Top 10 Most Famous Spies In History

These spies worked hard for what they did. Trying not to get caught doing things they should not be doing. Some were killed because of what they did or put in prison to pay for their doings. Women even became spies and did the dirty jobs for others. Helping others with certain things and trying not to get caught was very hard. It was not uncommon for people to get killed because of information that was found out. As a spy you need to be sneaky and very unnoticed. Today we still have spies you just do not notice who they are and what they are doing. Ever think you was being followed or being watched? You possibly could be, so be very careful if you are doing something that should not be happening. Ever wonder if a story is true on how someone was caught or killed? People come up missing and it could all fall in the hands of a dangerous person.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Spies In History till in 2017

10. Oleg Gordievsky


This spy escaped from the KGB to the UK. He worked with the British Secret Intelligence Service. He was a agent and stopped a problem between a Treaty Organization and the Soviets. Was admitted to the hospital and spent thirty four hours in an unconscious state because he believed he was poisoned by Russian Businessman. He survived and it was investigated by MI5.

9. Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman Top 10 Most Famous Spies In History 2017

She was arrested in two thousand ten because she was believed to be associated with The Illegals Program. After getting a passport she moved to New York and the FBI intercepted her. Anna was sent back to Russia. After being deported back to Russia she started a career in education and in two thousand and eleven started hosting a television show.

8. Richard Sorge


Posed as a German journalist he gained intelligence in both Nazi Germany and from Japanese Empire. He went by the codename ‘Ramsey’, his task helped during the fight for Moscow. This was a significant turning point in the WW2. Sorge was captured in Japan and was tortured. He confessed and was hung in nineteen forty four.

7. Eli Cohen

Eli Cohen Top Most Popular Spies In History 2018

A spy for Israelis. He worked as an espionage between nineteen sixty one and nineteen sixties. He gathered crucial intelligence while busy in Syria. Eli made a good relation between government and military. He secured a position as a Chief Advisor for the Defence Minister. After being caught he was sentenced to death in nineteen sixties.He played a very important role in the victory of Israel in the Six Day War.

6. Karl Schulmeister

Karl Schulmeister Top Famous Spies In History 2018

When searching for this man you will find little out about him. The only thing that is for sure is that he worked as a dual agent.Employed as a spy was key to the fame of the battle. He traveled to UK and Ireland for espionage missions. He helped with the capture of Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon. He later retired to become a tobacconist in Strasbourg.

5. Virginia Hall


Best known for being a spy for the British in WW2 that lead her being awarded an MBE. She also gained a Distinguished Service Cross. She spent fifteen years in France helping with French Resistance. Virginia mapped out drop zones for commandos and supplies to be brought in. She organized safe houses in France. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Spies In History until 2017.

4. Klaus Fuchs


He studied and received is PhD in the UK. Klaus was responsible for the development of the atomic bombs. Passing information to the Soviet Union about the tube alloys while operating for British on the development. One of the ones who confessed that he was a spy in nineteen fifty. Sentenced to fourteen years in prison and he got his British Citizenship revoked.

3. Cambridge Five


This group of men where teachers and students at a university. They was a spy ring that worked for KGB. Responsible for passing information to the Soviet Union in WW2 and the beginning of the Cold War.

2. Sidney George Reilly


Known as the ‘Ace Of Spies’. Inspired the character James Bond. worked for the British Secret Service Bureau in early nineteen hundreds. Was believed that he spied for four different organizations. He went undercover behind enemy German lines in WW1. went on missions to steal German weapon plans in nineteen hundreds. Reillys job was and could not be confirmed but his career was very eventful. Trained for assassination attempts.

1. Mata Hari


An exotic dancer of the Dutch origin, she doubled as an assistant for French and Germans during WW1. French and British suspected that she was functioning for Germany and was confirmed when the French decoded a message sent from Germans that confirmed that her assignments had been very helpful. The task she did for the Germans caused deaths of at least fifty thousand troops. Mata was shot by a firing squad on October fifteenth of 1917.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Famous Spies In History until 2017. These people all tried their hardest to do a great job of sending information to others and most times succeeded in doing it but when you are not careful one time you end up giving yourself away. Most was killed must some got away with no problem. You never know who could be a spy so watch your back and hope you are not being followed for some reason that could get you killed. As you can see these people worked normal jobs but did other things behind closed doors that no one should ever know about. If you can not handle killing someone are knowing something you can not tell anyone else then you would not be a good spy. You can not show any emotions when it comes to something along these lines because then it shows your weakness and you could be killed for this simple act. Secrets can never be told and documents have to stay very well hidden. Being a spy is a huge job that takes a lot of talent. Using your brain will become key in doing this.

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