Top 10 Most Highly Rated News Bulletin Channel in The World

Information is always important in one’s life .This is what help people to know what is happening in the world without this, people would be much uninformed. It always good to have them, some operates 24 hours most of this are the channels are the channel that bullet news from the whole world. They give very true information. Below are the channel that have been ranked as the best channel that have been short listed after the analysis of the entire channel.

List of Top 10 Most Highly Rated News Bulletin Channel in The World in 2017


geo news, Top 10 Most Highly Rated News Bulletin Channel in The World 2017

This is in Pakistan and was launched in the year 2004, this is a corporation by it known they even have their own newspapers. Geo network were launched in 2002 but by then they did not have the tv station. The channel features news, sport and entertainment. The channel is common in Urdu speaking countries .It was banned for 15 days and I was fined .They commonly known anchors are WAHIJ Sani, Sultan and Junaid .the commonly known programs are Aapas Kibat, Report card and many other.



This is a Hindi channel in India .The Company was founded by Prannoy Roy and his wife in the year 1988.This is one of the much known TV station .The most trusted in the whole country. Some of the journalist here are important people in the government. Pankaj is a TV presenter, a news anchor and still he is the advisor to the former prime minister. Some of the very known presenters are;Barkha Dutt,Ravish dutt and Sonia .The company have more than one channel they are NDTV, NDTV good times ,NDTV worldwide.



This is from France it was established in 1993.The station is known in over 155 countries. The owners of this are the Media Global Network and Naguib Sawiris is the chairman he owns at around 53% of the shares .they focus mostly the European countries they do bulleting after every thirty minutes .10 minutes is given to bullet promos or advertisement. At times, they even broadcast about the weather but this the European climate.



This is a South African channel trusted by very many people .It is viewed by very many people .They are known to have the very high quality news and the quality of the pictures is very good. It covers the world as well as Africa .Most people go for this, they also do advertisement.



This is from Doha and it is funded by the state. It is at times funded by a family that rule Qatar .It was known to broadcast Arabic news but since it have become so popular they now use all the languages including English. The channel have won so many awards .This is known even in African country because they bullet news that is very classic.



This is known all over the world it is even ranked as one of the best channel. This mostly major on sport though they still bullet what is going on in the world. If interested in viewing football this is the best though it still bring other game on air. This mainly major on entertainment. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Highly Rated News Bulletin Channel in The World 2017.



The headquarters are found in Dubai ,it is owned by MBC it was launched in the year 2003.The channel is free to air so anyone can view without any charges this is an added advantage. It is very popular in Middle East , it broadcast financial and business news ,sports and current affairs too. The channel is known for even bringing very personal new about person more so the leaders .This was the reason it was banned in Iraq for showing a video of one of very known leaders. Therefore, it is very common in Middle East.

3. Fox NEWS


This have been one of the most known channel since 1996 .There news are trusted by all the people .The news are also viewed even in the African countries .Its originate from America and it is satellite channel viewed by very many people. It’s the key thing in the united states of America .It balances everything including entertainment because it have other sister channel that bullet the other .The fox is meant for news full time everything that is happening in the whole world at times they even broadcast about the African Countries. Most people believe in it very much.

2. BBC


This stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, it is in London a well-known channel for bringing news about the whole world more so the very crucial news .It was founded by John Reith in 1922.This is the oldest and the very known having very many workers than you can imagine. It is funded by the government and it one of the richest channel known. Most people trust this channel .Since it was established no any scandal that it has ever been found with this Chanel most people have all the reason to trust this radio. Mostly they do new but still other commercial advertisement to maintain the channel.

1. CNN


This stands for Cable News Network. It is a satellite TV channel in America. It is owned by turner broadcasting system .It was started in 1980. It was the first channel to view news in 24 hours. It views news to all the cities in America their headquarters are in Washington D .C. The channel is aired in 212 countries. The pictures are very c classic and of high quality most of the people like watching from this channel. In the study done in 2015 it was discovered that they have over 90 million viewers being one of the best. They have worn so many awards meaning it is the best. If interested in viewing very hot news and the latest news this is the best you can go for.

These above are Top 10 Most Highly Rated News Bulletin Channel in The World 2017. News is important is always good to know what is happening in other countries .This channel tend to even over work themselves so as to keep everyone to know what is happening. People tend to ignore what is happening in other countries though I find it very important to know. The above are the highly rated channel that bullet news in the world. The above bulletin news will keep you informed all the time.

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