Top 10 Famous Persons Who died in Road Accident

When people die in tragic accidents, it affects family and friends but when well known individuals die in horrific crashes the whole world becomes affected because of all the fans that are wounded from the dead along with the person’s family and friends. It is always very sad and not something anyone should have to deal with but the ten individuals listed below were very unlucky and suffered in car accidents.

List of Top 10 Famous Persons Who died in Road Accident until in 2017

10. Lady Diana Spencer

Lady Diana Spencer, Top 10 Famous Persons Who died in Road Accident until 2017

This was one of the saddest deaths because she was a princess and she lost her life and her fiance died to. They was in a tunnel when they died. Her ,her fiance and the driver that was driving them all died on August thirty first in nineteen ninety seven. It happened in Paris. No one knows the truth of what really happened and say she was assassinated but it was a crash that killed them all. They was trying to get away from the paparazzi and the car crashed. The driver who was driving them was intoxicated cause them to flip also. Rumors fly and a lot has been said but the truth is they crashed and it killed all three of them.

9. Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield, Top 10 Famous Persons Who died in Road Accident

Known for her sex symbol in the years of the fifties and sixties. She was labeled as this because of her big breast and her blonde hair that everyone loved. She died in the year of nineteen sixty seven and it made so many people sad. She was in the car with her three kids and two other people. They was driving behind a tractor and they hit the tractor because of how slow it was going. It killed the three in the front seat instantly and the three children was injured but not that badly. Being scalped the rumors had it that her head chopped off which was not true in anyway. She was scalped and this caused her death.

8. Grace Kelly


She was an actress before she met the love of her life and became a real life princess like what every girl dreams of. No one was prepared for how she would die in an untimely death and how she would go. Grace was driving down a road in the France and was accompanied by her daughter when she suffered a stroke and ended up driving down the side of the mountain which resulted in her being dead and the daughter, Stephanie, being seriously injured. Her death was not suspected to be a murder or anything like princess Diana’s was. It actually just ended up being a horrible ending of one royal marriage and the life of the beautiful woman.

7. General George S. Patton


This man was considered to be one of the best soldiers that was a part of World War II. He was riding around with his chauffeur and a Army truck pulled out in front of them causing a wreck. This all happened on December eighth of nineteen forty five in the afternoon. He broke his neck and that caused him to be paralyzed from neck down. Thirteen days later he died from heart failure and pulmonary edema. When they buried him he was buried with his men. This was the request he wanted and he got it. He believed he should have died by a bullet but this was not the case.

6. Billy Martin


He died during an ice storm. He was in a single vehicle collision. On his way home with a drunk friend driving him the roads was icy and they slid into an embankment. He was not wearing a seatbelt and they hit so hard that it killed him. This all happened on Christmas Day in the year of nineteen eighty nine. To die on Christmas is such a bad thing to have happen to someone. He was famous for managing baseball teams and being fired and rehired each time he turned around.

5. Dottie West


Dottie was just one of the first females to ever hit it big in the music industry. In August of nineteen ninety one she was in a very bad car accident. She at this time was doing really well for herself and her career. When the wreck happened she was on her way to the Grand Ol’ Opry and they took a exit to sharp and ended up hitting the concrete pylon. She thought she had no injuries but found out she had problem with her spleen being ruptured and her liver had a lacerated. The doctors tried to help her but in the end she died on the table while they was trying to fix everything.

4. Eddie Cochran


This guy sometimes would go on tour with Buddy Holly and that is such a coincidence considering they both died in a similar fashion. Even though Buddy died in a plane crash and Eddie died in a taxi cab accident they were both rock and rollers and they both died around the same ages. Also, their tragic deaths happened one year apart and that is why many said that Eddie was a victim of what is called the Holly Curse. At the time they both died, their careers were just beginning to take soar. he is one amongst the Top 10 Famous Persons Who died in Road Accident until 2017.

3. Pete Conrad


Not only was he an astronaut, Pete was also a test pilot and a Navy fighter pilot. In 1969 he became the third person to get to put their feet on the moon. It has been rumored that he was going to get a chance at piloting the Apollo 11 but the schedule was changed. If that had not happened, he would have gotten to be the first man on the moon. He died because of a motorcycle accident, just after it happened he got up and walked away but what killed him six hours afterward was the internal injuries that the man suffered.

2. Jackson Pollock


He died in 1956 from running off the side of the road in his hometown area of Springs, New York. The man was a very talented abstract artist but he suffered from a very serious disease everyone knows as alcoholism. Not only did he die in the accident but also a passenger preceded with him in death. His wife went on to keep his art alive and that is the only reason people knew of him for many years later. In the early two thousands, Hollywood produced a movie about him and his violent personality and how his life was while he was still living.

1. James Dean


Not a lot of deaths that happened in the fifties affected people just as much as what the death of James Dean affected them. His life was lived in a quick and fast manner and that is just how he died as well. The car accident happened when another car was crossing the middle line because they were turning and James’s porsche collided head on with that other car. There was talk about Dean only being a passenger but it was never officially confirmed. The talented actor died on the way to the hospital. No one ever knew for sure if James and his passenger were speeding since they did happen to get a speeding ticket that same day just earlier.

These above are the Top 10 Famous Persons Who died in Road Accident until 2017. Accidents happen everyday to people whether they are famous or just plain normal people. They are unpredictable and no one ever knows when something like this is going to happen. Since the older days from when the ten listed above had died in accidents, there has been thousands more to go in the years that followed. Look at Paul Walker, he died a very tragic death just from being a passenger in a really fast car!

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