoon or a famous celebrity that is well capable of affording it. The houses all have a unique quality about them and some even have a touching backstory that will warm your heart. A house is not a home until you make it one and many of the buyers or creators of these places have done exactly that, made them a home.

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Houses in The World in 2017

10. Dracula’s Castle

Dracula’s Castle, Top 10 Luxurious Houses World

Romania- This is said to be the home of the famous character Dracula and is such an amazing mansion that is worth 135 million dollars. It is located near the city of Bran in Romania. From reports on the internet, the home is up for sale so if you have the money this would be a great piece of property to own. There are a total of twenty seven rooms in the structure with seventeen of them being bedrooms. All of the sleeping rooms have antique furniture in them. With that many rooms I am pretty sure this has quite a large number for the square footage.

9. Updown Court- England


Located in the village called Windlesham that is in Surrey, England, this California style home sits on about fifty eight acres of land. With a total number of one hundred and three rooms, this house is definitely considered luxurious. There is a lot amenities that are in it such as a swimming pool and even a bowling alley. In the year of 2005 this home was considered the most expensive for a private residence in the entire world. I am sure anyone would be excited to own this 139 million dollar home if you can afford it.

8. The Manor


The formerly known Spelling Manor has one hundred and twenty three room and is the largest house in the whole city of Los Angeles, California. It is not a museum or anything like that, this beauty is privately owned and was built in the year of 1991 in a French Chateau Style. The land is a total of 4.6 acres and would be plenty big enough for any type of events you enjoy having. Famous television producer Aaron Spelling originally had the home built but Spelling’s wife sold the home a little while after his death and listed it for 150 million dollars. After it was on the market for two year Petra Stunt bought it for a cool 85 million.

7. Franchuk Villa- London, UK


Located in Belgravia at the Central part of London, this home has everything from a swimming pool to a gym and even a theater. The Victorian style house is worth 161 million dollars and has six floors in it. I can not even begin to imagine what the inside of this home looks like and I figure if you were to take a personal tour of every single room in here, you would probably spend a couple of hours taking it all in.

6. Victorian Villa


Ukraine- Bought with a 161 million dollar price tag, the house has five floors with a sauna, gym, swimming pool, panic room, and even a theater. Elena Franchuk owns the home, she is a businesswoman in Ukraine and also a philanthropist. The luxurious home has so much to offer and is worth all of its money.

5. Hearst Mansion


It is located on the Central Coast of California in the US and worth a hundred and sixty five million dollars. Constructed by William Randolph, a man that was famous for being a newspaper icon. A guy named Leonard Ross bought it in nineteen seventy six. He was a lawyer who had the money to spend. It is on six hectares of land in Beverly Hills. Has twenty nine different bedrooms to stay in and the Godfather was filmed here.

4. Fairfield Pond- New York


Ira Rennert an American investor and businessman lives here. He named it after the body of water Fairfield Pond. Located in the Hamptons in New York, US. it is covering sixty three acres of land. It is the largest place in the US. has a bowling alley that is separate from the house and a hot tub that is worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The worth of this beautiful home is one hundred and seventy million dollars.

3. The Penthouse- London


Coming in at two hundred million dollars a apartment that covers a lot of area. To be exact it cover six hundred pounds per square feet. It has shocked a lot of real estate agents in the London area. It was built in Hyde Park. it is the most expensive apartment in the world right now. You can go see this spot and see what all the talk is about if you ever visit.

2. Villa Leopolda- French Riviera


Twenty seven stories high and is Europe’s most expensive home. It gets its name from King Leopold. He built it in ninteen oh two and he did it all for his mistress. She was one lucky woman to have a man do this for her. Eighty thousand square feet and is divided on two guest houses that have twenty acres of ground. It has a private beachfront and it is one of the best beach fronts in France, it includes fourteen bathrooms and only eleven baths. Why do you need more bathrooms than bedrooms w have no idea. It has huge gardens and so much more that you can not even believe. This is worth five hundred and six million dollars.

1. Antilla- Mumbai, India


Looks more like three houses stacked on top of each other but it is not. It has broke the world’s record of the most expensive house in this world. Twenty seven stories high and said that it is considered the Taj Mahal. It belongs to the fifth richest man named Mukesh Ambani. Four thousand square feet and is every bit of a luxury home with luxury things inside. Worth one billion dollars.

These above are the Top 10 Most Luxurious Houses in The World 2017. These house may cost a lot but who really wants to pay that much money for something you have to keep the bills paid in. well the rich people can do it because they can throw money around. Being able to afford this makes you someone who does not have to worry about anything happening to you anytime soon. Your family is taken care of and you have a house that keeps you nice and dry and out of the weather. Just make sure if something happens you get someone in to look at it right away.

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