Top 10 Most Expensive Villas In The World

 Villa is connected to Roman culture an upper class house in a country side was referred to as villa in Rome. Villas are a common thing in Rome. During 20 century England and America also sated creating villas. In the current year villas are a common thing in all over the world as almost every nation posse’s rich people with villas. Now a day in UK villa is referred to house that are rented visitors.

Villa is a costlier or rather an expensive house. Here in this article we have listed 10 most expensive villas. The reason behind the expensive cost of these villas is due to its historical significances, expensive designing and interior art works. The materials used in this building are expensive which increases the expense of these mansions.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive villas in 2017

10. 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens (Price $128 Million)

17 Upper Phillimore Gardens, World's Most Expensive Villas 2016

You won’t believe it this mansion was built by removing a prep school. The mansion is located in London. This is a 10 room mansion with underground swimming pool and gym. The mansion also poses a panic room. The mansion is covered with excellent art works marbles and gold. The mansion is also is equipped with a cinema hall. This magnificent mansion is in the name of Olena pinchuk. If you visit this mansion then you would see that it’s worth more than its rated value.

9. Kensington Palace (Price $140 Million)

Kensington Palace, World's Most Expensive Villas 2017


Hope you all know the billionaires row of London. The palace or villa is situated in this area. The owner of this villa is not satisfied with this amount of magnificence they are planning for an underground extension. A tennis court and health centre is also planned to be made. Roman Abramohivc the owner of Chelsea football club and also holds an investment firm to his name, is the owner of this mansion also. The rate of this mansion is going to get increased after its underground expansions.

8. Seven the Pinnacle (Price $155 Million)

Seven the Pinnacle, World's Most Expensive Villas 2018

Big sky of Montana is where seven the pinnacle is located. The owner of this house is Tim blixseth who is also a founder of Yellowstone club. This villa is equipped with heating floors for warmth and it also has a pool, gym a wine vault. The owner of this villa is also a timber and real-estate tycoon. The wide spread property is a feast for eyes and it is also an apt destination for holiday.

7. Hearst Castle (Price $191 Million)

Hearst Castle, most expensive villas in the world 2017

William Randolph Hearst’s is the owner of this huge castle. This villa is of 27 bedrooms. Many celebrities like Winston Churchill have stayed in this palace on their visit to the place. The much talked palace is an east to eyes as it posses fine arts on its interiors. Once, this castle was a newspaper magnet. Movies are also shot in this villa. The movie godfather was shot in this castle. This is one of the palaces of tourist attraction in California.

6. Ellison Estate (Price $200 Million)

Ellison Estate, Top most expensive villas in the world 2018

Another mansion at California is Ellison estate. This property is a 23 acres spread property owned by world’s third richest man in the world, Larry Ellison a Founder member of Oracle group. A total of 10 buildings are placed in this wide property, the villa posses separate bath house and tea house. If you are in look of a shooting location or you are planning a long vacation then you can consider Ellison estate.

5. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens (Price $222 Million)

18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens, World's Most Expensive Villas 2019

This is another villa from billionaire’s row in London. This Villa is owned by the Indian business tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. In the year 2007 Mittal was considered as richest Asian in Europe. Being a philanthropist he has done a lot to his nation living in Europe. The villa that is built based on British architecture posses 12 bedrooms an internal parking lot where 20 cars can be parked at a time. The villa also has an internal pool to its credit. The best feature of this villa is it is located near Kate William and Kate Middleton’s house. The fine interior design and exterior beauty makes this palace an eye grabber.

4. Four Fairfield Pond ($248.5 Million)

Four Fairfield Pond, World's Most Expensive Villas 2018

Sagaponak New-York is where this villa is located. Looks more like a kingdom than a villa this wide spread property is owned by Renco group. The villa posses a tennis court, squash court, bowling alley and also 3 swimming pools. The above said features were not enough the mansion is also equipped with 91 foot long dining area. This palace is something that everyone will wish to visit at least once.

3. Villa Leopolda (Price $750 Million)

Villa Leopolda, World's Most Expensive Villas 2018

This villa is located in France. It looks exactly like 50 acres stretched resort. The villa posses a swimming pool, helipad external kitchen green house and a guest house. The location of Hitchcock movie was this villa. This property is in the name of a philanthropist Lily Safra who is a Brazilian and also a widow. This can be a vacation destination for many.

2. Antilia (Price $1 Billion)

Antilia, most expensive villas in the world 2019

An Indian mansion owned by the business tycoon and the richest Indian Ambani. This is a multi-storey mansion which is created using latest architectural design. The 27 storey looks like a light house when illuminated. 400000 square feet is the total area of this building. The mansion possesses, 6 underground parking lot and 3 helipads. The maintaining of this building is done by 600 staff. You should at least visit this mansion once to know about its radiance.

1. Buckingham Palace (Price $1.55 Billion)

Buckingham Palace, most popular expensive villas in the world 2018

The features of this villa or mansion are stunning. The house possesses 788 rooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 52 bedrooms. British Sovereign is currently the owner of The Buckingham palace that is it is currently in the name of Queen Elizabeth 2. This palace is one of the most stunning among the richest mansions or villas. Though this house is highly protected and is a restricted place one can visit it from outside its compound.

So, this is the list of top 10 most expensive villas in the world in 2017. These mansions are something that you would love to visit at least once in your life. They are stunning and can grab your attention with their magnificence.

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