Top 10 Most Intelligent Serial Killers of All Time

Ever wonder what a serial killer really is up to. Well some have high IQs and mess up a lot. They are so smart and in the end get caught for their actions. Even if you are the smartest person on this Earth you will still be caught and figured out. One slip up and you are caught. No hiding the fact that you did it and if you forget one thing then they will find it and have you arrested faster than you realize what is happening.

List of Top 10 Most Intelligent Serial Killers of All Time until in 2017

10. John Christie

John Christie Top Popular Intelligent Serial Killers 2019

Before becoming a serial killer he served many years of prison because of theft and assault. Killing at least six women which included his wife before getting arrested. He was found guilty and was hung in nineteen fifty three. He grew up to be sexually dysfunctional, control obsessed hypochondriac, with an inherent dislike of women. Married his wife in nineteen twenty, but still had sexual difficulties and would visit prostitutes. He moved in with a prostitute and assaulted her. He then got back with his wife in nineteen thirty three. After his first killing the thrill of it made him plan very carefully for his next killing. He would poison the women and then rape them and then hide the bodies were he figured they would not be found. His IQ was 128 which is above average.

9. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper Top Most Popular Intelligent Serial Killers 2018

He killed his grandparents to see what he felt like at the age of fifteen. He would kill hitchhikers leading to six young women in the Santa Cruz area in nineteen seventies. Nineteen seventy three is when he killed his mother and her friend and turned himself in. when he killed his grandparents they gave him a test and found that he had a very high IQ. he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. He would always engage in sexual activity with the corpses.

8. Ted Bundy


He raped and murdered young women in several states. In nineteen eighty nine he was executed in Florida’s electric chair. At the age of three he was fascinated by knives. The girls he killed at first resembled the girlfriend he had that broke his heart. He would rape the girls then beat them to death. No one will ever know how many women he really killed because it is not known. Was put to death by the electric chair. IQ of 136 which is ranged as “gifted”.

7. Kristen Gilbert


The method of murder was to poisoning them. The VA hospital staff members speculated that Gilbert may have killed eighty or more deaths. She had two children and was married and then divorced. She was convicted in two thousand and one in federal court. She was subject to the death penalty. She was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole plus twenty years.

6. George Russell, Jr.


Nicknamed “The Charmer” and “East Side Killer”. Selected to two consecutive life terms plus twenty eight years in prison. He was abandoned with his grandmother who was negligent. He would break into houses while the owners slept and steal what he could find and would sometimes stand by the bedside and watch women sleep. He would get people to lie for him so he could get off easy. After his ex girlfriend was found beaten he became a suspect. He would beat them and raped them then place the hands and feet as if they was lying in a coffin. He was considered a gifted child with his high IQ.

5. Andrew Cunanan


Socializing with older wealthy gay men while doing heavy drugs. He was guy and his mother was a religious woman. A dark side of him exacerbated by an insatiable need for drugs, kinky sex, and material wealth. When he was a teenager he prostituted himself out and became obsessed with violent porn and would sometimes take part in the films. His motivates were never figured out. Labeled as a genius his IQ was 147.

4. Carroll Cole


Claimed to have killed fourteen people. He drowned a classmate at just the age of eight. He said he killed the fourteen but could not remember the exact number because he was an alcoholic and mainly killed while drunk. The IQ test showed he was at genius level with 152 IQ.

3. Charlene Williams


She now goes by the name of Mary Martinez and lives in Sacramento. She also went by the name Charlene Gallego. When she was using the name Gallego she was killing with Gerald Armond Gallego. They was sometimes said to be “The Love Slave Killers’. Gerold brought home a sixteen year old dancer and they all had a threeseome. He found Charlene and the dancer in bed together and threw the dancer out the window. She did as she was told by Gerald and brought home the teenagers so they could face their deaths. Some were shot and others beaten. They all had to do sexual favors and then killed. Some suffered and others killed instantly.

2. Rodney Alcala


Known as the Dating Game Killer. He would strangle his victims till they lost consciousness. He did this several times before they finally just died. He took pictures of the people in sexually suggestive poses. Over a thousand was found after his arrest. His IQ close to 135. He used is smooth talking charm to get selected to compete on the TV show The dating Game.

1. Ted Kaczynski


He was known as the “Unabomber”. He mailed bombs to universities and airlines. In nineteen ninety six he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Most the time the bombs would harm the person who opened it but not kill them. Only a few times did it actually kill people. When arrested there was one bomb that was completed found and other bomb parts. Plus a forty thousand page journal of his which described his crimes in details. There was no way for him to get out of what he did in anyway. He attempted suicide when he was preparing to go on trail. He told his lawyer not to use insanity as a defense. He said he was not mentally ill in any way. He plead guilty to thirteen federal bombing related charges. He received four life sentences and another thirty years for his actions. Iq of 167 which is very smart.

These serial killers are very smart but not smart enough to hide all the details. They always slip up and end up in jail or killed by the chair. You will notice some of them did one small thing and that was it. They plead guilty or they have no way out. None of them pleaded insanity. They was not insane but to smart.

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