Top 10 Most Hated People In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an Asia country that is known for corruption. While many people are hard working they do not get ahead. They work in harsh conditions and are paid low wages where they cannot even support their families . This country has also seen violence over the years. They have been victims or terror attacks and there is religion turmoil with neighboring countries. Many are blaming the leaders of the country for these conditions as well as the corruption. There are also some business people that are able to get ahead while others live in extreme poverty. These are the top 10 most hated people in Bangladesh around the world.

List of Top 10 Most Hated People In Bangladesh in 2017

10. Sohel Rana


Rana is the owner of one of the biggest factories in this country. When the factory collapsed 400 workers were killed. He did not seem to care. Rana is said to be tired to organized crime and has been accused of dealing both guns and drugs.

9. Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim Top Famous Hated People In Bangladesh 2019

This man is hated all around the world. This is due to some comments that he made over a sport’s game. He made fun of the teams and trashed the country. This was an embarrassment all over the world. He tried to apologize but the damage was already done.

8. Sheikh Hasina


This is the dictator of the country and she is considered to be one of the worst dictators in history . It is said that everyday people died under her leadership and the country is in the worst shape it has been in. She may be rich and living the good life but the people in the country still live in poverty and many are still dying of starvation and diseases that are preventable.

7. Gias Uddin Ahsan

Gias Uddin Ahsan Top Most Hated People In Bangladesh 2017

This man is the leader of the pro Vice chancellor of the North South University. He was said to be the leader of a terrorist attack in Bangladesh in June 2016. He was found to be in possession of grenades and is said to have helped organize this attack.

6. Tamim Chowdhury


Tamim is said to be the mastermind of the recent attacked in this country. He planned out the attacks are found recruits to help plan the attack of millions. It was rumored that he had links to the terrorist organization ISIS and that there will be more attacks to come.

5. Musa Bin Shamsher


While the people of Bangladesh live in poverty Shamser is living the good life. He flaunts his riches around the country and is leader of one of the most prestigious organization. It is said that while he is making money the people that work for him are working in harsh conditions for low wages. This does not make him a well liked man at all. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Hated People In Bangladesh 2017.

4. Tarek Rahman


This is a rich man and he got his money through his father as well as his mother. His mother was the former Prime Minister and is the leader of the Nationalist Party. This gives Tarek some pressure from religious organizations . While he is really disliked is because his money is said to have come from dishonest means. He knows that he is getting this money in illegal ways. He became so hated that he had to flee the country.

3. Iqbal Ahmed


This is another businessman in the country and makes his money through the shrimp and frozen seafood business. This business is said to practice less than safe conditions and less than sanitary conditions. While he is making a lot of money his people are being paid low wages and living in conditions that are not safe.

2. Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir


This man has made a lot of money and is in the process of establishing a strong political group in this country. He has made a lot of money through politics. He has also been at the heart of a number of scandals in this country. It seems like his practices are involved in one scandal after another. His earnings are questionable and many people do not care for him due to questions of corruption.

1. Sheikh Mujib


This man was the president of Bangladesh in 1975. He was faced with a poor situation but due to his lack of leadership the situation in the country has only gotten worse. The people became poorer, there was unrest in the political system, and the nation was not prospering. They were not doing well at all. Whether this was his fault or not Mujib was the leader of the country and the people were not happy. He was assassinated by the military corp. After this happened the country was put into Martial Law.

These are the top 10 most hated people in Bangladesh 2017. These people did nothing to help the country. Many of them are living well while others in the country are living in extreme poverty. Some of these people have shown violence and a disregard for the lift of people n Bangladesh. They have exploited the common person to meet their goals and that is why they are hated in this country.

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