Top 10 Most Famous Paintings of All Time

These are some of the best paintings you will ever see. The work that has been done in these paintings really show details. The artist worked really hard to get every detail correct so they was able to show how they felt. Some have been sold for millions and can be seen at museums and all around the world. Some was giving as gifts to parents or even to friends. Just look them up and see the price of some of them and if you can afford them then have one sitting in your living room the next day or pretty close to the next day.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Paintings of All Time until in 2017

10. Guernica

guernica, Top 10 Most Famous Paintings of All Time 2017

This is a great painting even though you will really have to study it to see all the things that are included. The artist Pablo Picasso painted it and did a wonderful job. Some people do not understand his paintings but if you do then you will understand this one. It was completed in nineteen thirty seven. When he painted it he did it in Paris. When he started it was inspired during the bombing of Guernica. It was happening in Spain during Spanish Civil War. it is in the Museo Reina Sofia that is in Madrid, Spain.

9. Self-Portrait Without Beard

Self-Portrait Without Beard Top Most Popular Paintings of All Time 2018

Painted by Vincent van Gogh. this is a painting of himself and is not the first one he has done of himself. It Was sold in nineteen ninety eight for seventy one point five million dollars. It shows him without his beard. He gave it to his mother for her birthday is also one of the most expensive painting. It really shows a lot of detail look closely at the lines he has drawn to make it such a wonderful painting to look at.

8. The Night Watch


If you are ever in Amsterdam then stop by Rijksmuseum to see the lovely artwork that was originally finished in the year of 1642. In the portrait you can see a guard moving out and in it they are led by a captain named Frans Banning Cocq. The guys lieutenant and the rest of the armed guys are all surrounding him in the painting too. It is complex but also very easy to interpret.

7. Girl With A Pearl Earring


Many times it has been thought to be a dutch version of the Mona Lisa portrait or referred to as the Mona Lisa of the North. It was done by a dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer and it has a girl wearing a pearl earring. The painting was finished in sixteen sixty-five and currently today sits on display in the Mauritshuis Gallery that is located in the Netherlands.

6. The Persistence of Memory


This one was done in 1931 by an artist named Salvador Dali. He was a spanish artist and this one painting was his most known work. It is mainly known for making people think about the way their life is and how they spend their own time. Often, it has been stated that this work of art was painted because Salvador was inspired by Theory of Relativity by the famous Albert Einstein.

5. The Scream

the scream, Top 10 Most Famous Paintings of All Time

It is the absolute most famous piece of art that was painted by Edvard Munch in the eighteen nineties. He used oil and pastels on a piece of cardboard but this still came out looking so beautiful that people fell in love with it. This scary piece of work is for viewing at a museum called The National Gallery all the way in Oslo, Norway.

4. Starry Night


A dutch artist named Vincent van Gogh put this together in the year of 1889. It is a very well known painting in today’s society and modern world. It has become a permanent part of a collection that is in a museum in New York City called Museum of Modern Art. This painting is what inspired Don McLean to write the song called Vincent. It is also known to be called starry starry night. The song mentions this painting along with other ones that were also done by Van Gogh.

3. The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam Top Most Famous Paintings of All Time 2019

This painting is on the ceiling of a chapel in Vatican City, Rome. Michelangelo is the one that made this lovely painting and it took him four years to finish the work of art. It is based on one of the scenes from the book of Genesis out of the Bible. All nine scenes are painted in the middle of this chapel’s ceiling and the excellent work is what makes them so famous today.

2. The Last Supper


It is not hanging in a museum like what the Mona Lisa is but the painting does hang on the wall in a dining hall in Milan, Italy. Leonardo Da Vinci painted this beautiful portrait as well. It was done later on in the fifteenth century and shows the scene of Jesus with his disciples during the last supper. It is considered a masterpiece and is a famous attraction in Milan today.

1. Mona Lisa


This is the most famous painting there is in the world. The Mona Lisa is the biggest attraction there is in the museum that is in Paris where she is located, Louvre museum. The museum gets over six million visitors every year and many of them go just to see the Mona Lisa painting. She was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in either 1503 or the year 1504 all the way up until right before he died in 1519. It is said that Leonardo painted this of King Francis I’s wife, Lisa Gherardini. The expression on the face of this women in the painting was often described as mysterious, that is the reason people continue to study the painting today.

Overall, there are many paintings in today’s society but if you are a true artist then you will know exactly who all ten of the famous painters are above. They had created the most gorgeous pieces of art and I am sure they would be extremely grateful to this day to know how far their paintings have gone in terms of influencing many other young artists and showing them that if they follow their dreams, they can make it too. If you love art and are in any of the above locations then you need to stop in at the museums to see the lovely work done by all of the famous painters.

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