Top 10 Most Famous Violinist of All Time

The violin is a wooden string instruments but the smallest but high-pitched, originated in Italy and was invested in the early 1600’s. Instruments add harmony in music and only a professional knows the right kind of instruments for specific set of lyrics. Violinists are trained to distinguish all types of tunes, music formats, sounds and all aspects of producing good tune. Most musicians they learn at least how to play one or more instruments. Below list will take you through the most famous violinist of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Violinist of All Time until in 2017

10. David Oistrakh

david oistrakh, Top 10 Most Famous Violinist of All Time 2017

He is the world most famous violinist and recitals from his recordings. David was born in 1908 in Russia. he died in 1974. He is known in performing his favorite collection from Tchaikovsky’s Concerto. He was once quoted saying –playing a violin is equivalent to running a three-minute mile.

9. Pablo de Sarasate


Talking about this performer, shows how long playing a violin started in early age. Pablo stated playing violin at a very tender age of five years and he was in the year 1844. This is the reason why he is rated the famous violinist of all time. He started performing publicly at the age eight. By the age of 17, he was honored with Paris conservatory’s highest prize. He used to popularize many Spanish musicians and composers, remarkably his recording are still played to date.

8. Fritz Kreisler


He was an orphaned by the age of seven, luckily taken by the Paris conservatory. At the age of twelve he won the most prestigious prize as he was the first violinist to have played at international fame. Through gramophone and doing it so nicely, he travelled throughout the world performing. Fritz is known and considered the last violinists players of romantic era. He was born in the year 1875 and died in 1962 after a series of car accidents. He made a mark up to today as one of the best classical musicians. Despite being very rich, he was a very polite man and a gentleman to everyone.

7. Mischa Elman


He was described as a photograph of my painting. This was because of how he used to express emotion with his violin, so rich and full of passion especially romance concert. Elman was born back 1891and died in the year 1967 leaving a legacy of the greatest recorder. He studied at Imperial Academy of Music, located at Odessa in Ukraine. By the age of eleven years, he was in a position to play most difficult pieces. He loved playing violin that is why he worked hard to perfect his techniques and hitting the highest note, even though his long fingers used to prevent it.

6. Jascha Heifetz


He is the most talented violinist, who started performing publicly at the age of five. He was known with his masterful techniques and significant arrangements for his violin. After a long time in his career, he decided to give back to the community, by teaching young violinists. Heifetz was born 1901 and legendary died in the year 1987. He used the recording of Zigeunerweisen as his signature, but was written by another performer. His admirers and fans still love his performance, as he used to deliver marvelous and quality tone whenever he played the violin.

5. Ole Bull


He was born in the year 1810 in Norway. He travelled the whole Europe performing in numerous concerts, and later died in the year 1880. He had performed with many notable violinists like; Clara Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn and Franz Liszt. Back in those days, there were no other entertainments, so violinist took advantage of these and could perform even more than six hours. Bull was considered the best of them all, with better technique and perfection of his playing; even his colleagues’ told him so. It did not matter how fast the song could be, Bull never missed a note, and he played with precision in his technique. They used to say Bull is not an easy virtuoso to outmatch.

4. Viktoria Mullova


Male violinists have been dominating this list, but we have a great lady renowned for her recordings of Bach. She is the winner of Sibelius competition at Helsinki in the year 1980, also won a gold medal from Tchaikovsky back 1982. She is ranked as the greatest and famous violinist internationally and known in experimenting contemporary styles.

3. Antonio Vivaldi


Antonio was very famous in Italy and France through his virtuoso unrivaled techniques. He loved violin as he was asthmatic preventing him to play any wind instruments. He used to play very high pieces for he depicted birds singing, frozen lakes, sounds of thunderstorms, lightning.

2. Stephane Grappelli


Talk of jazz violinists, he is the man popularly known as the grandfather of jazz. His recorder Yehudi Menuhin he described Stephane as a happy man himself, and when he played, he played the violin as birds flies and his inspiration never failing him. He was the founder of Quintette du Hot Club in France with his friend a guitarist Django Reinhardt in the year 1934. Stephane was born 26 January 1980 in Paris, France and he later died at the age of 89 in 1997. This musician also used to play piano, saxophone and accordion.

1. Niccolo Paganini


Niccolo was an Italian violinist who also used to play a guitar at the same time he composed. He was and he is the most celebrated violin virtuoso of all time, and his legacy is the pillar to modern violin technique. He was born October 27, 1782 in Genoa, Italy and he died in France in the year 1840. Through his numerous concerts, he became the most erratic figures of all time then and now. He owned a few violins but he had the favorite of them all that was made by Guarneri and nicknamed it-cannon violin.

These above are the Top 10 Most Famous Violinist of All Time until 2017. There are so many violinists very famous and great while performing in any concerts and lovers of violins will agree with the list above. The violin’s long history despite their many challenges, they have significantly influenced the development of new style in modern violinist to offer unique and a brilliance performance.

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  1. I’m willing to bet that more people know who Lindsey Stirling is than anyone except Vivaldi on that list. Even as a classically trained non-violinist musician, the only other person I know from that list is Paganini. It’s important to keep in mind that we have far more people living today than have lived from the beginning of time up until not many decades ago. This steers the “most famous” discussion strongly towards well-known modern violinists. Also, technology has greatly changed the game for how well-known an artist may become. And artists who have reached outside of classical music have had success in reaching a much larger audience. Assuming we take “most famous” literally, I think this list could probably look pretty different. Even Vivaldi might not make the list if we require people to not only know the name but also know that the person plays violin. If I had to guess, I would say more people can probably identify Lindsey Stirling as a violinist than any other person in history. 1.8 billion views on YouTube is likely unparalleled exposure for a violinist. Of course, I’m only talking about “most famous.”

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