Top 10 Most Important American Inventors Ever

American inventors have made some really contributions to the world of science, medicine and technology. These individuals have made all sorts of machines, gadgets and gizmos that have helped people in a variety of different ways. American inventors have even changed how people behave on in modern times. The following information will describe some the top American inventors that have altered the course of their country and the world.

List of Top 10 Most Important American Inventors Ever until in 2017

10. Larry Page


Larry Page helped to establish Google and he the company’s CEO. He has created a web browser that is the best on the planet. This browser is designed to quickly access information within a moment’s notice. To put it at a person’s finger tips. Page has also has made many more computer related services and products that center on information, technology and entertainment. His company is a leading technology organization that many other computer and science companies highly respect. Google’s services and products have altered how people live, work and communicate.

9. Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple and is considered by many people to be one of the greatest inventors to have ever lived. He is responsible for the iPhone device. This is the premiere flagship device that all other smartphone technologies emulate (including Samsung and Android). Jobs transformed the world with this technology he literally altered the way people communicate, entertain themselves and how they interact with the world. Jobs was truly a genius that has set the stage for personalized computer hardware and interaction.

8. Herman Hollerith

Herman Hollerith Top Popular Important American Inventors Ever 2019

Herman Hollerith is not a well-known name but his invention was very important. He created a punch-card tabulation machine that was to be used for statistical computation. His machine made it possible to count hundreds or thousands pieces of information within a relatively short amount of time. His invention was the springboard for the modern computers that we now use. Hollerith had a company that was based off of his punch-card tabulation machine. It was later renamed IBM which is the computer giant that many people are familiar with today.

7. Henry Ford

Henry Ford Top Famous Important American Inventors Ever 2019

Karl Friedrich Benz could be considered the first true inventor of the automobile but it was Henry Ford who made cars as we know them today. Ford created the assembly line for automobile manufacturing. Through this process he managed to improve how automobiles work and to streamline their production. He also popularized gas-powered vehicles. He added various components to early vehicles that standardized the features that drivers enjoy today. Ford’s work on the automobile has changed the way the world travels and lives.

6. Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney Top Most Famous Important American Inventors Ever 2018

Picking cotton is one of those activities that many people would rather avoid. Cotton picking is a loaded activity that sheds light on America’s questionable past. However, cotton was truly King. Since it was so important in the south many southern plantation owners needed it to stay wealthy and to support the local economy.

Slaves were used to pick cotton. Indentured servants and Indians were not enough. Cotton picking was a slow and tedious task and the Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney sped up the process. This unit could efficiently be used to remove the seeds from cotton leaving behind the good stuff. Slaves still had to pick but the Cotton Gin made things better for them in the fields.

Eli Whitney is also the first American inventor to figure out the process of mass production. He realized that if a person was to use interchangeable parts; an item can be quickly assembled in a short amount of time. The process of mass production caught on slowly because of his efforts.

5. George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver Top Most Popular Important American Inventors Ever 2018

George Washington Carver was an agricultural chemist who invented three hundred uses for peanuts. More importantly, he helped to revolutionize agricultural lands within the U.S. which benefited millions of people all over the globe.

Carver invented planting and crop rotation methods that helped to maintain farming soil. He also found 300 uses for peanuts. He used them in commercial products and in various different types of foods. He also found many uses for soybeans, pecans and potatoes. Carver’s inventions had helped the U.S. economy during the early 20th century tremendously. He is truly one of the greatest American inventors of all time until 2017.

4. Alexander Graham Bell


Just about every person alive has communicated on the telephone at some point in time during their life. This device allows people communicate over long distances through electrical impulses and wires. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and it is one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world. Graham’s invention of the phone eliminated the need for carriers to transport messages over great distances.

They also helped news to flow a quicker rate of speed. People could find out about what is happening in the world by communicating over the phone. The phone has evolved a long way since it was created. It has transformed from a rotary device into a personalized hand held wireless unit known as a smartphone.

3. Benjamin Franklin


Dr. Benjamin Franklin was a fine statesman, politician, leader and inventor. This was a true Renaissance Man that did many great things during his lifetime. One of Franklin’s greatest deeds as an inventor was figuring out how electricity worked and how he could harness its power. Once Franklin realized the nature of electricity he figured out how to use it in a practical way to help society. Franklin not only helped people to learn how to control electricity he also invented a good central heating system for homes (Franklin Stove) and he created bifocals as well.

2. The Wright Brothers


The Wright Brothers invented the airplanes. Their work with aeronautical machinery is responsible for the highly developed aeronautical field that is available today. Without the Wright Brothers cracking the code of air flight, mankind would not have been able to travel into outer space. These two inventors have literally changed the course of the world. Commercial flights, space exploration and air forces all over the world wouldn’t be possible without the discoveries of the Wrights.

1. Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison is known for inventing the light bulb. However, he invented so many more things other than this useful object. Edison invented devices such as the first camera for recording motion, the phonograph and an electric vote recorder. Without Edison’s inventions people probably would not have movies, television, CDs, records and radio. Edison’s inventions were very diverse and many of the objects that he created are still in use today but in a more perfected form. Edison has invented well over 1,000 patents which is a testament to his great genius.

These above are the Top 10 Most Important American Inventors Ever until 2017. All of these inventors have made contributions that are truly inspirational and life altering. Their work will influence many lives across the globe; throughout each generation that comes into existence on Earth.

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