Top 10 Most Handsome Movie Vampires

Many handsome movie vampires can be confidently featured in this list. Some of these creatures are not only handsome, they have taken effort in portraying their important roles in most films. Reading about history and features of vampires is quite interesting. Watching their roles in films is more appropriate than any other thing. Go through the guideline below, which contains 10 most handsome movie vampires from various parts of this universe.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Movie Vampires in 2017

10. Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Top Most Popular Handsome movie Vampires 2018

On tenth position of this article is Damon Salvatore. This vampire originates from 18th century but is currently expected to be living in a small organized city popularly known as Mystic Falls. Damon has been a great character in a famous and interesting film known as the vampire Diaries. He plays a role of Lost and does it very well. Salvatore loves sucking human blood and was overheard confessing this publicly. This creature is best known for fighting for girls with his brother known as Stefan.

9. Spike


Spike is another handsome vampire that cannot miss to appear in this list of most handsome vampires worldwide. It has appealing hairs and handsome looks that make many people to stare at it especially when taking up important roles in most movies and local television dramas. Records from research that was conducted in 2013 showed that Spike was indeed unable to stand by himself. It is for that reason that it teamed up with a famous team known as Buffy. Girlfriend of this handsome vampire is also beautiful and good looking. Her name is Drusilla.

8. Deacon Frost


As this countdown continues, we feature this amazing and handsome vampire known as Deacon Frost. It originates from a popular film called Blade. This amazing movie was produced and released to market in 1998. It has remained successful since that time ad many people cannot get enough of it. Unlike other vampires that normally kill many people for blood ad flesh, Frost became a god vampire in Blade film. From that time to date, you will find some people referring to it as La Magra simply because of god title. Important roles of Deacon Frost in Blade film are positively featured by many people out there.

7. Bill Compton


This is one of the most handsome vampires that are featured in various films with their important roles that attract many people out there. Most of its roles are of love and not killing just like other vampires that we all know. Bill Compton comes from a world known as true Blood. It is in this world where invention of synthetic blood lets was discovered. You will find Compton among humans and has few human characteristics such as peaceful, loving and with a lot of harmony.

6. David


David is in position six of this article and has been featured in many lists, competitions and articles. This vampire normally looks like human and normally sleeps during daytime but hunts human beings for food during night hours. It hairs normally looks like they have been bleached ad are always well maintained with nice looks. David was portrayed in a popular vampire film called Twilight where it was featured as a dead creature in order for that movie to end. One can comfortably talk many appealing physical looks about this great vampire of history. David has earrings on his ears.

5. Louis


This list could have been partially incomplete without featuring this handsome and amazing vampire of History known as Louis. This undead creature is said to be one of most handsome and miserable vampires worldwide. Reports that were stored from several researches that were conducted, Louis know how to dress appropriately. He normally puts on nice suits and is always ever clean. Hair of this handsome creature is always well maintained and makes him look great among many others that are comfortably featured in this list. Louis is also comfortable walking around and always confident.

4. Dracula


Dracula is among famous vampires that are good looking worldwide. Dracula is quite large that other kinds of vampires featured in this list. This great undead creature has appeared in many films and local television dramas where he greatly takes various roles that are important to many people. Just like Louis vampire discussed in position five above, Dracula is always neat ad knows how to keep him in order. This has been noticed from the way he puts on. He is always confident and always comfortable when portraying roles assigned to him.

3. Lestat


Lestat is in third position of this article and is one of most handsome vampires that have been studied in this list. Lestat originates from 18th century and was once interviewed with other vampires in 1994. Tom Cruise portrayed characters of these undead creatures in this movie. Lestat has well maintained hair that pleases many people and fans of vampire films. It is so good to learn about him in this article. Despite his handsome looks, Lestat is always arrogant and destructive.

2. Angel


The name of this vampire will definitely tell you that he is handsome and amongst good-looking creatures worldwide. Angel has is ranked in second position of this article and is truly handsome compared to other vampires that are featured in various positions of this article. Some of its role in particular films are always taken by David Boreanaz.

1. Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen Top Most Famous Handsome Vampires 2019

On first position of this article is this handsome vampire popularly known as Edward Cullen. This vampire has been ranked in first position of this article because of having unique looks that are always attractive to many people. As we all know, most vampires feed on blood and meat, Edward on the other hand feed o vegetable, blood and flesh from any kind of animal.

Above list shows ten handsome movie vampires of history. They have been ranked here according to the level of their handsome looks and maintenance. Adequate information has been given to help you understand more about their lives. We can confidently say that these vampires are hardworking especially after portraying their important roles in various films.

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